Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: I Am Your Father!

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Huo Ci gritted his teeth and sneered as he spoke, “I’m your father!”


Ling Sheng was shocked for a moment and realized she had gone overboard with the joke.


Ling Sheng was hospitalized for two days. On the third day, she started packing up in the afternoon.

She settled the discharge procedures and then directly went to the kindergarten to pick up her son.

Her brain’s memory seemed to function a little slower, and it took her a few days of rest in hospital as she slowly started accepting parts of Ling Sheng’s memories.

Currently, it was still the beginning of the story as per the novel, where Ling Sheng had only found Huo Ci half a month ago.

Huo Ci did not believe it at first, but after the results of the DNA test, he accepted the fact despondently. He was not a heartless man, so he paid for Xiao Qi’s medical bills and also gave Ling Sheng some money.

Ling Sheng only realized that her father was a household name, the famous Movie King Huo Ci after she met him in real life.

Children from the countryside also dream of superstars and the fame and glory of the entertainment industry. If Ling Sheng wanted to enter the entertainment circle, she could get Huo Ci to help her.

Ling Sheng was, after all, a supporting female character. If she had a witty mind, she would not have been a supporting character.

When Huo Ci was unwilling to help her in the entertainment circle, she threatened him with the exposure of her identity.

Huo Ci didn’t dare to let her expose him and reveal the mistakes made of his youthful years. If people knew about it, he would be subjected to much moral criticism, and his life-long earned good reputation would be tarnished.

Huo Ci used his connections and managed to secure the role of the third female lead in a popular period drama. However, he was even more annoyed by this daughter.

It so happened that the role of the third female lead role soured the whole situation because of the lead actor, Gu Shen, and actress, Luo Xin. The duo fell in love because of this drama.

Ling Sheng fell in love with Gu Shen at first sight.

Gu Shen didn’t care about Ling Sheng and instead got closer to Luo Xin.

Three days ago, the male and female lead had a kissing scene. Since both of them were already in love, the director was extremely satisfied with their kissing scene.

But Ling Sheng’s heart was filled with hatred as she couldn’t understand why she could only get the third female lead role when she was prettier than Luo Xin.

Was Gu Shen blind? Why did he not like her?

Jealousy is evil.

Ling Sheng and Luo Xin had a scene that day where they had to walk down the stairs together.

Ling Sheng had reached a point where her immense hatred gave her dumb courage, and she wanted to push Luo Xin down.

Melodramatic as it was, the halo of the female lead worked its charm and Luo Xin was safe while Ling Sheng ended up stepping on the hem of her own dress and tumbled down from the second-floor stairs. When she woke up, her soul had been switched.

Ling Sheng was too immersed in her memory, so by the time she regained her senses, it was already the time for kindergarten kids to come out.

From afar, she could see her son, Ling Xiao Qi, who already stood out amidst the crowd of children.

The little young boy had a clean-looking face with handsome features. One could easily tell that he would grow up to be a handsome man.

“Xiao Qi, Auntie will send you home!” Mo Mo’s mother stared at the young boy with an aching heart as she lovingly patted his small head.

This child was really pitiful. She had heard from the class teacher, the child’s mother only came once to the school, that was also to settle the administrative matters for the admission process. After that, the child always went to the kindergarten alone, and no one ever came to send or fetch him.

His parents must have a big heart to be assured and let a three-year-old child go to school alone.

If it were her who had such an adorable, sensible, and smart son, she couldn’t bear to let the child go through that!


“Thank you, Auntie. But it’s okay, I can go home alone.” Ling Xiao Qi replied in a light-hearted manner. When he looked at the little girl with a bandage on her face beside Auntie, he apologetically lowered his eyes. “Auntie, Mo Mo knocked her knee in the afternoon, and it got bruised. I didn’t look after her well.”

“Auntie knows, thank you, Xiao Qi,” answered Mo Mo’s mother as she bent down to check on her daughter’s knee. When she saw the bruised area, her eyes turned teary.

From a young age, Mo Mo had suffered from hormonal imbalances, due to which her growth was slower compared to the other children. Her body coordination was also poor, and she would frequently fall, causing multiple bruises and injuries.

At the kindergarten, other children were not willing to play with her. Every day her heart would ache when she sees the unhappy face of her daughter.

But recently, her daughter had become more outgoing and cheerful. She also liked to talk more due to the presence of a new child in class, who was her best friend.

When Ling Sheng walked over, Ling Xiao Qi, who was still talking, seemed to have sensed her presence. He suddenly turned his head, and his bright eyes widened as he opened his mouth but swallowed the word “Mummy” and called out “Aunt” instead.

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