Transmigrated As My Former Uncle’s Sweetheart

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: A Look of Defeat

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The sight of Lu Liangwei being completely and utterly immersed in the book took Lu Tingchen by surprise.

He originally thought that the request was a random whim of hers but seeing her current appearance as she read meticulously, she seemed to truly know what she was doing and had earnestly given it some thought beforehand.

Lu Tingchen did not know anything about medicine. Although his mother had left many medical books behind, he was never interested in them and had never come over here to read any of the books.

In the blink of an eye, hours passed as Lu Liangwei pored over the tome. When she finally looked up from the book, Lu Tingchen was long gone.

She picked up a few select books from the shelf and was just about to walk outside when she spotted a shelf close to the inner side—it was empty and did not house a single book.

A glance at the other bookshelves showed that they were all packed with books, and the existence of this random empty space certainly felt a bit strange.

There were probably books here before, but now the shelf stood empty. Had the books been taken away?

Lu Hetian and Lu Tingchen were both military leaders so they should have no interest in medical books.

Madam Zheng, who was just a woman of the internal residence, would not be interested in medicine.

Lu Liangwei called the steward of the Fragrant Blooms Court and inquired about the shelf, only to find out that the missing books had been taken away by Lu Yunshuang.

What did Lu Yunshuang want with those medical books?

After thinking about the matter, she felt she understood.

Although few people knew about the current emperor’s illness, Long Chi and Lu Yunshuang—the male and female protagonists—were exceptions.

They knew how to cure the emperor’s illness but deliberately kept silent, hoping that he would die earlier so that Long Chi could ascend the throne as soon as possible.

Lu Yunshuang did not know anything about the healing arts. Her actions of removing the medical books must be related to the emperor’s illness.

Lu Liangwei hazarded a guess that there was a cure to the emperor’s illness described in those medical books. Lu Yunshuang must have been afraid of them falling into the emperor’s hands, so she took the initiative to remove the relevant medical books.

Lu Liangwei pondered over the matter profoundly and did not notice someone ahead of her as she was walking.

She only came back to her senses when her head bumped into the person’s chest.

The person’s chest was so hard and rigid that the collision made her forehead swell up almost instantly.

She rubbed her sore forehead a little gloomily, but when she saw the person’s face, she exclaimed with some surprise, “Dad!”

Lu Hetian observed the swelling bump on his daughter’s forehead, resisting the urge to move his hands to rub it. He noticed the numerous medical books in her arms and berated her with a rather stern expression, “Can’t you even walk properly?”

Lu Liangwei was slightly indignant.

True, she had not been looking when she walked, but if he was, surely he could have avoided her instead of crashing into her?

“If you saw me, Dad, why’d you let me run into you?” She rubbed her forehead and looked at him with aggrieved eyes. “And is Daddy’s chest made of stone? It seriously hurts.”

At this, Lu Hetian could not contain himself and raised his large, rough hand and rubbed her head clumsily.

“What a silly girl, hurting herself even while walking.”

His hand was being far too forceful. Lu Liangwei had not felt really hurt initially but the pain was increasing when her father rubbed it. Her pale-as-snow forehead immediately became red and she looked at him with teary eyes.

Lu Hetian saw her reaction and immediately put down his hand sheepishly.

His daughter’s skin seemed as fragile as tofu. He had not used that much strength either.

Lu Liangwei saw his frustrated expression and suddenly felt amused.

As the Duke of Zhen, Lu Hetian yielded military power and was a pivotal figure in court. Who would have expected that he would so easily find himself at a loss when facing his own daughter.

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