Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 1210 - Someone About to Die

Chapter 1210 Someone About to Die

Shi Lingyu glanced at the colorful packaging in the basin. When she saw the words on the top, it was as if she had been electrocuted. She quickly put the basin back and coughed to hide her embarrassment. “Who put this here? It’s too immoral!”

Ling Sheng glanced at the unethical man standing beside her with a calm expression. She stifled a laugh and even poked him with her finger secretly.

Shi Lingyu accidentally saw their little interaction. She looked at the things in the basin with a complicated expression and finally realized that she had ruined Sheng Sheng’s plans!

Jun Shiyan pushed the cart while Shi Lingyu and Ling Sheng took the shopping list to buy things.

While picking things up, Shi Lingyu approached Ling Sheng and said in a very low voice, “Sheng Sheng, although it’s not good for me to say this, you can’t give yourself to another man so quickly. Even if you like him, you can’t do it so quickly.”

It had only been less than half a day, it was too fast. He had already bought a condom, so they were definitely preparing to have sex.

Ling Sheng’s face turned red as she coughed softly. Knowing that she had guessed it, she nodded obediently. “Okay!”

“I’m telling you this for your own good. I’m not afraid that you’ll be with Mr. Gu, nor am I coveting him. I’m really doing this for your own good, we girls have to learn to protect ourselves.” Shi Lingyu really wanted to show her true feelings.

Although that was the case, she and Sheng Sheng had only known each other for half a day. In fact, she was a person who was slow to warm up and would not easily give her heart to others.

She did not know what was going on, but she felt that she had to say it. She felt that she had known Sheng Sheng since their past lives and that they were good friends. She could not watch her suffer. Even if she had to risk being the target of her jealousy, she had to say what she needed to say.

“I understand.” Ling Sheng looked at her gratefully seriously. Suddenly, she reached out to hug her. “Sister Yu, thank you.”

When Shi Lingyu heard the word ‘Sister Yu’, her nose started to sting and her eyes swelled. Her heart warmed and she hugged her back.

Yes, it was this familiar feeling. Ever since she met her, she had always felt a sense of déjà vu. She herself found it unbelievable.

After Yu Bei and Fei Yao finished buying the things they wanted to buy, they bumped into each other and pushed their own carts to look for others. Who knew that just as they found them, they saw the two girls hugging each other.

Fei Yao cursed in his heart. These ladies, were they interested in each other?

Yu Bei frowned and felt upset and jealous. Now, not only did the male guests want to snatch his woman, but even Ling Sheng, a woman, wanted to snatch her from him?

The group of them pushed the carts over to pay the bill.

Fei Yao had a complicated expression on his face. He could not help but sneak a peek at the two girls. What was Director Yu up to? They were free to fall in love and pair up with anyone. He did not say that they had to be a male-female couple.

But with the current situation, the television station would not allow same-sex couples to show their faces, right? The show would not be able to pass the censorship from the headquarters either. The male-female couple were the politically correct ones, right?

Moreover, there was so much attention on this show, so Director Yu would not dare to make any mistakes. Even if it was a boys’ love drama, they would not dare to brazenly be gay, they could only use the excuse of having a close-knitted brotherhood.

After sharing the secret just now, Ling Sheng and Shi Lingyu were as good as one person. They held hands wherever they went, holding hands and whispering into each other’s ears.

Yu Bei felt sour in his heart and tears flowed down from his heart. As a straight man, he was really puzzled. Did girls have to express their feelings by hugging, kissing and intimate?

Jun Shiyan’s gaze were deep. If he wasn’t under the camera, he would have dragged the little woman to his side.

Fei Yao’s original target was Ling Sheng. After being scared out of his wits by Jun Shiyan, he quickly changed his target and chased after Shi Lingyu. It seemed like it would be easy.

When they went back, it was still Yu Bei who was driving. He did not trust Fei Yao and kept feeling that his driving was unreliable. He was afraid that something would happen and did not have the guts to tell Jun Shiyan about his driving.

Ling Sheng and Shi Lingyu sat together. The two girls chatted happily and whispered into each other’s ears from time to time, they were extremely close.

His mood was very complicated when it came to the filming. Why did he feel that this dating show was starting to change? Why was there a female-female couple?

Handsome men and beautiful women, you must always remember that you are filming a dating show! Dating is between a male and female!

When they reached home, Meng Xun and the other members of the Blue Team had just arrived. They were carrying the groceries back to their room!

Song Xiyue walked very slowly. When she saw Jun Shiyan approaching, she suddenly lost her balance and fell towards him.

She knew that most of the time, love started from an accident. When she fell into his arms, she was like a frightened deer. He would then take a glance at her and loved her dearly.

Yi Ning and Yun Ruo took the things back into the house first. When they came out the second time, they saw Song Xiyue’s self-directed act at the entrance of the living room with a gloomy expression.

Yin Ning sneered, she was waiting to see her make a fool of herself. How could she say that Ling Sheng was shameless? She was really childish and shameless and would do anything to seduce Mr. Gu.

Would she dare to use the Mary Sue plot from the TV drama? Where did she get the confidence that Mr Gu would help her?

Yun Ruo gritted her teeth in anger and glared at Song Xiyue. Little bitch, she actually made the first move. The car with Mr. Gu and the rest must be back.

Shi Lingyu and Ling Sheng were just half a step behind Jun Shiyan. When she saw that Song Xiyue was about to fall on Jun Shiyan, her eyes narrowed and she stretched out her legs to trip Ling Sheng. Isn’t it just acting and falling? Who doesn’t know how to do it? Let’s see if it’s a good fall or a fake fall. Let’s see who Mr Gu will save first!

Ling Sheng did not expect that she would be suddenly tripped while walking. She staggered and subconsciously threw the things she was carrying away, choosing to protect her stomach immediately.

Jun Shiyan had been paying attention to his woman all this while. Seeing her fall straight towards him, his eyes suddenly turned cold. The moment he rushed up to hug her, his murderous, dangerous, and bloodthirsty gaze landed on Shi Lingyu like a substantial knife.

Shi Lingyu was so frightened that her whole body went cold. She felt as if he had suddenly fallen into an ice hole and froze on the spot.

The man’s gaze was too frightening. When he looked at her, it was as if he was looking at someone who was about to die. She had no doubt that he would kill her in the next moment.

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