Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Mommy, Grandfather Called Us Dogs

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Ling Sheng was scheduled to have two shoots in the afternoon. She had not expected that Huo Ci would also be part of the production as a guest star and make an appearance in three scenes. He would be playing the role of the Imperial Uncle, an otherworldly, ascetic sage who was above and beyond the secular world.

He had prophesied that misfortune would befall the dynasty. Hence, he had given the emperor three sachets and told him not to open them until he was in a moment of desperation and had no other way out.

In a long, silky-white robe that glowed softly like the moonlight, Huo Ci was a living and breathing celestial supremacy and ethereal beauty. Thanks to his natural aura of dignity and sophistication, he looked like a deity who had descended on Earth.

No matter what, Gu Shen was younger and more inexperienced. In Huo Ci’s presence, Gu Shen’s aura was easily smothered, and his charisma and confidence were easily overpowered and suppressed.

“Sheng Sheng, Megastar Huo is so handsome!” Shang Jiaren was standing beside Ling Sheng and looking at Huo Ci with burning desire in her eyes.

Gu Shen was no match against Huo Ci.

There was actually nothing else that was very worthy about Gu Shen. Even the Gu Family fortune was in the hands of his third uncle, Jun Shiyan.

Jun Shiyan was yet another unscrupulous individual. It was rumored that he had killed all his brothers in order to become the head of the Gu Family. Many people were secretly placing bets on when Jun Shiyan would lay his evil hands on Gu Shen.

Huo Ci had always devoted himself solely to the entertainment industry, never wanting to dabble in family matters or be involved in family disputes. Nevertheless, he was still the sixth young master of the Huo Family. The Huo Family was a large clan and one of the wealthiest Chinese families. It was the dream of many young girls to marry into their household.


The capital city’s most eligible bachelor and every woman’s ultimate fantasy, other than Jun Shiyan, was none other than Huo Ci.

However, Shang Jiaren was at best just a third-grade actor. In order to get close to Huo Ci, she would have to depend on Ling Sheng. Ling Sheng belonged to Huo Ci’s Studio and would definitely get opportunities to come in contact with Huo Ci.


Shang Jiaren was confident that this tactic would allow her to get close to Huo Ci. Once that happened, even if she could not conquer Huo Ci, she would have a relationship with him. She would then use the relationship to get Huo Ci to support her and make her famous in the entertainment industry.


“Yeah.” Ling Sheng agreed as she nodded her head.

She had to admit that Huo Ci’s aura and charisma substantially overpowered those of Gu Shen. It was even more apparent when they acted opposite each other. Huo Ci’s acting skills were second nature to him, and his performance was flawless.

Gu Shen just missed the mark by a notch, but the disparity was particularly obvious when they were put next to each other.

Megastar Huo’s reputation was well-deserved, for his capabilities were in plain sight for all to see. In terms of appearance, Megastar Huo had the appeal and charm of a sexy, mature man, which was something that young men could not emulate. It was no wonder that, even after 20 years in the entertainment industry, the popularity of Megastar Huo was nowhere near fading.

Huo Ci completed all three scenes one after the other without a hitch. Then, he left the film set.

In the evening after dinner, when Xiao Qi watched television, he insisted on catching the live broadcast of every program that Huo Ci was involved in. Ling Sheng had tried talking Xiao Qi out of it on several occasions, but to no avail. Xiao Qi just had to watch it every time.

The moment Ling Sheng walked out of the shower, she saw the face of a superstar on the television screen. It was a handsome face that was so pristine that even the high-definition lenses of the cameras did not capture any flaws on that complexion. People like that were born to be actors.

The actor was participating in an interview series called Weekends At 8. It was a live broadcast that aired on television every weekend at 8 p.m. sharp.

It was 9:50 p.m now, so the program was coming to an end.

Host: Teacher Huo, I heard from Little Cis that you have been going home at a very regular time lately. They wanted to ask if we’ll be hearing some good news from you soon.

Huo Ci: There isn’t any good news. I just recently got two pet dogs, so I have to go home on time every day to feed them. If I don’t, they will get angry with me and turn the whole house upside down.

Host: Is that so? Didn’t you say you were allergic to animals? Why did you suddenly get two dogs?

Huo Ci: My allergy has been cured.


Host: Congratulations to you then! The Little Cis are asking, what type of dogs do you have?

Huo Ci: Dogs that tear the house down and holler at me when they are angry with me.”

Host: One male and one female?

Huo Ci: Yes, mother and son.

Ling Xiao Qi bit his lip glumly. He turned around and saw Ling Sheng standing right behind him. He pointed at the person on the television screen and lamented miserably. “Mommy, grandfather called us dogs!”

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