Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: What Is The D*mn Use Of Having A Daughter!

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This scene consisted of a shot that lasted five minutes. Both actors were fully in character. Their expressions, emotions, body language, and lines were all delivered with thorough interpretation. The entire scene was completed in one take and could be considered perfect.


Wen Zhi was beyond satisfied, and there was a wide smile on his face. Megastar Huo was an angel sent from heaven who had presented this actress to him. She was extraordinary! Wen Zhi was so happy he could not keep his mouth closed and nodded his head enthusiastically. “Good, very good!”

Given Ling Sheng’s acting skills, as long as there was a good script, it would only be a matter of time before she received a big award.

Thanks to his foresight, he had agreed to Megastar Huo’s request to let one more person join the production. In the future, she would be a top movie star and a screen goddess, and her debut production would be none other than his own. He had an eye for spotting talent. That would make a rather good talking point!

Ling Sheng came back to her senses and put a smile on her face. When she saw Huo Ci standing beside the director, she twisted her face. Without saying hello, she simply told Wen Zhi, “Director, I’m going to touch up my makeup.”

Wen Zhi had only just noticed that Huo Ci was standing beside him. With a smile so wide that his nose and eyes almost disappeared, Wen Zhi said, “Your scene is scheduled for the afternoon. Why are you here so early in the morning?”

When Huo Ci saw Ling Sheng walk past without acknowledging him, he held his breath, although his facial expression did not change. “I came early to familiarize myself with the set.”

What is the d*mn use of having a daughter!

Both Wen Zhi and the Assistant Director were dumbfounded. They looked at Megastar Huo, then at Ling Sheng, and finally at each other. Were the two of them angry with each other? Had they had an argument?

All the actors on set, including the leads, supporting actors, and calefares, ran over to say hello to Huo Ci and make small talk with him. Only Ling Sheng was not present.

After Ling Sheng was done touching up her makeup, she remained in the changing room to browse the web on her cell phone. She was done with her morning filming session, and she would have to wait till afternoon for the next shoot.

“Sheng Sheng.” Shang Jiaren had come looking for her again. She looked at Ling Sheng tenderly and advised her as a senior, “Why don’t you come say hello as well? Senior Huo is a very nice man. You should come meet him. It’s my first time meeting him in person as well. I never imagined I would have the chance to be in the same television production as him.”

Ever since Megastar Huo had set up his own work studio and started to invest in films, he had been taking fewer jobs. He had always been picky about his acting jobs from the moment he had stepped into the entertainment industry, and not many scripts caught his eye.

Hence, he had participated in even fewer productions in the past two years. However, each production was a fine piece of art. As long as his name appeared in a movie, even if he just made a guest appearance, the viewership, box office sales, and high quality of the movie would be an absolute guarantee.

“I’m not familiar with him, so I wouldn’t dare get my hopes up.” Ling Sheng laughed bitterly in her heart and thought to herself, “You’re sorely mistaken. Megastar Huo is only putting on an act and playing along!”

“Well, at least go over and say hello. The whole production team has gone over except you. I’m afraid he may get a bad impression of you.” Shang Jiaren spoke with Ling Sheng’s best interest at heart.

“I didn’t acknowledge him just now. If I go over now, will his impression of me be even worse?” Ling Sheng was fearless.

Megastar Huo could not wait for her to disappear. Out of sight, out of mind!

Shang Jiaren felt extremely vexed. What a fool who could not tell good from bad! However, for the sake of maintaining good relations, she proceeded to tell Ling Sheng about Huo Ci’s work studio.

Speaking with anticipation and envy, Shang Jiaren told Ling Sheng that if anyone caught Megastar Huo’s eye, gained his recognition, and was signed on by his work studio, rising to fame would not be an issue.

Ever since Huo Ci had set up his own work studio, most young and popular male and female lead actors in the past few years had come from his studio. Other than having a good and sharp eye for talent, he also had good resources on hand.

“By the way, Sheng Sheng, which company have you signed on with?” Shang Jiaren looked very concerned and worried about Ling Sheng. “The company affects the resources we can get, as well as our future and career. Therefore, you mustn’t sign on with a small company. Why don’t I have a word with our boss to recommend you to our company?”

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