Transmigrated As My Former Uncle’s Sweetheart

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Truly Heartbroken

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“Dad, if there’s nothing else, I’ll head back first.” She squeezed a smile and forced her voice to be calm.

Seeing that she was indeed heading back, Lu Hetian rubbed his palm and said somewhat moodily, “I heard you made wontons for your brother in the morning?”

Lu Liangwei was not surprised he knew. Noting his unnatural expression, she knew what the issue was but deliberately played dumb. She blinked blankly and looked at him innocently. “Yes, is there a problem?”

Lu Hetian clearly wanted to ask why he did not get any.

However, Lu Hetian could not bear to admit that he was jealous of his son.

With one hand behind his back, he puffed out his chest, his expression a little sour. “It’s nothing.”

A knowing spark flickered within Lu Liangwei’s beautiful eyes. She sighed theatrically and said with an air of frustration, “Originally, I also made a portion for Daddy but then I thought, since Aunt Zheng was taking care of your breakfast, I shouldn’t send the wontons over. After all, I’m a clumsy cook and wouldn’t dare to compare my cooking skills to Aunt Zheng’s. Daddy is used to eating meals made by Aunt Zheng, so I feared that he could not stomach my cooking.”

Lu Hetian looked a little uneasy.

To be perfectly fair, Aunt Zheng’s cooking skills were indeed top-class. It was no small matter for her to insist on rising early every day to make his breakfast for him for over ten years. With all her attentiveness and effort, even if she did not have a special place in his heart, he could not bring himself to dislike her.

He changed the subject and said, “Where are the wontons?”

Lu Liangwei noted the uneasy look in his eyes.

She scoffed slightly in her heart.

So what if Madam Ling’s place in Lu Hetian’s heart was getting detached? Given that she had been dead for many years, and there were other beauties beside him, how much time did Lu Hetian actually have to keep thinking of her?

Indeed, Madam Zheng did get up early every day to take care of Lu Hetian and prepare his morning meals, but Madam Zheng’s cooking skills were in fact mediocre. It was all an act. The one who actually made Lu Hetian’s meals was a chambermaid she hired for a hefty sum.

Madam Zheng was well aware that the way to a man’s heart was through their stomachs.

Unfortunately, Madam Zheng was accustomed to her pampered lifestyle. Not to mention, she had no talent in cooking. After trying to learn a few times, she quickly gave up after consistently yielding no results.

The chambermaid prepared the meals every day, then Madam Zheng would lie that she had made them by herself and send it to Lu Hetian.

Lu Hetian had always treated her well because of her consistent dedication.

Although he did not officially make her his wife, Madam Zheng’s status in the Duke Mansion was not low and Lu Hetian had also let her take charge of everything in the Duke Mansion.

“I gave them to Zhu Yu.” Thinking of this, the smile on Lu Liangwei’s face softened. Noticing Lu Hetian’s dark expression, she paused intentionally before adding, “It would be a shame to throw them away. And it just so happened that Zhu Yu thought the wontons I made were delicious, so I gave them to her.”

Lu Hetian eyed Zhu Yu, who was behind his daughter, with a rather heavy gaze.

Zhu Yu immediately felt a chill run down her neck, but she did not understand the situation. Hearing what the mistress said, she subconsciously agreed, “The wontons the Miss made were delicious.”

When the words left her mouth, Zhu Yu suddenly felt that not only had her neck gone cold, but she could not stop her entire body from shivering.

The look in the Duke’s eyes was terrifying.

Lu Liangwei glanced at the silly girl lightly and could barely contain her laughter.

“Dad, I have to go back to look at the medical books, so I’ll be leaving you now. Have a safe trip!” After that, she waved at him, pulled Zhu Yu along, and ran away.

Lu Hetian was a little annoyed but also felt a little lost.

His daughter had spared some thought of Lu Tingchen, the little rascal, but had left him in the cold.

He had heard someone say that Weiwei not only made Lu Tingchen a bowl of wontons in the morning, but the brother and sister also had breakfast together.

Lu Hetian was truly heartbroken when he pictured the warm scene shared by the siblings.

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