Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 1209 - Put Me Down

Chapter 1209 Put Me Down

Jun Shiyan could clearly feel the little woman in his arms stiffen. She was so nervous that she held her breath. He moved closer to her pink earlobe, brushed past it, and whispered into her ear, “Mrs. Jun, is this okay?”

Ling Sheng’s originally nervous heart was in her throat when she was suddenly lifted up. Her sensitive earlobe was sucked in by him, and she could clearly feel the man’s hot breath. It was so soft that her legs went weak, she could not help but moan softly.

“Mrs. Jun,” Jun Shiyan called out in a hoarse and sexy voice again. Looking at the timid little woman in his arms, he could not help but laugh and drag out the last syllable. “Say something.”

Ling Sheng was someone who dared to flirt but dared not do it. How was that possible here? Was she crazy? She calmed herself down and could not let him lead her into a ditch. She gritted her teeth and glared at him. “Put me down.”

Jun Shiyan had an innocent look on his face. His long and narrow eyes locked onto hers as he teased, “Wasn’t Mrs. Jun the one who said that she knows all the different positions and locations?”

“Jun Shiyan!” Ling Sheng shouted his name through gritted teeth before she remembered to look around. It was empty and there was no one around. She immediately understood. “You tricked me!”

Jun Shiyan let out a low laugh. His indulgent laughter came from his chest, and his large hand gently scratched the tip of her nose. “Little fool.”

How could he do such a thing in a public place? He did not have the habit of getting people to watch him when he was making out with the young lady. He had long gotten people to clear out everyone here.

“Hmph.” Ling Sheng puffed her cheeks angrily and bit his lips fiercely before quickly retreating

Jun Shiyan looked at the angry young lady in front of him and slowly put her down. He let out a low and indulgent laugh. “Little imp, you have evil intentions but don’t have the


“Old thing, you’re shameless!” Ling Sheng was so angry that she wanted to bite him to death. This petty and vengeful man was just scaring her.

Jun Shiyan laughed out loud and placed the young woman in the shopping cart. When he saw her squatting in the cart and looking at him angrily, his heart softened. He patted her fluffy little head gently. “Where do you want to go?”

Ling Sheng looked around, her big eyes filled with vigilance. She asked him, “Is there really no one here?”

“There’s no one in the daily necessities section.” Jun Shiyan smiled at the young lady.

The supermarket here was quite big. If he cleared out all the people, the commotion would be too big so he cleared out a small area instead.

Ling Sheng sat in the shopping cart and felt good being pushed around. When they were about to leave the daily necessities area, An Yan warned them before they came out.

The money given by the production team was very little and the budget was limited. A person’s daily living expenses were 100 yuan. When they were living together, their living expenses would be paid. After they formed an imaginary couple, they would need to be self-sufficient.

The daily necessities that were needed were all written into a list. The items that everyone wanted to buy were allocated clearly so that they could buy what they wanted with the least amount of time.

Ling Sheng was looking at sanitary products, towels, washbasins, toilet paper, toilet paper, cleaning utensils, etc.

Jun Shiyan came over with a basin. Inside were small bags of various colors, he squatted beside the young lady who was picking out tissue paper.

In the end, Ling Sheng picked two bottles of the cheapest toilet paper and tilted her head to look at the man. “How much will it cost if you finish buying it?”

He could not exceed the budget.

“I’ve bought it.” Jun Shiyan picked up the things in the basin and said seriously as if he was talking to himself, “The taste you mentioned is all here, but I didn’t manage to find the toy. Perhaps it’s not in this small supermarket and can only be bought at a specialized store!”

When Ling Sheng heard the first part, she did not know what he was talking about and was a little confused. It was only when he mentioned the toy that her face turned red and she let out a low growl. “I told you to buy the necessities. Who told you to take these!”

“I’ll ask An Yan to buy all these back. I’ll also ask him to look for the toy and see if he can buy them.” Jun Shiyan smiled at the little woman. “I should at least let you satisfy yourself. I was negligent in the past, I didn’t know that there were so many fun things to play with.”

Ling Sheng wanted to cry, but no tears came out. She fully understood what it meant to not do stupid things and it won’t come back to bite her. Had she opened Pandora’s box? She smiled awkwardly and said, “There’s no need for these. I like ordinary things.” “Is that so?” Jun Shiyan suddenly moved closer to her. His voice was hoarse and sexy. “Why do I feel that you have a lot of opinions about me? I will work hard in the future and serve you well, Madam.”

Seeing that there were customers looking in their direction, Ling Sheng bit her lip and took a step back in fear. She swallowed her saliva and sniffled, feeling wronged. “Mr. Jun, I just have evil intentions but not the guts. I was wrong, alright?”

He did it on purpose, to take revenge on her for teasing him in the car. What a petty man!

“Will you dare to do it again?” Jun Shiyan asked her.

Ling Sheng shook her head weakly. “I won’t dare to.”

No way! He felt good in his mouth, but not in his heart.

“In the future, if you look at those messy things again, I’ll be happy to do my best to help you realize what you want,” Jun Shiyan said in a low voice.

He was just trying to scare her. But what she was saying was that when the baby was born and her body recovered, he would want to try new tricks.

“Sheng Sheng.” Shi Lingyu suddenly shouted and interrupted their conversation.

Ling Sheng turned her head and saw Shi Lingyu running over. She snatched the basin from Jun Shiyan’s hands in a flurry and threw it on the lowest shelf. Thereafter, she stood up nonchalantly and waved at her. “Are you two done shopping?” Shi Lingyu ran to the side and saw that their shopping cart was empty. She frowned. “Where did you two go? Why didn’t you buy anything?”

After saying that, she gave Ling Sheng a suggestive look and secretly gave her a thumbs up from an angle that Jun Shiyan could not see.

Sheng Sheng was amazing. She did not buy anything, so she must have gone to interact with Mr Gu. She had already seen that Mr Gu was interested in Sheng Sheng. As expected of her, she was really good at judging people.

“Yes.” Ling Sheng picked up the two rolls of paper in her hands.

Shi Lingyu held her forehead and did not want to speak, but she saw the basin hidden at the bottom of the shelf. She walked over to take it. “Isn’t there a basin here?”

Ling Sheng instinctively wanted to stop her from taking the basin.

Who knew that not only were Shi Lingyu’s eyes sharp, but her hands were also fast. She could not stop her at all. Seeing her take out the basin, she pretended not to know anything and was very calm.

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