Transmigrated As My Former Uncle’s Sweetheart

Chapter 1413 - 1413 You're Finally Here

Chapter 1413 - 1413 You're Finally Here

1413 You’re Finally Here

As Lin Qingyuan watched the two men brawl, she massaged the center of her brows in frustration. Eventually, she decided to ignore them and left the medical hall with Bai He.

However, the moment she stepped out of the medical hall, Chen Xuping shoved Long Xuan away and chased after her.

“Lil Sis…”

Lin Qingyuan turned around and gave him a look freighted with emotional conflict. “I’m not your little sister.”


Chen Xuping’s gaze remained fixed on her as he said persistently, “You are my little sister—I’m sure of it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have felt such a sense of familiarity when I saw you.”

The corners of Lin Qingyuan’s mouth twitched at the sight of his bruised and swollen face—clearly the work of Long Xuan.

Just when she was about to reply, Long Xuan appeared behind her and pulled her into his arms. Then, he looked at Chen Xuping and warned, “You’re a death row prisoner wanted by the imperial court. If I were you, I’d find a place where no one knows me and spend the rest of my life there instead of continuing to be a menace to others. She’s not your little sister either. If you keep harassing her, I’ll have to turn you in to the local authorities.”

Sensing the other man’s hostility, Chen Xuping wrinkled his brow.

He did not like this man, nor did he like how intimately he was holding his little sister.

“Let go of her!” He suddenly dashed forward, pushed Long Xuan away, and pulled Lin Qingyuan behind him protectively.

Long Xuan narrowed his eyes. “It seems that you really do have a death wish!”

Lin Qingyuan could see the murderous intent in his eyes clearly from behind Chen Xuping. Was he planning to kill Chen Xuping?

The thought filled her with alarm. Seeing his hand grip the hilt of his sword as if preparing to unsheathe it, she rushed forward and stopped him. “Hey, don’t kill him! He’s lost his memories. He doesn’t remember or know anything.”

However, this only infuriated Long Xuan even more. Narrowing his eyes, he tilted her chin upward forcefully. “Why are you so worried about him?”

“I…” Lin Qingyuan was flustered. “I just felt that… since he doesn’t remember anything…”

Long Xuan pushed her away impatiently, then drew his sword and pointed it at Chen Xuping. “Don’t think you can deceive other people under the guise of memory loss. If you’re a man, stop acting like a coward!”

However, Chen Xuping ignored him and kept his gaze on Lin Qingyuan. Seeing her stumble when Long Xuan pushed her, he darted over to her and caught her arm. “Are you all right, Lil Sis?”

Lin Qingyuan frowned. “I’m not your little sister…”

“You are!” Chen Xuping insisted.

Enraged, Long Xuan raised the sharp sword in his hand and swung it down on Chen Xuping.

Chen Xuping pushed Lin Qingyuan away in panic.

However, he dodged a little too slowly. The sword made a gash in his back, and his blood immediately dyed his clothes red.

Long Xuan did not stop attacking him because of that.

In his eyes, Chen Xuping was already a dead man.

When he swung his sword at Chen Xuping again, Lin Qingyuan cried out in panic, “Long Xuan, no!”

Long Xuan froze for a second and turned to glance at her, only to be even angrier when he saw the distress on her face.

He wanted Chen Xuping dead!


However, when he raised his sword to strike Chen Xuping again, a hidden weapon shot toward them from a distance away and deflected his sword.

“Who are you? How dare you attempt murder in the streets?”

The next moment, a man landed on the ground with a woman in his arms.

When the woman caught sight of Chen Xuping covered in blood, she broke free of the man’s grasp and ran to him. “Big Bro!”

“Qiyu?” Lin Qingyuan exclaimed when she got a clear look at the woman’s face.

After Chen Qiyu helped Chen Xuping to his feet, she turned her head in the direction of the voice. When she saw Lin Qingyuan, she instantly broke into a smile. “Qingyuan! You’re finally here!”

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