Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Let Her Go This Time

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“Which evil person posted the video online?” Li Chuan complained unfairly. ” Since it was indeed required by the plot, I don’t see any intention of harming her on your part. Those black-hearted people online are indeed scary. I have a marketing ID which I can charge you at a cheaper price, do you want to plan a wave of retaliation?”

He only entered the film crew after Ling Sheng had been hospitalized. The bad gossip about her that stemmed from the film crew had made him think she was a scheming and evil woman who looked pure and innocent. However, after interacting with her for some time, he had found her nice. She was straightforward and pretty, but most importantly, she was good at playing games.

Ling Sheng shook her head and said, “Don’t. I don’t have the money for that.”

Upon seeing her casual and indifferent look, as though she was not the one being criticized, Li Chuan said, “You look pretty calm. Fine, I’ve been overthinking.”

“Thank you.” Ling Sheng knew very well that only Li Chuan was sincere about being her friend among the whole film crew. After all, the two of them had no conflicting interests.

Luo Xin, who was resting after shooting a scene, opened her Weibo and saw a post- #LingShengofferedapublicapology,wasitsincere#. When she tapped in to see the apology, her eyes darkened instantly. What a shameless woman. What had given her the courage to call her Sister Xin?

Then, her celebrity agent, Zhang Yun, called and said, “Xin Xin, you’ve seen Ling Sheng’s apology, right? I suggest you’d better reply. Since you were not hurt during the incident, let it go.”

Luo Xin’s lips curled up sarcastically as she retorted, “Let it go? Sister Yun, she wanted to harm me. Why should I let her get away with it?”

“Well, she didn’t get to touch you, right? This evidence is not sufficient to pin the blame on her. Intentional assault can only be validated if the victim suffers from emotional trauma or a physical injury. She didn’t touch you!

“Listen to me, I just heard that Ling Sheng is the new celebrity signed on by Huo Ci’s Studio. Let her go on his account. Huo Ci values relationships and bonds. I’m sure he’ll remember our kindness.”

Luo Xin had a death grip on her phone and her knuckles turned white while sarcasm welled in her eyes. Nevertheless, she remained silent.

“Besides, the entertainment circle is not that big. You practically see everyone everywhere. Someone as brainless as Ling Sheng is the easiest target to attack compared to the b*tches who pretend to be your close sisters but end up stabbing you in the back. Listen to Sister Yun’s advice and let her go this time.”

Luo Xin agreed before hanging up directly, her eyes darkening. She understood why she had to swallow her anger and suffer silently in the past, but now that she was the female lead, she still had to do that?

This was because Huo Ci was not someone she could offend. He was the sixth master of the Huo Family and the Movie King who was well-respected by everyone in the entertainment circle. Everyone would do anything to get on his good side.


It seemed like she would have to speed up the process of getting Gu Shen. He was the successor of the Gu Family. The moment Jun Shiyan died, he would succeed him to become the head of the family. By the time she became Mrs. Gu, no one would dare to order her around, make her suffer or compromise.


Nobody knew about Jun Shiyan’s health condition. As the successor of the Chinese Medicine Family, the Luo Family, her grandpa had once taken part in the process of his treatment. Thus, she knew all about his condition.

That evil, vicious man, who was feared by everyone, was an arrogant being who stood at the apex of China’s power hierarchy. Yet, he had a sick body that would not last even for two years.

She had her ambitions and intentions. She had to rise up and stand at the pinnacle of the entertainment circle. She had to become Mrs. Gu by marrying into the Gu Family, the richest family in China. She also wanted to revive her waning clan to allow the Luo Family to reclaim its position at the apex amongst other Chinese Medicine families. Whoever blocked her way would not get away easily!

Upon seeing her reply, Ling Sheng felt that she had to do something. She sent her assistant, Little Ye, to buy bubble tea and gave it to her with a smile. “Senior Luo, thanks for clarifying this for me. I’ll treat you to bubble tea.”

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