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Chapter 1562 - 1562 Had Hugged Her And Held Her Hand Before

Chapter 1562 - 1562 Had Hugged Her And Held Her Hand Before

1562 Had Hugged Her And Held Her Hand Before

Yaoyao gave him a baffled look and later lowered her head to take another mouthful of food.

She was a woman too, but they had shared the same carriage and rode the same horse. He had even hugged her and held her hand before…

What did Beitang You mean?

He had just said that he would only allow his wife near him.

She was a woman too. Why was she allowed near him?


This puzzled her.

It was only after they were done with breakfast that she seemed to understand something. Her eyes widened and she said with shock, “Big Brother Beitang, do you actually like me?”

Beitang You had just accepted a cup of tea from Chen Jin. He had taken a sip when he heard her words and choked on the tea. His handsome face turned red.

Yaoyao looked at him questioningly. Was she wrong?

It took quite a while before Beitang You eventually coughed gently. “It’s not difficult to like you.”

Yaoyao looked at him in a daze.

Beitang You’s fingers brushed against the floral pattern on the cup. He felt a little self-conscious and quickly stood up. “Yaoyao, I’ve left my palace for quite a while and there is a mountain of documents from the imperial court built up in my study. I need to look at them, but I’ll return to accompany you later.” With that, he left Chen Jin behind as he hurried off.

Yaoyao looked at Chen Jin. “What did your master mean by his words?”

Chen Jin coughed lightly and replied, “You’re a smart person and I believe you will understand it very soon.”

Yaoyao frowned. “Does he mean that I’m pretty and adorable, which is why it’s easy for others to like me?”

Chen Jin sighed. “You are indeed a very likable person, but…”

“But what?” Yaoyao was quite curious when she saw him stammering.

Chen Jin hesitated but decided to give his master a hand. So, he said, “To be honest, Princess, our master likes you a lot.”

Yaoyao was taken aback but she quickly nodded as she said with confidence, “I’m a natural beauty and don’t put on airs. It’s difficult for people who meet me not to like me.”

Chen Jin wiped the sweat off his brow. Was the princess a little too overconfident?

Of course, the princess had a gorgeous face and it was difficult not to like her, but his master wanted to take her as his Empress.

Chen Jin felt a little anxious. He wanted to confess his master’s feelings on his behalf, but Chen Jin felt that something as important as this needed to be said personally by his master to the princess.

This put Chen Jin on the spot. “Master had promised to take you around personally. Why not wait a couple of days when Master has almost finished his work and let him show you around?”

“He is the ruler of this country and has been gone for quite a while. His work has probably piled up into a great mountain. How can he finish all his work in two days? There is no need to trouble him. All you need to do is give me some pointers, and it would be fine for me to walk around on my own as well,” Yaoyao said.

Chen Jin was hesitant and he had no choice but to compromise. “You have been traveling on the road for so long and should be resting today. It’s not too late to walk around tomorrow when you are better rested.”

“But I’m feeling great right now.” Yaoyao frowned.

“Princess, there are many fun places to visit in this Palace too. Why not let me show you around there?” Chen Jin was trying his best to delay Yaoyao’s visit to the capital city.

His master had used the excuse of the lively capital city to get Princess Yaoyao to come here. If Princess Yaoyao was done visiting the capital city, that would mean she would be returning to Great Shang immediately.

If that happened, how would his master win the heart of Princess Yaoyao?

Yaoyao was not really interested and she replied honestly, “Actually, the Yan Kingdom Palace cannot really be compared to the Great Shang Palace–it pales in comparison. There’s nothing really fun to see here and I’m not that interested in it.”

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