Transmigrated As My Former Uncle’s Sweetheart

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Sudden Confusion

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When they heard the odd words coming from the girl’s mouth, the people in the room were all a little dumbfounded, not understanding what they meant.

Long Yang frowned. His unfathomable eyes seemed to be considering something. Finally, he said impassively, “You know much.”

“Not much at all. I just happen to know some first aid,” Lu Liangwei said humbly. On the contrary, her heart was unsettled.

Although she had given Long Yang artificial respiration without any intention of disrespecting him, he might not take it that way.

After all, in this era, first aid like artificial respiration was simply incomprehensible.

A man and a woman talking was enough to spawn suspicion and jealousy, let alone their mouths touching.

After listening to the conversation for some time, Lu Tingchen still could not really understand exactly what his little sister had done to the emperor. However, he vaguely knew that whatever she did earlier was to save the emperor.

He was afraid his sister had not understood the weight of her actions and offended the emperor, so he kneeled on one knee. “Your Majesty, on account of my sister’s youthful ignorance, I beg you to not hold it against her. If she has committed any improprieties, I am willing to bear her punishment.”

Long Yang slid a glance at him. His voice deepened slightly. “Lu Tingchen, this matter is not an issue of whether to punish or not.”

Lu Tingchen’s heart sank.

The fact that the emperor had become seriously ill was known by very few throughout the land. Lu Tingchen’s little sister had accidentally stumbled upon and found out this matter today. His Majesty was considering…

Cold sweat bathed his glistening forehead.

“Your Majesty, my sister would not speak senselessly. I am willing to guarantee it with my head at stake!”

Long Yang did not pick up where he left off and instead said something unrelated. “I heard Second Miss Lu had hanged herself in suicide because of the Heir Apparent a few days ago.”

The seemingly completely unrelated words made Lu Tingchen’s heart sink even further.

Although Crown Prince Long Chi was the heir appointed by the emperor, the information that the emperor was seriously ill absolutely could not be divulged to him

With Weiwei’s extreme infatuation toward the Crown Prince, it was hard to guarantee that she would not tell Long Chi about the emperor’s heart suddenly stopping today.

If Long Chi knew the emperor was ill, there was no telling if he might be inclined to do something underhanded.

A long moment later, Lu Tingchen said bitterly, “My sister has long cut ties with the Heir Apparent. Please consider this carefully, Your Majesty.”

Long Yang did not say anything. His bony knuckles rapped the desk.

The atmosphere in the study room had suddenly become confusing.

Lu Liangwei was not foolish. Hearing the conversation between the two men, she vaguely understood the emperor’s misgivings.

She knelt at Lu Tingchen’s side. Her clear gaze was directed at Long Yang. “Your Majesty, I understand that no matter what, you will not let me leave today.”

Lu Tingchen tensed up and hissed sharply, “Weiwei!”

This foolish girl. Though the emperor’s attitude was unpredictable, since the emperor had not said anything, there was still a glimmer of hope. Why would this stupid girl sentence herself?

If she had played dumb and looked like she did not know what was going on, the emperor probably would not overthink things, but Weiwei had broken the emperor’s train of thought with her words. Even if His Majesty had wanted to spare her this once, he might change his mind now.

Zhao Qian also broke into cold sweat on Lu Liangwei’s behalf.

This Second Miss Lu had displeased the master earlier and even interrupted the master’s thoughts now. How could the Master let her go?

Long Yang looked impassively at Lu Liangwei. His deep eyes were so unreadable that it flustered those who looked into them.

Lu Liangwei felt her throat turn a little dry. She felt a kind of suffocation like having a sharp sword pointing at your throat.

She pressed her lips together, then opened her mouth and said, “Your Majesty, if I said I could heal your illness, would you write off today’s matters?”

The moment these words were uttered, the atmosphere in the study instantly became bizarre.

The cold sweat on Lu Tingchen’s forehead dripped down onto the floor.

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