Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 1206 - Capture Her At The Scene

Chapter 1206 Capture Her At The Scene

She had been in the entertainment industry for many years and had tried her best to climb up the social ladder by being with a rich man. She wanted to marry into a rich family and raise her status.

However, she had tried dating many wealthy people over the years. When they were in bed, they would coax her with sweet words and agree to anything she said. After they got out of bed, there were many who would turn their backs on her.

Ling Sheng was just a newbie who had just entered the entertainment circle. She had not been beaten up by society and was still naive and childish. Did she think she could marry into a rich family?

Reality will tell her what it means to be unworthy!

When Ling Sheng exited from a door at the back of the room, she happened to arrive at the backyard. She looked at the door that had been installed into the wall in disbelief and coughed softly. “Scheming!”

Jun Shiyan did not deny it and laughed softly. He stood at the door and looked at the young lady. “Miss Ling, goodbye. Be careful on the road.”

Ling Sheng turned back and glared at him. Clenching her fists, she warned him, “Try pulling me into the bedroom again next time.”

Jun Shiyan’s smile became gentler as he said in a deep voice, “Miss Ling is right.”

Even though he had made a mistake, he still had to do what he had to do. How could he bear to only look at her but not hug her? He missed her so much that his bones ached, he wanted to keep her by his side at all times.

Yun Ruo, Song Xiyue, and Yi Ning were standing on the left side of the stairs, chatting and laughing intimately. From the corner of their eyes, they kept staring at Jun Shiyan’s room, waiting for Ling Sheng to come out and catch her.

Unexpectedly, not long after, they saw Ling Sheng swagger in through the living room door. She even greeted them with a smile, holding several Chinese roses that had yet to bloom.

Yin Ning’s eyes narrowed. She glanced at Yun Ruo and sneered in her heart, she was already suspicious of her words.

She probably framed Ling Sheng on purpose so that they could shift the blame and attention to Ling Sheng. Then she could take advantage of the situation to seduce Mr. Gu.

Yun Ruo, who had a background of a small internet celebrity, was not someone easy to trifle with. She almost let down her guard and believed her words.

A glint flashed across Song Xiyue’s eyes. From the looks of it, Ling Sheng definitely did not go to Mr. Gu’s room as Yun Ruo had said.

She knew what Yun Ruo was planning. She wanted them to only pay attention to Ling Sheng and ignore her so that she could take action and look for Mr. Gu.

Ling Sheng took in the micro-expressions of the three of them and felt like she was watching a joke. She did not think that their alliance would last long, but she did not expect it to be this weak.

This was only the beginning, but there was already a crack in their relationship and a seed of doubt had been planted. It wouldn’t be long before their relationship collapsed.

“I’m going out to take a breather and take a look at our yard.” Ling Sheng smiled and gave each of them a flower. “This month’s seasonal flowers are quite beautiful. There are a lot of flowers behind. They smelled good, so I prepared one for each of you.” Yin Ning smiled and took it. She sniffed the flower. “It smells good. Thank you.”

Yun Ruo’s expression changed. It was impossible, how could it be? She had clearly seen Ling Sheng enter Mr. Gu’s room. How could she have entered from the living room in the blink of an eye?

After she told Yin Ning what had happened, she came out to wait in less than two minutes. Could Ling Sheng have come out during those two minutes?

She knew Ling Sheng was a vixen and a shameless little slut. She must have been chased out by Mr. Gu, which man would like a cheap woman who threw herself at him?

When Shi Lingyu heard the voices, she came out as well. When she saw the Chinese roses in Ling Sheng’s hands, her eyes lit up as she heard someone calling her.

Yu Bei held a bouquet of Chinese roses in his hand. There was a smile on his face as he looked at her and said, “Come down and bring this up.”

Suddenly, Shi Lingyu’s eyes widened and her heart throbbed as if it was going to jump out of her throat. Her beautiful little face was flushed red.

He… he… Was he going after her? Had he already decided to choose her? But she… she was not ready yet!

Ling Sheng urged her and teased Yu Bei with an ambiguous expression. “Brother Bei, come up. Where did you get the flowers from? Why did you call her down instead?”

Tsk, can you stop? Do you know how to pursue girls?

Yin Ning, Yun Ruo, and Song Xiyue watched as Yu Bei ran up and disdain flashed past their eyes.

Yu Bei was an A-list celebrity. He could pursue and be with whoever he wanted, they didn’t care.

He was handsome compared to the other male guests, but compared to Mr Gu, he was nothing.

If Shi Lingyu really became a couple with him, it would save them a lot of effort. It was a good thing to have one less competitor for Mr Gu. They couldn’t wait to see it!

“I don’t want it.” Shi Lingyu was embarrassed. Why was he like this? He was as rash as a young boy.

“I didn’t steal this.” Yu Bei felt a little uncomfortable when he heard her rejection. He didn’t know what to say and was a little nervous. “This flower was cut by the uncle in the back when he was trimming. I didn’t steal


Shi Lingyu’s heart softened when she saw how nervous he was. She reached out and took the flowers. “Don’t take any flowers from behind again.”

“That’s right, Yu Bei.” Yi Ning followed up with a smile and teased, “Why are you taking the seasonal flowers? Next time, just take the roses directly. Do you know how to pursue


If Yu Bei and Shi Lingyu were together now, they wouldn’t fight with her for Mr Gu anymore. It would be less troublesome and she would be happy to see it happen.

Yun Ruo and Song Xiyue thought the same too so they helped him together. Anyway, no one liked a man like Yu Bei.

When Yu Bei saw that Shi Lingyu was about to get annoyed, he quickly clasped his hands together and begged them to stop joking. Otherwise, the girl would really be angry at him and be unwilling to bother with him.

He didn’t know what had gotten into him. The first moment he’d laid eyes on her, he’d had a feeling the girl was his. He’d been certain she was the one.

“Alright, alright. Let’s stop talking. Should we go down and cook?” Yin Ning added.

If she really said that she was annoyed with Yu Bei and was unwilling to match up with him, it would be a loss.

The guys also came out. With Meng Xun as the leader, they stood in the living room and shouted for them to come down. They said that they had nothing to eat at home and wanted to go out to buy food.

“Where’s Mr. Gu?” Yin Ning asked casually.

Those who should have come out did not come out, and those who should not have come out were all out. She did not want to see these ugly and repulsive men in front of her and dirty her eyes.

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