Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Transmigrated To Become A Diabolical Supporting Female Character

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“Mummy, you scared Xiao Qi.”

When a clean-looking child burst into tears and threw himself on Lin Sheng, Lin Sheng was on the verge of breaking down.


She is a twenty-year-old ‘old lady,’ currently the most popular celebrity in the entertainment industry, and an absolute workaholic who doesn’t even have a clue about what having a ‘boyfriend’ is. So, where did this child suddenly pop up from?


Her throat felt so dry, she was unable to utter even a single word, so she could only stare blankly at the child who was still crying. The child was holding on to her neck and wailing sadly as he spoke, “Mummy, please don’t die. Xiao Qi will be obedient and follow your words in the future, please don’t leave Xiao Qi.”

Holding the child who was breathless from crying, Lin Sheng’s body was very weak, and all her muscles felt unbearably sore. With little energy left in her body, she looked at the situation before her in a dazed state.

For the past three days, she had been running around participating in various public events and was extremely tired.

Didn’t she go to sleep at her home?

Why was she in the hospital?

Xiao Qi.

The name sounded familiar.

Lin Sheng scanned her surroundings, and then her eyes fell on a signboard opposite her. From the patient’s details, two big words stood out clearly: Ling Sheng!

It felt like she was being struck by thunder and fell into a state of utter shock.

Ling Sheng!

Wasn’t this the name of the supporting female character from the melodramatic romantic-fiction novel she had read last night?

It was a romantic novel highly recommended by her assistant, Little Yuan. Little Yuan had told her that the plot was super exciting, and the supporting female character happened to have the same name as her. He even told her that if the supporting character was not pretty, he would not mind being beheaded.


Before Ling Sheng went to sleep last night, she casually started reading the novel and ended up falling asleep after reading ten-odd chapters. Was she transmigrated into the novel while sleeping?

She had not read the novel, but Little Yuan liked to reveal spoilers while reading novels.

The female lead of the novel, Luo Xin, is a popular celebrity in the entertainment world. She looks beautiful and is talented with good acting skills and a melodic voice, thus involved in singing along with filming movies and dramas. Her gorgeous face and strong background gave her a strong edge over the other actors and actresses of the same age as her. Inevitably, she attracted a lot of suitors, yielding a bumper ‘harvest’ in both her career and romance.

While the female supporting character, Ling Sheng, was born and brought up in a single-parent family. She somehow got pregnant and gave birth to a child named Ling Xiao Qi.


When Ling Xiao Qi was three-years-old, he suddenly fell seriously ill. As a single mother, Ling Sheng was unable to pay for the ever-increasing medical bills, so she went to find her scumbag father. A legend in the entertainment circle, who had been forever worshipped by everyone, the Movie King, Huo Ci.

Huo Ci, now forty years old, was a god-like figure in the entertainment circle who had maintained his position as one of the most popular celebrities in the industry ever since his debut 20 years ago. Huo Ci was perceived as the perfect ‘Movie King’ as he had no rumors, always staying away from gossip, keeping his nose clean while focusing on charity work, forming his sterling reputation.

The sudden appearance of a daughter and a three-year-old grandson surprised him, so he was not much fond of them. However, Ling Sheng was his biological kin, after all, he would do his best to help her.

With the help of her scumbag father, Ling Sheng’s journey in the entertainment circle was smooth.

But she made the mistake of falling in love with the new and upcoming male-god of the entertainment circle, Gu Shen. But Gu Shen only had his eyes set on the female lead, Luo Xin.

This turned Ling Sheng into a diabolical supporting female character who did all kinds of evil actions, such as snatching resources, defaming, and spreading misinformation about Luo Xin, amongst others, as she tried her best to portray Luo Xin in a negative light.

However, Luo Xin, with her halo of the female lead of the novel, was able to retaliate strongly every time, also leading to a proportionate rise in her popularity as she dealt with all defamation and proved her innocence. She also received an even better amount of resources and harbored an increasingly good reputation. Her romantic relationship with Gu Shen also improved. All these lead to Luo Xin being indisputably named as “The Nation’s Goddess.”

Ling Sheng seemed like she had gone crazy as her only goal was now to kill Luo Xin, for which she resorted to the stabbing, car accident, and poisoning.

But every time Gu Shen was able to see through her schemes and rescue Luo Xin, and Ling Sheng was finally sent to prison.

When Ling Sheng was released, her mental condition had become unstable, and in her state, she killed her son Ling Xiao Qi.

Disappointed in Ling Sheng, Huo Ci sent her to the mental hospital, where she eventually committed suicide.

Little Yuan had complained endlessly about how even until the end of the novel, there was no mention of Ling Xiao Qi’s father. The author might have intended to not disclose it from the very beginning.

“You’re awake?” A sexy rich voice sounded out from the door. As the voice fell in one’s ears, it felt like an excellent wine that had been stored for years, causing a sweet drunkness.

Ling Sheng looked up, and her eyes lit up suddenly. The best quality!

The man before her stood in an upright manner, his handsome physique comparable to a top model. His dashing face made him unreasonably attractive to anyone whose eyes fell on him as if those strong and deep features were intricately and carefully carved by god himself.

What distinguished him from others was his air of coolness, where his refined sophistication was combined with a mature and masculine elegance. His glittering gaze landed on Ling Sheng, albeit with a hint of impatient sarcasm.

“You are?” Ling Sheng was highly concerned about appearance, and since she had not read the details plot in the novel, her eyes naturally lit up when she saw such a fine-quality man. She continued, “My husband?”


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