Transmigrated As My Former Uncle’s Sweetheart

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Completely Impactless

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Aunt Lan was also sincerely pleased by the way things had turned out.

The unexpected change in this young lady had made the Dowager Duchess happier than anyone else.

When Lu Liangwei sat down, she caught a flicker of maliciousness in Aunt Zheng’s eyes and raised her eyebrows.

Aunt Zheng must be disappointed, right?

Aunt Zheng knew well that the Dowager Duchess was a headstrong person who would recoil at the thought of having cowardly and incompetent people as her descendants. That was why she deliberately exposed the news of Lu Liangwei’s suicide attempt to the Dowager Duchess. She hoped the old woman would punish her severely and shun her.

Alas, she never imagined the Dowager Duchess would end up being all talk and no bite.

In the end, the old woman only gave copying scriptures as a punishment, which was completely impactless.

Lu Liangwei raised the corners of her mouth slightly.

Truth be told, the Dowager Duchess was not so difficult to deal with.

She may seem harsh and ruthless, but the elderly were always easy to relent.

Before the Dowager Duchess could go into a rage, Lu Liangwei took the initiative and knelt in front of her to admit her mistakes, hence stemming the old woman’s fury significantly.

The Dowager Duchess had very few descendants to start with, and Lu Liangwei was a granddaughter born of the official wife. No matter how much the Dowager Duchess disliked her, she still retained a sliver of hope for her in her heart.

As long as she put on a show appropriately, she could regain the favor of the old woman.

Lu Liangwei rubbed her knees which were aching from kneeling. She saw the piece of chicken in her bowl and immediately pushed it away in disgust.

Astute to the situation, Zhu Yu quickly served her another bowl of rice.

Everything had been a little tasteless just now, but at this moment Lu Liangwei felt that everything that entered her mouth was simply delicious.

Her gaze met Lu Tingchen’s for a while, then she looked away.

No words were spoken, but there was a tacit understanding between the brother and sister.

Among the people present, the happiest person was Lu Hetian.

With his mother’s infamous temper, he originally feared that Weiwei would definitely be punished severely this time and shunned by her grandmother forever. To his surprise, despite his mother’s initial display of wrath, she eventually only gave Weiwei a light punishment of copying scriptures.

Lu Hetian breathed a sigh of relief and glanced at Madam Zheng at the same time.

His gaze was extremely cold, making Madam Zheng’s heart sink in a wave of panic.

She clenched her fist tightly under the table to suppress her uneasiness.

As her eyes passed over Lu Liangwei, they contained a hint of menace.

Madam Ling had been dead for many years, but Lu Hetian still could not forget her. On top of that, he loved Lu Liangwei, who was born to her, even more, pampering her as if she was his most precious treasure.

She had said nothing but a few words just now, but Lu Hetian’s attitude toward her changed significantly.

This made Madam Zheng panic, but at the same time, she felt furious.

It was all because of the little bitch Lu Liangwei!

Somehow, this little bitch had become more clever after dying once.

It was such a shame that she could not get the Dowager Duchess to cast off the little girl this time.

“Aunt Zheng, why are you looking at me?” Lu Liangwei suddenly asked, smiling at Aunt Zheng.

Aunt Zheng was taken aback, and she hurriedly smiled and said, “Weiwei, why won’t you eat the piece of chicken that I gave you. Does it not suit your taste?”

Lu Liangwei stirred the rice in her bowl and replied earnestly, “It’s not that it doesn’t suit my taste. It’s just that I always disliked consuming other people’s saliva. Aunt Zheng, did you forget to change chopsticks when you picked the chicken for me? Also, after the long delay, the meat has already gone cold. I’m sorry for disappointing Aunt Zheng’s good intentions.”

Aunt Zheng almost choked on her anger.

When did this little bitch get such a sharp tongue?

Sensing the disapproving gazes cast toward her from the others, Aunt Zheng’s expression stiffened a little. “That was negligent of me. Don’t take it to heart, Weiwei.”

While speaking, she picked up a pair of clean chopsticks on the side and was about to pick out more food for Lu Liangwei, but Lu Liangwei had already put down her bowl and chopsticks. “I have finished eating. Grandmother, Father, please continue at your own pace.”

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