Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Third Master Hates It When People Say Things That Are Useless And Nonsensical

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Ling Sheng found talking to her annoying. She was pretentious, there was clearly an air of arrogance in her voice, and she looked down on her yet she pretended that everything she did was for her own good. Ling Sheng glanced at a message on her cell phone, then stood up to go. “Hey, Sister Jiaren, I have something to do so I’ll get a move on.”

Shang Jiaren said, “Sheng Sheng, which company did you sign with?”

“It must be a small, unimpressive company that she is too embarrassed to mention. I knew it,” thought Shang Jiaren to herself.

“Huo Ci’s Studio,” answered Ling Sheng calmly.

Shang Jiaren’s expression changed. Her jealousy was inflamed, and her face, despite its delicate makeup, was now distorted.

Ling Sheng had been notified that Jun Shiyan’s assistant, An Yan, was waiting for her at the basement carpark. He had also asked if she was free to go over now.

Huo Ci watched Ling Sheng as she left with a heated lunchbox. He frowned and turned away his gaze. That brat’s relations with people were so bad that she did not have a single friend on the set and she had to eat her meals alone.


Ling Sheng hopped on Jun Shiyan’s recreational vehicle and made herself at home straight away. “Third Master, can I have my meal in the car? I’m starving.”

Jun Shiyan’s long, narrow eyes glanced at the girl at the door. She had not taken off her makeup and costume and she was wearing a red Chinese robe embroidered with phoenixes and peonies. There was a smile on her exquisitely beautiful face, and she was very pleasing to look at, as she was both a little naive and rather adorable. He could not bear to refuse, so he nodded his head slightly in agreement.

“Third Master, have you eaten?” Ling Sheng had prepared the meal herself, as she found the meals provided by the production team inedible and unacceptable.

“Uh-huh.” Jun Shiyan scanned the large lunchbox, which contained a large portion of rice and three dishes, with his eyes. Steam rose steadily from the lunchbox, so it was obvious that it had just been heated up.

Ling Sheng was savoring her food, and her face was filled with bliss and satisfaction.

Upon looking at the food in Ling Sheng’s lunchbox, Jun Shiyan actually felt a craving. It had been many years since his appetite had been stimulated. He swallowed hard and closed his eyes, but the aroma of the food lingered at the tip of his nose, making him really want to try her food.

Ling Sheng saw the man swallow his saliva as his mouth suddenly felt dry. He had a slender, beautiful neck. His Adam’s Apple, in particular, was unbelievably sexy. “Third Master, would you like some? I made them myself.”

Ever since the first time she had met Jun Shiyan, she had made a decision. She had decided to get close to him to ambush him. After all, he was impotent and he only had two years to live.


Ling Sheng thought that if she could make him happy, she might stand a chance of sharing part of his fortune. A portion of the fortune of the world’s richest man, even if it was as tiny as her fingernail, would be enough for her to survive in the entertainment industry for several years.


Most importantly, he was the third uncle of the male lead, Gu Shen. If she made her move on the kingpin in front of her, she would like to see if that b*stard Gu Shen would still dare be snobbish with her!

Just the thought of this made her feel good.

“Yes.” Jun Shiyan opened his eyes and replied lazily.

Ling Sheng smiled in a way that made her seem eager to please and passed the lunchbox to him. She then shamelessly boasted. “I like to cook in my free time. Really, I must say that my culinary skills are pretty good. Everyone who has tasted my cooking has said so.”

Jun Shiyan hated it when people started to spout rubbish in front of him and would get very vexed. However, this time, as he listened to her chatter, he actually quite enjoyed it.

While he was sitting in the driver’s seat, An Yan’s eyes almost fell out of his head.

“What is Third Master doing?” thought An Yan to himself.

“Has he gone mad?

“Third Master usually hates it when people say things that are useless and nonsensical, yet now…”

The young girl was just like a little sparrow. Her little mouth chattered on and on non-stop.

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