Transmigrated As My Former Uncle’s Sweetheart

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: I Need To Do Something

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Lu Liangwei was not at all surprised by his question; she already figured that was the reason he was waiting here for her.

“Big Brother, are you hoping that I’d become Long Chi’s concubine?”

“Of course not…” There was a flash of sorrow in Lu Tingchen’s gaze but he quickly shut his mouth and shot her a glare as if to say ‘you’re hopeless’.

“Neither do I,” Lu Liangwei immediately responded.

Lu Tingchen was dumbfounded for a moment, staring at her as he wondered how much truth her words held.

Lu Liangwei knew what he was thinking and she walked over, her fingers caressing her neck as she looked at her brother. “I nearly died. Now I finally recognize my foolish stubbornness.”

Lu Tingchen frowned at her casual tone and his gaze shifted toward her fair-skinned neck to see the ugly sight of the large, fresh bruise. His hands that were hanging by the side of his body clenched into fists.

“Stupid girl, you’re just too stupid!” Lu Tingchen spat furiously and turned to leave.

As she watched the young man leave, Lu Liangwei felt no anger, instead, she felt warmth.

This cheap brother of hers did not seem to hate her as much as he acted to. Rather, he cared for her deeply.

She guessed that he must have rushed home when he heard the news of her hanging herself.

Earlier at Dusklight Court, she noticed that he was still dressed in his armor, as if he had just rushed over to her place.

The only qualm she had was that this big brother of hers would always hurl harsh words at her even though she knew he cared.

She shook her head in amusement and returned to Dusklight Court.

The following day, Lu Liangwei personally prepared some breakfast and brought it to Lu Tingchen at Constellation Harvest Court.

Unlike Dusklight Court with all its splendor and fineries, Constellation Harvest Court was a much more wide-open space. Other than some bamboo planted in certain areas of the courtyard, there were no plants or flowers in sight. The large area was transformed into an arena for practicing martial arts.

When she entered the courtyard, Lu Tingchen was practicing his sword skills.

Weaponry stands filled with various weapons occupied two sides of the broad arena.

Lu Liangwei stood where she was and watched as her brother trained.

Lu Tingchen was extremely familiar and adept with all the weapons he owned and could wield any of them with ease.

He moved with awesome agility and fluidity within the arena.

Each style and every move demanded the viewer’s undivided attention.

Lu Liangwei may not know a thing about martial arts, but she could not hold back from giving her applause and praise.

It was no wonder that her brother had risen to the rank of commander for the palace calvary at such a young age.

Lu Tingchen was considered a great talent among the countless young men of his generation.

Unfortunately, later on in the story…

After Lu Liangwei committed suicide, Lu Tingchen would go on to hold a deep grudge against Long Chi and Lu Yunshuang. That was because Long Chi was the one who approached and seduced Lu Liangwei first. Then he dumped her after he had his fun and married Lu Yunshuang instead.

Lu Liangwei was so stubbornly in love that she was willing to become his concubine but Long Chi refused to even bat an eyelid at her. Heartbroken and devoid of hope, Lu Liangwei chose to end it by hanging herself.

To avenge her, Lu Tingchen would go on to stage a coup on the night before Long Chi’s coronation but all he ended up with was a tragic death during the battle.

Lu Liangwei’s eyes reddened when she thought about the future that would have awaited Lu Tingchen.

Lu Tingchen acted as if he despised his sister but deep in his heart, he loved his ‘Lil Sis’ very much.

His love for Lu Liangwei was not inferior even when compared to the love shown by their father, Lu Hetian. The problem was that Lu Liangwei was too immature. The more Lu Tingchen harbored hopes for his little sister, the more disappointed he would become.

Lu Liangwei felt depressed that such a tragic ending would befall her handsome and kind brother.

Since she had been transmigrated as the supporting female role, Lu Liangwei—that is to say, she—had changed the direction of the story. She wondered, could she also change Lu Tingchen’s future?

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