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Chapter 1563 - 1563 Do You Need To Be So Straightforward

Chapter 1563 - 1563 Do You Need To Be So Straightforward

1563 Do You Need To Be So Straightforward

Chen Jin had no idea how to react.

Was Princess Yaoyao always this straightforward?

If Princess Yaoyao did not like the Palace, what advantage was left for his master to convince her to stay?

It was at this point when a junior eunuch came in to report, “Chief Chen, His Majesty has sent someone to invite Lady Hexin into the Palace.”


When Chen Jin heard this, he felt that this was his saving grace. He quickly said, “Hurry up and invite Lady Hexin here.”

The eunuch went off to invite her quickly.

When Chen Jin saw the curious look on Yaoyao’s face, he explained hurriedly, “Princess Yaoyao, Lady Hexin is the daughter of Prince Rui. Princess Consort Rui and the Empress of Great Shang are close friends.”

“Oh, it’s her.” Yaoyao was pleasantly surprised when she heard this.

Beitang Hexin arrived very soon and her eyes lit up at the sight of the pretty, doll-like girl seated on the chair. She quickened her steps and approached her, calling out in a happy surprise, “Big Sis Yaoyao.”

Yaoyao quickly stood up and looked up and down at the young girl in front of her. “Lil Sis Hexin?”

“It’s me. It’s me.” Beitang Hexin was overjoyed as she grabbed Yaoyao’s hand and said emotionally, “We haven’t seen each other for so many years. You’re grown to be so gorgeous, I nearly couldn’t recognize you.”

Yaoyao smiled and said, “So are you. If Chen Jin hadn’t told me it was you, I wouldn’t have recognized you either.”

They had met each other when they were younger as Prince Rui and Yuan Xin visited her mother in Great Shang with their son and daughter when she was eight.

Seven years had passed and they were all grown up. Even their looks had changed.

As she looked at the grown-up Hexin in front of her, Yaoyao was reminded of her visit to Great Shang when she was younger, and it made her feel closer to Hexin.

“When my mother found out you were at Yan Kingdom, she was so happy. She has prepared some simple dishes back at the mansion and has asked me to come to the Palace to invite you over.” Beitang Hexin was sincerely happy. Even though they had not seen each other for many years, they still felt close to each other. “Now that you’re here in the Yan Kingdom, you should stay here longer.”

“Aunt Yuan Xin is too kind. I haven’t seen Aunt Yuan Xin for so many years and I miss her quite a bit. We should head over right now.” Yaoyao had been troubled over having no guide to bring her around capital city. Now that Hexin was at the Palace, the timing was just right.

“Alright, we can leave the Palace right now,” Hexin said happily.

Chen Jin immediately looked troubled when he saw this. His master had invited Lady Hexin into the Palace to accompany the princess so that she would not be bored. He did not expect the princess to be led away the moment Lady Hexin arrived.

As the two of them are about to leave, he quickly stepped forward and said, “Princess, shouldn’t you inform His Majesty that you’re leaving the Palace to go to Prince Rui Mansion?”

Chen Jin wanted to stop them, but did not dare to. All he could do was hurry toward the imperial study and report this to Beitang You.

Beitang You was truly busy. He had left the country for quite a while and there were many matters for him to handle. In addition to that, there was also the matter of Prince Chen’s treachery and he was deeply buried in work.

When he heard Chen Jin’s report, he massaged between his eyes with slight helplessness. He wanted to accompany Yaoyao, but he could not ignore matters of the imperial court. However, he was less worried with Hexin accompanying Yaoyao.

Otherwise, with that girl’s temperament, it would be impossible for her to remain stuck in the Palace. She would not last two days and would soon insist on returning to Great Shang.

All he could hope for was that Hexin would be able to convince Yaoyao to stay in Yan Kingdom for a few more days. Once he was done with work, he would be able to make time to accompany Yaoyao.

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