Transmigrated As My Former Uncle’s Sweetheart

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: How Desperate

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When Lu Liangwei appeared in the front hall, everyone present in the hall looked surprised.

In no time, the surprise turned into disdain and displeasure.

Lu Liangwei had gone to extreme means to get married to the Crown Prince.

She had just hanged herself not too long ago, and now she could not even wait any longer and had to come to see the results for herself at the Front Hall.

How desperate!

Even Lu Hetian, who had often doted on her, felt the most embarrassed.

His heart was suddenly filled with anger when he noticed the disdain and annoyance that the Crown Prince did not bother to hide.

As the daughter of Lu Hetian, Lu Liangwei may not be as noble as a royal princess, but she was given a life of luxury, and she was the apple of his eye. If only she had searched for a proper husband, there would be plenty of suitors waiting to win her hand.

Unfortunately, this silly daughter of his only had eyes for the Crown Prince and was persistent in marrying him even if she had to settle on being part of his harem.

Despite his previous objections, his daughter’s suicide attempt filled him with deep fear. He feared that his foolish daughter would make a second attempt and lose her life for good this time.

He had to throw away his pride for the sake of his daughter and personally request a favor from the Crown Prince.

“Weiwei, why are you here instead of resting in your room?” Madam Zheng did her best to suppress her disdain and went to help Lu Liangwei up.

Lu Liangwei glanced at her and was aware that this woman was Lu Yunshuang’s mother, Aunt Zheng.

“Thank you, Aunt Zheng, for your care. But I’m in fine health.”

Madam Zheng was shocked as she stared at Lu Liangwei.

‘Since when did this little b*tch became so polite? Usually, she would have pushed me away.

‘I only came to help her up because Lu Hetian is present and I wanted to show him my kindness.’

“What a child. Why are you being so courteous with me? Well, it’s good that you’re fine.” Madam Zheng was so flabbergasted that her smile became unnatural.

Lu Liangwei spoke nothing more to her and turned to look at Lu Hetian.

“Father, what are you discussing with the Crown Prince?”

Before Lu Hetian could speak, Lu Yunshuang, who was sitting at one side, suddenly stood up and grasped Lu Liangwei’s hand, gently saying, “Lil Sis, father understands your feelings for the Crown Prince and is discussing with His Highness about taking you into the Eastern Palace harem.

Lu Liangwei took a good look at Lu Yunshuang.

As the main character of the novel, Lu Yunshuang was indeed an outstanding beauty with great poise, striking a pure figure for all to see.

‘Father is requesting for the Crown Prince to take me as his concubine yet Lu Yunshuang is not bothered by it?’

She scoffed inwardly and looked at Lu Hetian. With a calm voice, she asked, “Is that true, Father?”

Lu Hetian sighed to himself and nodded. “Hmm, I have that intention…”

Lu Liangwei interrupted him mid-sentence. “Father, I disagree. Please consider that your daughter was simply foolish for her past actions and forget about them from today onward.”

Lu Hetian thought that he had misheard her and stood up abruptly. “What are you saying?”

Lu Liangwei smiled. “I said, I don’t want to marry the Crown Prince as a concubine.”

Lu Hetian slumped back into his chair and said wearily, “The Crown Prince has taken your older sister as his Crown Princess. If you want to marry the Crown Prince, you’d have to be his concubine…”

When Lu Liangwei heard that, she knew that he had misunderstood her meaning and reiterated, ‘Father, you’ve misunderstood me. Even if the Crown Prince had not married, I wouldn’t want to marry him either.”

“Why?” Lu Hetian blurted.

Lu Hetian could see how much his daughter loved the Crown Prince. If it were not for that, she would not have done so many embarrassing things in the past.

“Father, one could lead a horse to the water but none could force it to drink.” Lu Liangwei said plainly.

Everyone in the hall looked at her with equal astonishment.

Which idiot was it who would not give up on marrying the Crown Prince despite knowing full well that he harbored no feelings for her?

Who was it who had even gone to the extent of hanging herself today only to force them to concede into agreeing to her marriage to the Crown Prince as a concubine? And now she was preaching that one could lead a horse to the water but none could force it to drink?

Everyone felt that this was a joke.

Lu Yunshuang’s lips curved in a mocking smile but she quickly suppressed it and patted Lu Liangwei’s hand. She solemnly asked, “Lil Sis, are you sure?”

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