Transmigrated As My Former Uncle’s Sweetheart

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Was She Playing Hard To Get

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Lu Liangwei turned to look at her. “Big Sis, did you not catch my meaning?”

Lu Yunshuang was taken aback. The young lady in front of her may look quite pale, but her eyes sparkled with a dazzling glow. Especially at the moment when she turned around, her gaze was sharp like never before.

Lu Yunshuang felt unexplainably uncomfortable when having that sharp gaze laid onto her.

In the past, despite Lu Liangwei being a beauty on her own, she seemed to lack a certain zest in her soul—like an empty porcelain doll. She could capture the attention of others at first glance but eventually her plainness drove off any interest.

The current Lu Liangwei gave a completely different aura.

She still looked the same, but she felt much more energetic as if she had gone through some earth-shifting changes.

Lu Liangwei was always an exquisite beauty. Now with the new vigor in her soul, she had become a much more mesmerizing woman.

Lu Yunshuang frowned and suppressed the discomfort brewing in her heart as her mouth spoke elegantly, “Although you’d only be a concubine which would not befit your status, it would still be a wonderful thing if both of us sisters could serve the Crown Prince as our husband together.”

‘Sisters serving this jerk of a Crown Prince together?’

Lu Liangwei suppressed the nausea that was threatening to burst out and waved her hand. “Big Sister, how generous of you that you would accept other women sharing your Crown Prince. You’re a model example for womenfolk out there with your gracious attitude. I’m very much in awe!”

Lu Yunshuang’s beautiful face twitched slightly.

She could detect the sarcasm in Lu Liangwei’s words.

Of course, she did not want to share the Crown Prince with anyone else. She had only said that to trigger Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei seemed to have become a different person. She did not burst out in anger like she usually did by spewing profanities and angry words at Lu Yunshuang.

That pissed Lu Yunshuang off.

Lu Liangwei looked at Lu Hetian once again and made a wanfu (TN: Women often greeted people with folded hands moving about at the lower right side, called ‘wanfu’, literally ‘10000 wishes of happiness and good luck’). “Father, I still feel rather uncomfortable. I wish to be excused so I may return and rest if there are no other issues.”

Lu Hetian had gotten his thoughts sorted out and noticed that Lu Liangwei did look rather pale and immediately nodded his approval. “Okay, quickly return to your chambers and get more rest. Daddy will come to see you later.”

“Okay.” Lu Liangwei felt a wave of warmth in her heart.

Regardless of how many mistakes she had made in the past, or how much embarrassment she had caused the Duke Mansion to endure, Lu Hetian still loved his daughter very much.

With everything said and done, she turned to leave. Her eyes never gazed at Long Chi, not even once.

It was as if she did not know that person at all.

Long Chi looked at her back view as she left and frowned.

‘What is Lu Liangwei up to now?

‘Was she playing hard to get?’

A sense of disgust flashed through his eyes.

After Lu Liangwei exited the front hall, she went toward the back courtyards.

She had only walked a few steps when she bumped into Lu Tingchen.

He was resting under a tree, dressed in a green changfu (TN: A Chinese robe that is worn during the ancient Chinese era by all classes from the emperor down) without his armor, looking less intimidating and stern. His exquisite facial features looked more gentle and smooth as he stood there like an outstanding young man.

Lu Liangwei paused her steps and suddenly realized that her big brother was quite a sight for sore eyes.

Her eyes filled with admiration.

Lu Tingchen frowned. “Silly girl, what are you looking at?”

Lu Liangwei blinked and teased, “Since my big brother is so handsome, can’t I have a look?”

Lu Tingchen’s handsome face flushed a red hue as he gently said reproachfully, “Don’t you know your manners? How can a young maiden look at a man so freely?”

“Well, you’re not just any man, you’re my big brother,” Lu Liangwei said matter-of-factly.

Lu Tingchen was speechless.

He suppressed the discomfort and put on a fierce facade. “What you did today was due to your desire of being Long Chi’s concubine, isn’t it? Since Father has agreed, why did you change your mind? Or perhaps you have other tricks up your sleeves?”

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