Transmigrated As My Former Uncle’s Sweetheart

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Can’t Bear To Turn Down His Kind Gesture

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Her hand curled into a tight fist. She had to do something about it.

Lu Tingchen had noticed Lu Liangwei’s arrival ages ago.

He continued to train for a while before he ended the session. His fair and handsome face was dotted with sweat beads. He walked over to Lu Liangwei after replacing his weapon in its stand.

He carried his body upright, each step he took was strong and firm, and he looked exceptionally manly and mesmerizing after working out a sweat from a good training session.

Lu Liangwei felt rather unfazed but the maidservant Zhu Yu next to her was blushing and looking at him with a star-struck gaze.

Lu Tingchen paused his steps when he caught a whiff of the strong medicinal smell emanating from Lu Liangwei and he recalled yesterday’s incidents. He frowned. “Are you feeling better? Did you have the physician check up on you?”

Lu Liangwei raised her hand to touch her neck. She had applied some ointment on the wound which she had concocted herself.

The strangulation marks were very deep and the bruise would not clear off so soon. She had to nurse it slowly, over time.

“It’s nothing serious, Big Brother. You can be at ease.”

The frown on Lu Tingchen’s face did not fade.

He had seen the wound with his own eyes yesterday; he was sure that an injury of that severity was going to leave scars.

He clenched his fists. “I’ll go into the palace tomorrow and get the imperial physician to have a look.”

Lu Liangwei felt warmed up by his intentions. She was an only child in her original life and so the feeling of being cared for by a big brother was foreign to her.

“Okay.” She smiled and nodded. Although she had her own ways of keeping her neck scar-free, she could not bear to turn down his kind gesture.

“Big Brother, I’ve made some breakfast though I’m not sure if it suits your appetite.” She changed the subject.

Lu Tingchen glanced at the food carrier that was in Zhu Yu’s hand and privately thought that she had asked the kitchen to prepare the food. His heart still softened because it was personally sent over by his lil sis. When he thought of how she hanged herself yesterday and nearly…

His heart ached, and his voice became moody. “Wait for me at the dining hall. I’ll wash up first.”

“Oh.” Lu Liangwei answered and took Zhu Yu along to the dining hall.

Lu Tingchen stood at the same spot and watched the young lady who had an elegant poise for a while before he turned to leave for his shower.

Lu Tingchen did not keep his sister waiting for long and he reappeared in about five minutes, dressed in a fresh set of clothes.

Lu Liangwei was slightly dumbfounded when he arrived.

‘What kind of bath was that? That’s too quick.’

“So what did you make?” Lu Tingchen sat in front of her and said with a casual tone.

Lu Liangwei quickly opened up the food carrier on the table and brought out all the food that was inside it.

“My cooking skills are not great; I only made a bowl of dumplings.” Worried that he would not favor her cooking, she quickly added, “The minced meat filling inside is all freshly made.”

The truth was, she had great cooking skills in her original life. Other than researching medicine, she would also experiment with cooking during her free time since she was a glutton that loved food of every form.

However, the Lu Liangwei in the novel was bad at cooking. If she abruptly showcased her superb skills, it would draw suspicion upon her.

Lu Tingchen’s gaze shifted as a bowl of steaming hot dumplings was placed in front of him.

He gulped once and looked at her. “You made this?”

Lu Liangwei nodded and chuckled. “Of course I made it. Please don’t be disgusted if it’s not tasty enough.”

Lu Tingchen looked at her with thoughts running in his mind. “Why haven’t I heard that you’ve picked up cooking?”

Lu Liangwei had prepared an answer for that and pretended to snort. “You’ve always looked down on me, so what makes you think you know everything I can or cannot do?”

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