Transmigrated As My Former Uncle’s Sweetheart

Chapter 1412 - 1412 Why Can’t I Touch Her

Chapter 1412 - 1412 Why Can’t I Touch Her

1412 Why Can’t I Touch Her

Lin Qingyuan looked at her in astonishment. “What do you mean there’s a problem with his brain?”

Bai He had been at the medical hall for quite a while. When she heard the question, she said with slight difficulty, “Miss, you should take a look for yourself.”

Lin Qingyuan gave her a questioning look and walked in.

When she got inside, she saw Chen Xuping already awake. He sat leaning against his bed with empty looks in his eyes. The medical hall physician was giving him a checkup.


Lin Qingyuan frowned and walked over to him.

“How is he? My maidservant told me that he…” Lin Qingyuan stopped. She could not say that there was something wrong with his brain.

The physician had just completed the checkup for Chen Xuping and when he heard her words, he understood what she had wanted to say and explained, “This young man had woken up this morning, but he can’t remember a thing after waking up. He can’t even remember who he is. However, I’ve just given him a checkup and there’s nothing wrong with him physically. What we are sure of right now is that this young man has lost his memory.”

“Lost his memory?” Lin Qingyuan was shocked.

“That’s right.” The physician brushed his beard with his hands and sighed. “This young man has forgotten everything that had happened before this.”

Lin Qingyuan was in shock. “But there isn’t any injury to his head. Why would his memory be lost?”

“There is something strange about this. Logically speaking, none of his wounds were on his head, but he has definitely lost his memory. If my hypothesis is correct, it should have something to do with the venomous snake.”

Lin Qingyuan frowned. “Didn’t you say that the poisonous blood has all been forced out? Why would this…”

“I initially thought so as well, but this young man has indeed lost his memory. That would mean that there is still venom in his bloodstream that had spread to his brain. Of course, this could also be his way of avoiding whatever had happened in the past and he had lost his memory on his own accord,” the physician said grimly. “I’ll give you another prescription which might help him get better.”

When Long Xuan walked in, he happened to hear what the physician said. He went forward and glanced at Chen Xuping. “How can you be sure that he has really lost his memory? He might be pretending!”

The physician was taken aback. “He can’t even remember his own name.”

Lin Qingyuan looked at Long Xuan in surprise as well. “Why would you…”

Long Xuan darted a look at her and suddenly hit his palm out at Chen Xuping.

He had only used twenty percent of his inner strength with his palm in order to test Chen Xuping.

Chen Xuping sensed the danger and evaded it reactively.

That palm swiped past his ear and hit the wall behind him.

Even though it was not that powerful, it still garnered a muffled bang when it hit the wall.

Chen Xuping looked at Long Xuan in shock. “Who are you? Why did you attack me?”

Long Xuan put his hand down and sized Chen Xuping up with one look.

From the way he acted, it did not look like he was pretending. Could it be…

Just as Long Xuan was contemplating this, Chen Xuping suddenly leaped from his bed and ran toward Lin Qingyuan to hug her. “Lil sis? You must be my little sister.”

Lin Qingyuan was not prepared for this and she ended up being hugged by him. She was in shock and it did not occur to her to push him away.

Long Xuan’s face darkened as he threw a furious punch at Chen Xuping and pulled Lin Qingyuan into his arms.

Chen Xuping fell to the ground and looked at Long Xuan in surprise. “Why did you hit me again?”

“Touch her again and I’ll kill you!” Long Xuan stared darkly and viciously at him. There was murder in his eyes.

Chen Xuping frowned. “Why can’t I touch her when she is my sister? You’re the one that should stay away from her.”

With that, he quickly got up and lunged at Long Xuan.

Before Lin Qingyuan knew what was happening, the medical hall turned into a mess amidst the sounds of fighting.

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