Transmigrated As My Former Uncle’s Sweetheart

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: I Will Definitely Change

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“Weiwei, what nonsense are you saying? His Majesty is as strong and healthy as a dragon…” Before the emperor could deal with her, Lu Tingchen hurriedly spoke up.

“Big Brother!” Lu Liangwei abruptly interrupted him. “I’m not speaking nonsense. What I said is the truth. When His Majesty lost consciousness just now, I took His Majesty’s pulse and diagnosed that his illness is very serious. Treatment cannot be delayed any longer.”

Once these words were uttered, Lu Tingchen’s expression shifted several times. He wanted to strangle her to death.

This foolish girl. Does she really not want to live anymore, or did she think the emperor was not suspicious enough of her?

“Your Majesty, please do not listen to my little sister’s absurd drivel. She does not have medical skills at all. What she said cannot be true.” In desperation, Lu Tingchen could only turn his head to Long Yang and ramble excuses in hope that he could eliminate the emperor’s suspicion toward Lu Liangwei.

However, was Long Yang one to be so easily fooled?

A faint smile appeared on his handsome face, though a murderous intent appeared in his dark eyes. “As expected, Second Miss Lu has deep affection toward the Heir Apparent.”

His words implied that Lu Liangwei would, indeed, choose death for the Crown Prince.

Lu Tingchen’s handsome face blanched. He was about to open his mouth but was stopped by Lu Liangwei. “Brother, you don’t have to plead for me any longer. Even if I didn’t find out about His Majesty’s illness, he would not let me go today either. Also, I’m speaking the truth.”

After saying this, she turned away from Lu Tingchen. Instead, she lifted her head and looked directly at Long Yang, “If Your Majesty has misgivings about my previous affections toward the Crown Prince, that is greatly unnecessary.” She touched her neck. “Your Majesty, are you familiar with the phrase ‘hatred born from love’?”

Long Yang’s dark eyes narrowed. He stared at the still-young, immature young lady kneeling on the floor.

He had always known that the Founding Duke had two very beautiful daughters. The elder daughter—Lu Yunshuang—was already married to the Crown Prince, yet the younger daughter—Lu Liangwei—kept threatening to take her life for the Crown Prince, eventually becoming the butt of many jokes.

In the past, at a palace banquet, he had actually met Lu Liangwei before, but at that time, he had never looked at her properly. Today, seeing Lu Liangwei’s appearance, honestly speaking, he was a little taken aback, but nothing more than that.

What shocked him was that the Second Miss Lu, who was rumored to often make a fool of herself for the Crown Prince, was nothing like the rumors described.

Her calm eyes revealed a calmness and intelligence that surpassed her age.

At the very least, a woman with eyes like those would never do such stupid things.

Mischievousness flashed in his eyes.

“Second Miss Lu, so what you are saying is that your love for the Crown Prince has already warped into hatred?”

Lu Liangwei nodded, her gaze certain. “I loathe the Crown Prince, so why should I ever tell him about Your Majesty’s private matters?”

As she blatantly expressed her hatred for Long Chi in front of Long Yang, she naturally knew that despite Long Yang appointing Long Chi as his heir, the emperor privately disliked Long Chi.

Appointing Long Chi as the Crown Prince was just a last resort out of desperation.

As he did not have much time left, he needed to choose a successor to carry on Great Shang’s legacy.

No matter how much he disliked Long Chi, at least Long Chi’s surname was Long!

Lu Liangwei confidently organized these deductions, only to hear Long Yang’s deep and enraged voice slam into her ears.

“How presumptuous!”

Lu Liangwei jolted in shock. She lifted her eyes to look and just happened to meet Long Yang’s incensed gaze.

His originally unpredictable eyes were currently even more unreadable.

Lu Liangwei’s pupils contracted. The emperor’s very heart was unpredictable!

Zhao Qian followed Chu Qi and was already on his knees. “Master, please do not be angry.”

Shock flashed in Lu Liangwei’s beautiful eyes.

Long Yang had not spoken with visible rage—his appearance was even elegant—but he had a natural majesty about him. With his many years on the throne, the fearsome majesty he gathered struck people with an inexplicable terror.

Seeing the surprise in her eyes, Long Yang’s heavy brows eased a little. “One as young as you should not think you know everything!”

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