Transmigrated As My Former Uncle’s Sweetheart

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: From The Inside Out

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Aunt Zheng clenched the chopsticks in her hand tightly.

This little bitch Lu Liangwei, she did that on purpose!

Noticing her seething expression, Lu Liangwei lifted the corners of her mouth in a smile. “Is Aunt Zheng going to pick out food for Grandmother? Then it’s better if you don’t pick chicken—it is greasy and not suitable for her. You can try fish. Oh right, there are bones in fish. Do remember to pick them out.”

When she spoke, she was no longer cutting and offensive like before. Her tone was even docile and gentle, showing thoughtfulness in every word.

Aunt Zheng’s eyes flashed, her expression somewhat livid.

Hearing those words, Aunt Lan said with a smile, “Thank you for the thoughtfulness, Miss Lu. Madam is getting old, and she really shouldn’t be eating greasy food.”

Lu Liangwei beamed and said, “I didn’t know it before, but recently I have been flipping through the medical books left by Mother. I learned this from reading them.”

Hearing this, the Dowager Duchess stared at her in astonishment. “You’ve been reading medical books?”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “Yes, Grandmother.”

At her words, the Dowager Duchess’s eyes showed relief, and she asked, “Why did you suddenly think of reading medical books?”

Lu Liangwei replied with a serious expression, “I used to waste a lot of time and always did foolish things. That last incident made me think a lot. I feel that while I’m alive, I can’t just spend my life aimlessly, and it’s good to develop a skill. Of course, it’s okay if I fail to learn it—reading more books is beneficial anyway.”

As she said these words, a different kind of light shone in Lu Liangwei’s eyes.

The Dowager Duchess was very surprised.

After her more recent return, this granddaughter had definitely changed a lot.

That kind of change was from the inside out.

Her words did not sound like they were spoken on a whim. She seemed to have genuinely made up her mind to do something properly.

A sincere smile appeared on the face of the Dowager Duchess.

She was not one to demand her descendants to all be successful, but she hoped that they would be sensible and diligent. That alone was enough.

The past Lu Liangwei was the exact opposite of that. She was stubborn, reckless, and did things without giving them prior thought, always following her random whims and becoming a laughing stock. Later on, she even did a lot of disgraceful things for the Heir Apparent, further shrouding the Duke Mansion in shame.

Finally, she hanged herself for the Heir Apparent, causing the Dowager Duchess to become very disgusted with her.

However, after coming back this time, the Dowager Duchess realized that this granddaughter of hers was completely different from before.

The girl was well-behaved and sensible and had become diligent as well.

Even if she did start to learn medicine on a whim and would soon decide to drop it, the Dowager Duchess was already very pleased to see her transformation.

“If you can have such thoughts, it means that you have really changed. I’m very happy for you. It never hurts for women to learn more,” she added encouragingly.

“Yes, Grandmother. I’ll work hard and won’t let you down,” Lu Liangwei promised.

Revealing the fact that she was studying medicine in front of everyone today was an act for the sake of paving the way for her future.

Right now, even if she revealed her medical skills in front of them, they would not be too surprised and begin doubting her.

The Dowager Duchess was very pleased and could not help advising her, “Your mother’s medical skills were excellent, earning her the title of the Divine Doctor. If you want to learn, you must study seriously and properly; don’t let down your mother’s reputation.”

“I understand, Grandmother.” Lu Liangwei nodded obediently.

Listening to the question-and-answer conversation between the grandmother and granddaughter, Aunt Zheng had a hidden trace of coldness in her eyes.

The Dowager Duchess already did not like her, but after listening to Lu Liangwei’s words, she would probably detest her even more.

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