Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 1205 - We Are Not Familiar

Chapter 1205 We Are Not Familiar

When Ling Shen fell into the man’s embrace, a sweet and soft laugh escaped her lips. She rubbed her head against the man’s chest softly and looked up at him with a coquettish smile. “Mr. Gu, we’re not that close. It’s not good for others to see us like this!”

“That’s true.” After Jun Shiyan said that, he lifted the little woman up and pressed her against the wall. He lowered his head and kissed her lips.

The sweet scent in the air kept rising.

After a very long time, while panting heavily, Ling Sheng covered her mouth and looked angrily at the man in front of her. She punched his chest with her little fist and said angrily, “I didn’t expect that Mr. Gu, who looks like a human, is actually a beast in human clothing.”

“A beast in human clothing?” Jun Shiyan’s eyes suddenly constricted. There was a hint of obvious heat and danger in them. The moment he approached her, he said, “Do you want me to let Miss Ling see what a real beast in human clothing is like?”

“No.” Ling Sheng rejected him decisively. Her weak and boneless hand wrapped around his neck as she looked around the room warily. “We won’t be discovered, will we?”

“The camera is not switched on.” Jun Shiyan’s slender fingers gently caressed the little woman’s rosy lips. His eyes were filled with affection and helplessness. “Miss Ling, why can’t you save me the trouble!” “What about me?” Ling Sheng acted dumb.

“Running around with the baby.” Jun Shiyan placed his large hand on her flat tummy. At the thought of their baby growing up in this small and warm place, he felt indescribably touched. His gaze became increasingly gentle. “If something happens to you or the baby, what should I do?” “I’m fine with the baby.” Ling Sheng frowned and snorted. She poked his chin with her index finger and pretended to be angry. “You can’t hope for us to be better!”

“Sheng Sheng.” Jun Shiyan looked at her seriously. He locked his eyes with hers and sighed softly. “You know that I can’t let you and the baby take any risks.”

Even if there was only one possibility, he had to be on guard against the future. He had to watch over her and the baby at all times to be at ease.

“I’m not a child.” Ling Sheng’s heart was soft. Upon hearing the man’s words, her heart felt as sweet as honey. She muttered softly, “I’ll protect myself and the baby.” “Protect yourself and the baby?” Jun Shiyan spoke through gritted teeth with a dangerous look in his eyes. “You brought the baby to participate in a dating show. Where was I supposed to be?”

“I…” Ling Sheng wanted to say that she did not know anything, but she hesitated and did not say it. She could not let the Third Master have a grudge against her Grandpas.” I didn’t know about it in advance, the production team did not tell me. I swear, I really didn’t know that it was a dating show. Otherwise, how could I, a mother with a child, participate in such a show?”

If she were to be exposed later on, she would definitely be scolded. She was pregnant, yet she still wanted to participate in such a show, how much did she want to become famous?!

Of course, Jun Shiyan knew that she did not know. It was just that he was feeling jealous. When he saw the little woman’s aggrieved and sincere look, his heart melted. How could he bear to blame her anymore? He hummed softly and leaned forward to give her another peck on the lips.

Ling Sheng was caught off guard and was kissed again. She hurriedly took a step back and covered her lips. She could not do this again, her lips were going to swell!

Jun Shiyan looked at her alert little face and felt that she was as cute as a kitten. He smiled and patted her fluffy head, his voice teasing. “Xu Xi will come to deliver food. Remember to come to my place to eat.”

Ling Sheng was a little hungry. Ever since she had the baby, her appetite had increased exponentially. “Didn’t they want us to buy things and cook?”

Jun Shiyan smiled and said, “I’ve already discussed this with the director. There will be very few scenes of us in the early stages. You won’t be unhappy, right?”

Ever since Ling Sheng had gotten pregnant, she had felt that her brain was not functioning well enough. Perhaps she had really become stupid after getting pregnant. Upon hearing his words, she thought for a while before saying, “Oh!”

Anyway, she didn’t really want to participate in this show. If she didn’t care about her reputation, she would have left long ago.

If there were fewer shots of her, it was just what she wanted.

Yun Ruo’s room was right next to Ling Sheng’s. She saw her going down and disappeared around the corner of the stairs. Her eyes darkened and she turned to go to Yin Ning’s room.

Yin Ning was putting toiletries and cosmetics in the washroom. Hearing her words, she frowned and looked gloomy. “Did she really go to Mr. Gu’s room? She’s in the middle of filming. How dare she?”

“That’s right. That vixen is so shameless, she even dared to seduce a man during filming.” Yun Ruo was indignant and added fuel to the fire. “She even changed into another dress, she’s too scheming. Judging from her behavior, she must be a repeat offender.”

Although she said that, she wished she could become Ling Sheng and run to Mr. Gu’s room to do unspeakable things. Just thinking about it made her heart pound incessantly, it was too exciting

For such a perfect man, even if it was just a relationship, no, even if it was just one night, she would be satisfied.

“Did you guys say that Ling Sheng went to Mr. Gu’s room?” Song Xiyue asked quietly.

Yin Ning and Yun Ruo were shocked by her. She appeared and disappeared mysteriously without making a sound when she walked. It was scary!

However, the two of them had been in the industry for several years, and they knew that controlling their expressions was the most basic skill. Naturally, they couldn’t let others see through their thoughts.

“Ruoruo saw it.” Yin Ning lowered her voice. They could not hear what was going on in the bathroom because she had turned on the tap.

“I didn’t know she was that kind of person.” Song Xiyue was very disdainful. She paused for a moment, looked at them nervously and asked, “Do you think Mr. Gu was really bewitched by her?”

Ling Sheng, that shameless woman, had actually taken the initiative to seduce Mr. Gu. She had struck first and caught them off guard.

“For someone like Mr. Gu, one look and you can tell that he comes from a prestigious family. His status is extraordinary, and his standards must be very high. Why would he take a fancy to a woman who took the initiative to seduce him?” Ruoyun sneered and said mockingly, “How many people from a truly wealthy family have you seen marry celebrities?”

As soon as she finished speaking, Yin Ning’s expression turned ugly. That’s right. There were only a few scions of wealthy families who would marry celebrities.

In their eyes, celebrities were nothing more than actresses who were not presentable. They were equivalent to prostitutes in ancient times. It was fine to play around with them, but to bring a woman home for marriage, she must be of equal social status and had to be the daughter of a wealthy family.

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