Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: She Had Not Been Given A Good Brain

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Shang Jiaren thought she felt sad about it. Upon seeing her stay silent, she said, “Sheng Sheng, since you’re a newbie, you don’t know this. As celebrities, every single act of ours will be scrutinized and discussed by the media. This is very normal. Just don’t pay attention to it.”

Ling Sheng looked through the comments and had fun reading them. Curious, she said, “This happened so long ago… Who do you think exposed the video?”

Shang Jiaren’s eyes ducked quickly, and her voice was very soft when she replied, “How would I know?”

Ling Sheng’s eyes contained a sense of coldness as her gaze swept over Shang Jiaren. She returned the phone casually and said, “Thank you, Sister Jiaren.”

“Sheng Sheng, aren’t you preparing to do anything?” A witty light flashed across Shang Jiaren’s eyes. How could Ling Sheng be so calm?

If she did not retaliate, what was the point of her exposing the video?

According to her observation, although Ling Sheng was young, she was not weaker than Luo Xin. Despite being a village girl, she had gotten the position of the third female supporting actress on a popular, big-scale drama. This showed that the wealthy person behind her was not simple.

As long as she started to fight with Luo Xin, she would definitely get scolded by Luo Xin’s fans. It would be best if she became autistic due to the condemnation, thus quitting the entertainment circle altogether. Then, she could just come in and enjoy the benefits.


Ever since Ling Sheng had entered the entertainment industry officially when she had been sixteen, her success had not stemmed wholly from other people’s help. If she had been brainless and incapable of scheming, she would have been devoured by others completely.


Out of the whole film crew, Shang Jiaren was the one who seemed the most innocent and charming, but she was actually the most calculating and manipulative person. Back when she was thirteen, she had become an influencer who’d relied on her appearance and sold her body to earn money. She would be believing a ghost if she really believed Shang Jiaren was as innocent as she looked.

As for Luo Xin, who met Ling Sheng after she was done with her makeup, she kept her head held high when her shoulder rubbed against Ling Sheng’s. “The video was not my doing.”

“Okay!” Ling Sheng entered the makeup room next door.

Luo Xin sneered, as she had not expected her to be this calm. Even though the video had not been leaked by her, she would not stop the fans from attacking her online either.

After all, she deserved to suffer the consequences of her own actions.

“Senior Luo.” Ling Sheng suddenly took half a step back before she smiled and asked, “You don’t mind me saying a few words on Weibo, right?”

Luo Xin frowned. In a cold voice, she said, “Go ahead.”

Before Ling Sheng did her makeup, she responded by using her own Weibo account.

Ling Sheng: These actions and expression were required by the plot. To all the ‘Chilies’ out there, I’m sorry for being so immersed in my role. Please don’t read too much into it or satisfy black-hearted people’s needs. @Luo Xin Sorry, Sister Xin.

Luo Xin was two years older than her and had turned twenty-two that year. Her fans were called ‘Chilies’. All this was the work she had prepared earlier.

After making the post on Weibo, she put her phone away directly. Even if she did not look, she knew what would happen subsequently. Her apology would definitely hit the Billboard of Hottest Topics again, inviting yet another round of criticism.

When she was done with her makeup, she happened to meet Gu Shen, who shot her a cold gaze with eyes full of disdain.

“Sister Sheng.” Li Chuan, who was also done with his makeup, went to find her after her prolonged absence from the filming site. When he got near, he greeted Gu Shen before scrutinizing her makeup. Then, he gave her a thumbs-up and complimented her. “You are a great beauty.”

Gu Shen’s brows twitched before his gaze scanned her entire body. Dressed in red silk, she emitted a sophisticated but calm vibe. Her face was gorgeous, and her beauty captured one’s soul wholly.

He could not help but feel annoyed.

Heaven had bestowed upon her good looks, but why had she not been given a good brain?

He could hear the ongoing conversation at the back, which centered around her hitting the Billboard of Hottest Topics. His lips curled up in a cold smile scornfully. Being criticized to death was the kind of retribution she deserved!


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