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Chapter 1564 - 1564 Wary Of Women

Chapter 1564 - 1564 Wary Of Women

1564 Wary Of Women

Yaoyao and Hexin had just left the Palace when Chen Jin caught up to them.

Beitang You had sent him to protect Yaoyao.

Hexin took a glance outside when they got into the horse-drawn carriage and suddenly leaned close to Yaoyao’s ear to whisper, “Big Sis Yaoyao, does His Majesty like you and want you to be his Empress?”

Yaoyao was taken aback. Beitang You likes her?

The thought of his vague answers during breakfast made her pretty brows furrow. She looked at Hexin in surprise. “Why would you think that?”


Hexin hugged her arm. “His Majesty is young and capable. He has ruled the Yan Kingdom well and the people are well provided for. They are always singing his praises, but His Majesty is getting older and the court officials have been pushing him to get married and appoint an Empress nearly every day, but he doesn’t give in to them. He has rejected all of the Palace Memorials requesting for his marriage and many have been gossiping about this in private.”

At this point, Yaoyao asked curiously, “What do they gossip about?”

Hexin said mysteriously, “They are saying that His Majesty is wary of women and might have a special preference.”

Yaoyao had read many novels and when she heard this, she immediately understood what Hexin meant. Her eyes widened as she looked at Hexin. “Are you saying that Beitang You likes men?”

“Shh!” Hexin jumped in shock as she quickly put her finger to her lips to hint at Yaoyao to lower her voice. Chen Jin was right outside and he was the eyes and ears of His Majesty. If he told His Majesty about their conversation, it would be a catastrophe.

Yaoyao wiped the sweat off her brow.

No matter what, she did not believe Beitang You had such preference.

Even though she had suspected him of it before, she had gotten to know him better after spending so much time with each other.

“Could you be overthinking this?”

Hexin shook her head. “I’m not the one overthinking this, I heard it from others. This news wouldn’t have spread without a reason.” She paused. “Look at Chief Chen. Don’t you think he has good features with red lips and white teeth?”

Yaoyao was taken aback. “What does this have to do with Chen Jin?”

Hexin leaned back against the carriage, looking wise and all-knowing. “I’ve heard that His Majesty does not like having a maid-in-waiting, but prefers Chief Chen to take care of his daily routines.”

Yaoyao, “…”

Hexin’s words did not sound illogical either.

This reminded her of how Beitang You had handled his maid-in-waiting this morning, and Yaoyao began hesitating.

Could Beitang You really like men?

Chen Jin, who was riding his horse right next to the carriage, had no idea how to react to that.

His master liked him?

Why was he not aware of it?

He did not expect the proper and gentle-looking Lady Hexin to have such a rampant imagination.

When they arrived outside the door of Prince Rui Mansion, Chen Jin got off his horse and stood next to the carriage. When Yaoyao appeared, he immediately reached out and helped her down.

While she was getting off the carriage, he suddenly lowered his voice and said, “Princess Yaoyao, I’m actually a eunuch. Please don’t misunderstand the situation.”

It took Yaoyao quite a while to react. She looked him up and down in disbelief. “You’re really a eunuch?”

Chen Jin puffed up his chest. “Yes.”

Yaoyao, “…”

Hexin appeared from behind and when she saw Chen Jin standing next to the carriage, she reached her hand out and said, “Chief Chen, can you help…”

Chen Jin ignored her and walked away.

Hexin, “…”

After they got off the carriage, Yaoyao pulled Hexin to the side and asked in a whisper, “Is Chen Jin a eunuch?”

“Yes, he is.” Hexin nodded, but looked at Yaoyao in slight surprise. “Didn’t you know?”

“Now I do,” Yaoyao said with a sigh.

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