Transmigrated As My Former Uncle’s Sweetheart

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Tremendous Brilliance and Dignity

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Ever since she was young, the Dowager Duchess would often accompany her husband to battle where he achieved illustrious military results. Therefore, although elderly in age, the Matriarch still enjoyed basking in the respect and courtesy showered upon her by others . She also held great prestige among the general public.

Her sole granddaughter was Lu Liangwei, so logic dictated that the Dowager Duchess would love and adore her greatly. However, in reality, things were completely opposite.

Lu Liangwei was not favored by the Dowager Duchess. On the contrary, the matriarch’s favorite was Lu Yunshuang, her illegitimate daughter.

This time, Lu Liangwei had gone too far with her behavior. The old woman turned a blind eye to her doings, and headed toTian Zhu Temple to go on a vegetarian diet and pray to Buddha.

She did not even return on the occasion of Lu Yunshuang’s marriage to the Crown Prince.

What Lu Liangwei could not understand was that since the Dowager Duchess adored Lu Yunshuang so much, why had she not hurried back for the marriage of Lu Yunshuang and the Crown Prince?

Harboring these uncertainties, Lu Liangwei and Lu Tingshen went to the manor entrance gate to welcome the Matriarch home

When the two of them arrived, the Dowager Duchess’ carriage had only just come to a halt.

Lu Hetian and Madam Zheng hurried forward.

Despite knowing that the Matriarch would not treat them courteously, it went without a doubt that they, as juniors, still had to show courtesy toward their senior.

Despite being unwilling, Lu Liangwei headed over together with Lu Tingshen.

The carriage door opened to reveal an elderly lady with partially white hair, clad in a maroon dress. Expression placid, she nodded at Lu Hetian and the others with the faintest trace of a smile, before turning around to help the Matriarch out from the carriage.

The Dowager Duchess was already seventy this year. Nevertheless, her hair was still lush, although there were some grey and silver streaks surfacing now. She was also still very hale and hearty, and other than some deep-etched wrinkles, her complexion was clear of liver spots, unlike most others of her age.

Her eyes were sharp and full of spirit; standing there, she naturally exuded a commanding sense of dignity.

It was evident that this was an elderly lady of tremendous brilliance and dignity.

Due to her excellent mental state, it was impossible to tell that she was already at the elderly age of seventy.

“Mother,” Lu Hetian greeted, extending his hands to personally help the Matriarch down from the carriage.

After the Matriarch had settled her feet firmly on the ground, he proceeded to help the other elderly lady down.

The elderly lady was around the Matriarch’s age, but she looked older in comparison.

This lady was a servant who had accompanied the Matriarch on the occasion of her marriage years ago; she had attended to the Dowager Duchess since she was a young serving girl. She had gone through thick and thin with the Matriarch and remained unmarried her entire life; as such she had all of Lu Hetian’s respect.

“Thank you, Master,” Aunt Lan smiled, making her way to stand by the Matriarch.

“Grandmother,” Lu Tingshen greeted as he came forward to offer his respects. It was difficult to conceal the pleased expression on his earnest face. Clearly, he respected his grandmother immensely.

A kindly smile touched the Dowager Duchess’ expression; she still doted upon this young grandson of hers. As she scrutinized Lu Tingshen from head to toe, the pleased, satisfied expression in her gaze could not be concealed.

After enquiring about her grandson’s work, she finally turned to acknowledge Lu Hetian. “Nothing happened in the Mansion during this period of time, I hope?” she asked.

“Mother, please don’t worry. Everything is well in the Mansion,” Lu Hetian replied straightforwardly.

“That’s good.” The Dowager Duchess nodded, her worries put to rest.

At this moment, Lu Liangwei decided to approach the Matriarch to pay her respects. “Grandmother,” she greeted.

As the Dowager Duchess’ gaze fell on her granddaughter, the way her smile faded slightly did not go unnoticed by those present. “Yes.”

Aunt Lan knew that the Matriarch did not like this granddaughter of hers and hastened forward in a timely manner to support her mistress’ arm, a kind smile on her face. “Madam, you must be extremely tired from the long carriage ride. Perhaps you should come in and rest a while first.”

“Very well.” The Dowager Duchess nodded. Just as she was about to take a step, Madam Zheng hurried forward to take hold of the Matriarch’s other arm. “As your daughter-in-law, let me help you in.”

The Dowager Duchess frowned, pulling her arm away without losing her composure. “I am not so old to where I require the assistance of so many people while walking.”

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