Transmigrated As My Former Uncle’s Sweetheart

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: How Dare You Curse The Emperor

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Lu Liangwei lowered her head. She did not take it to heart, but replied nonetheless, “Your Majesty’s rebuke is right. I will definitely change.”

“Whether it’s offending me in my face or slandering the Crown Prince behind his back, either one of those is an act punishable by death.”

Long Yang’s voice was very bland, yet for some reason, it gave off an oppressing and suffocating pressure.

Lu Tingchen’s heart sank, and he begged frantically, “Please do not be angry, Your Majesty. My sister…”

Lu Liangwei tugged on his sleeve, motioning that he should stop begging.

Lu Tingchen turned his head and glared at her, the space between his eyebrows furrowed with resentment.

This foolish brat. Did she even know what she was doing?

If the emperor wanted her life, it was a simple matter of a few words.

Lu Liangwei released his sleeve and addressed Long Yang in a calm manner, “If Your Majesty wants to punish me for my wrongdoings, it would just be a simple matter of a single sentence. But my sins were only that I should not have entered the study room, and I should not have gone up to save Your Majesty without knowing my place, despite seeing Your Majesty in distress.

“If I had not meddled, there would not be such a situation today. This is all the result of my own actions, so if Your Majesty wants to convict me, then I can only surrender to your punishment.”

Long Yang gave an angry huff of laughter, and his eyebrows seemed to ice over. “You say that you shouldn’t have meddled, yet you also say that your meddling has saved my life. This is to remind me that you’ve been gracious toward me. Hence, with everything you’ve said, the conclusion is simple. I’m repaying your grace with vengeful punishment, is that right?”

Lu Liangwei’s back was straight as she met the monarch’s deep and unreadable eyes. She replied in a manner that was neither self-deprecating nor overbearing. “If Your Majesty wants me dead, then I have no choice but to die, to say nothing of the fact that I am someone who has not contributed to the country. If Your Majesty wants to sentence anyone, why is a reason necessary?”

At this moment, the atmosphere in the study room became even tenser. Zhao Qian was constantly sweating buckets of cold sweat, not at all daring to look at the emperor’s face.

This Second Miss Lu had such great gall. Daring to speak like this to the master—she was dead meat!

The corner of Long Yang’s lips quirked up, both like and unlike a smile. “I never knew that the Second Miss Lu had such wit! If I were to convict you, will you accuse me of being a fatuous person?”

Lu Liangwei lowered her head. “I wouldn’t dare.” Subtly, she massaged her knees with her fingers.

Ever since she transmigrated over, this was the first time she had to kneel in front of someone like this.

This feeling was uncomfortable as hell!

Previously at the Duke Mansion, she had not felt it yet, but at this moment, in front of the man who held all authority and controlled their lives and deaths in the palm of his hand, she fully felt the true power of imperial supremacy.

In front of the imperial power, it was intolerable for her to not lower her head. After all, the other party was a ruthless and cruel monarch.

“Oh, do you really not dare?” Based on Long Yang’s slightly raised voice, no one could tell if he was happy or angry, but it suspended their hearts for some unknown reason.

Lu Liangwei’s head was bowed down. At this point, she no longer dared to meet the monarch’s gaze, and she spoke earnestly instead. “Your Majesty, I know that the death penalty is difficult to escape. I implore Your Majesty to give me a chance to make things up to you.”

A chance to make things up to him?

Long Yang’s gaze fell on the slender fingers she had placed on her knees. He was a little surprised. She was still a young maiden, but even when facing the emperor, she surprisingly did not seem to be the least bit panicked. Instead, she was keeping her cool. She was even calmer than the veterans in the court.

He developed a sudden desire to hear what she had to say.

As the emperor had not said anything and he had not cut her off, Lu Liangwei continued. “I know a way to treat Your Majesty’s illness. Even if it cannot heal you completely, at the very least, it can extend your life.”

Zhao Qian’s heart stuttered. He shouted fiercely, “What gall! How dare you curse the emperor!”

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