Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Aren’t You Afraid Of Getting Fat?

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The Third Master had a weak stomach and was careful with his diet, especially when he was outside.

The dishes in the lunchbox were all rich. There was sweet and sour pork tenderloin, braised pork ribs, and chili eggs. It would be problematic if the Third Master were to eat all of that.

However, those homely dishes smelled so fragrant that even An Yan began to salivate.

“Hmm…” Ling Sheng looked at the pair of chopsticks she was using, then took a piece of tissue to wipe them before passing them to the Third Master. “If you mind, I can rinse them with water.”

When An Yan saw Jun Shiyan take the chopsticks from Ling Sheng, his eyes widened in shock. Hastily, he said something to stop Jun Shiyan. “Third Master…”

Jun Shiyan instantly shot him a look.

An Yan obediently shut his mouth. He stared at his Master, whose level of obsession with cleanliness was nearly psychotic, as he used the pair of chopsticks that the girl had used and ate the food that she had eaten. An Yan felt like the world was in a state of chaos and nothing was normal anymore.

Normally, if anyone touched just the corner of the Third Master’s shirt, the Third Master would throw the shirt away. He never even shook hands with anyone, let alone eat food that someone else had eaten.

Was he the one going insane?

Or was the Third Master going mad?

“How did you find it?” asked Ling Sheng as she looked at Jun Shiyan with wide eyes. Her big eyes were sparkling like stars in excitement and anticipation.

“Hm…” Jun Shiyan nodded his head in agreement. Then, he saw the girl still looking at him, as if she would never let it go until he made a comment or gave her feedback. Hence, he replied, “It’s very good.”

Ling Sheng cheered excitedly and gave herself a thumbs-up in her heart. Gosh, her first move had been successful! First, she had conquered his stomach. Then, she would conquer his heart. Finally, she would conquer the Third Master’s entire fortune.


End of story.

Ha ha ha!

The more she thought about it, the more gleeful she felt.

Jun Shiyan ate very little, just one or two mouthfuls per dish, and then returned the chopsticks and lunchbox to Ling Sheng. His every move was gentlemanly and elegant, the epitome of noble class. He nodded slightly and said, “Thank you for your hospitality.”

Ling Sheng furrowed her little brow and asked him, “Do you normally eat so little?”

“I have had lunch.” Jun Shiyan felt like he had not spoken so much in a very, very long time. He felt very relaxed when he was with her.

“Alright then!” Ling Sheng sat about half a meter away from him while eating her lunch. “I’ll try to be quiet. You had better sleep. I only have 3 hours. My next call is at 2:30 pm.”

Through the rearview mirror, An Yan peered at Ling Sheng and saw her start her meal. As she had promised, she was eating very slowly with very small mouthfuls. She did not make a single sound.

Other than the fragrance of the food, there were no other signs that someone was eating.

An Yan took another look at the food in the lunchbox and thought, “The Third Master does not have a small appetite. She is the one who has a huge appetite. Despite being a female star, she is not watching her figure at all. Isn’t she afraid of getting fat by eating too much?”

Three hours later…

Ling Sheng stood up softly and glanced at Jun Shiyan, who was still fast asleep. With the lunchbox in her hands, she moved quietly as she alighted the car, careful not to disturb his sleep.

An Yan wanted to get out as well to speak to Ling Sheng regarding her remuneration. However, seeing that the Third Master was still asleep, he did not dare leave the car. Instead, he took out his cell phone and texted Ling Sheng, asking her to pass him her bank card so that he may close this month’s accounts.

By now, Ling Sheng was already in the elevator.

Jun Shiyan, who was in the backseat, suddenly opened his eyes and coughed. The pain in his stomach was getting unbearable, and he ended up vomiting.

“Third Master!” An Yan got such a fright that he broke into a cold sweat. “I’ll call Doctor Gu straightaway and ask him to come over.”

The Third Master’s stomach was too weak for all that food. He knew something was bound to happen. Had the Master been silently enduring the pain all this while?

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