Transmigrated As My Former Uncle’s Sweetheart

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Perpetually Stiff and Formal

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After hearing this, Madam Zheng withdrew her hand in embarrassment. “Yes, Madam is healthy and strong, it’s just that your daughter-in-law worries too much.”

She retreated a step as she spoke.

Lu Liangwei glanced at her.

Although Lu Yunshuang had always been the apple of the Dowager Duchess’ eye, Madam Zheng had never been received well.

Like Liu Liangwei herself, they were both the people whom the Dowager Duchess despised the most.

As for why her aunt was so detested by her grandmother, Lu Liangwei did not know the exact details either.

The line of people clustered around the Dowager Duchess all the way back to Longevity Hall where she resided, and subsequently returned to their respective living quarters.

Lu Liangwei and Lu Tingchen’s living quarters were near each other, so the siblings left together.

“Grandmother’s disposition has always been like this; don’t take it to heart.”

On the way, Lu Tingchen was afraid that Lu Liangwei would take exception to their grandmother’s attitude, so he could not help comforting her.

Lu Liangwei nodded in response. “I know.”

Observing her calm reaction, Lu Tingchen heaved a sigh, then reached out to pat her head. “In fact, when you were young, Grandmother used to be very fond of you.”

Lu Liangwei was well aware of this too.

After all, she was the only legitimate granddaughter, so the Dowager Duchess naturally loved her a great deal.

However, the bad thing was that Lu Liangwei had been spoiled by Lu Hetian since childhood. On top of that, with Lu Yunshuang fanning the flames, Lu Liangwei had been involved in many stupid incidents. Worse still, she refused to mend her ways despite being admonished repeatedly.

As time went by, the Dowager Duchess became disappointed with her.

In addition, Lu Yunshuang was the older granddaughter and gradually attracted the Dowager Duchess’ attention, which only served to increase the Dowager Duchess’ distaste toward Lu Liangwei.

Furthermore, the things that Lu Liangwei had done due to her infatuation for the Crown Prince had brought shame to the Duke Mansion. Although the Dowager Duchess had not said much, she was utterly fed-up with her.

Lu Liangwei’s most recent drama about living and dying for the Crown Prince was also the underlying cause of the Dowager Duchess’ residence at the Tian Zhu Temple—the Matriarch had no wish to see her at all.

Lu Liangwei was aware of what Lu Tingchen meant. She pondered for a moment, then promised, “Big brother, you can rest assured, I will definitely make grandmother change her impression of me.”

“Mmm. It’s good that you’re able to think this way. I’m confident you can do it.” Upon hearing her reply, Lu Tingchen finally felt a large weight lifting from his mind.

If this had been the past, Weiwei would certainly have not replied in such a manner.

Riding on her father’s love for her, Weiwei had no respect at all, even for the Dowager Duchess. She knew that her grandmother was not fond of her, so she simply avoided the Dowager Duchess at all costs.

On the contrary, Lu Yunshuang took advantage of the opportunity, and purposely showed up in front of the Dowager Duchess more and more frequently to capture her grandmother’s full attention. Ultimately, she had become the darling of the Dowager Duchess’ heart.

Lu Tingchen narrowed his eyes and suddenly commented meaningfully, “Grandmother is back now, so Lu Yunshuang will definitely be back tomorrow.”

Lu Liangwei did not say anything else; she merely nodded her head. “Yes, I know.”

Lu Yunshuang would seize every opportunity to impress the Dowager Duchess.

Even though Lun Yunshuang was now the Crown Princess, the Dowager Duchess still held a position of unique influence within the imperial court. Lu Yunshuang naturally wanted to secure this all for herself.

At night, the maidservant of Longevity Hall came to invite Lu Liangwei over for a meal.

Lu Liangwei took a break from her research on medicines, then headed to Longevity Hall with Zhu Yu.

Lu Hetian and Madam Zheng had already arrived. She happened to bump into Lu Tingchen at the entrance of the hall, so they entered Longevity Hall together.

The Dowager Duchess was surprised to see the siblings walk in together, hand in hand.

Lu Liangwei had an odd personality. Riding on her father’s love for her, she had never respected her elder brother, Lu Tingchen. Relations between the two of them had always been very stiff and formal.

Currently, the siblings came in, laughing and talking, leaving the Dowager Duchess amazed and puzzled at the same time.

This girl Weiwei—could she actually have turned over a new leaf?

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