Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Did He Promise You When You’ll Be Getting Married?

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She was the great beauty of the entertainment circle and the unchanging long-time rumored girlfriend of her stingy father. They were a good-looking duo with a god-like existence. From time to time, there would be rumors about them being together or getting secretly married and having children.


She was the second shareholder of Huo Ci’s personal studio and the Executive President of the company. In the past two years, she had brought one female artist, the one who had just won the Best Actress award at the start of the year, the one and only Du Manqing.

“Did my face grow flowers? Why are you looking at me? Since you’re here, come up.” Mei Xuelin did not even look at her, as she was focused on her work. “Brother Ci should have told you everything, so I shall not say much. Do you know me? Do you want me to introduce myself?”

“No need, no need. How can anyone in the entertainment circle not know you, Elder?” Ling Sheng looked at her, smiling like a flower as she sat beside her. “I’m Ling Sheng. Please guide me in the future, Sister Mei.”

“Elder? Am I that old?” Mei Xuelin’s pretty brows furrowed as she shut her laptop and scrutinized her. “I didn’t expect Huo Ci to like this type of girl.”

Ling Sheng knew she had misunderstood. “Sister Mei, it’s not what you think.”

“How long have you two been living together?” Mei Xuelin asked.

“Not even for two months.” Ling Sheng let out a low cough before adding a little awkwardly, “We’re really not what you think.”

“You’re only twenty, right? Did he promise you when you’ll be getting married?” As a veteran in the entertainment circle, Mei Xuelin thought that was simply what mattered to a couple.

She had been following Huo Ci ever since his debut and was a fan who treated herself as his wife. She had liked him for eighteen years, so she had entertained the possibility of them being together before. However, she could only support and like him as a fan in the end.

The little girl in front of her was impressive, as she had been able to conquer Best Actor Huo in a few days. He would never open his mouth to plead, and that was the first time he had pleaded with her to take on a newbie.

The lady was pretty and generous and possessed good acting skills, which made her pretty well-liked.

However, this was a May-December relationship.

Age was never an issue in the entertainment circle, but appearance was. It was inappropriate to say that this was ‘an old cow eating tender grass’ kind of relationship, as Huo Ci had an undefeatable, dashing face.

Although he had debuted twenty years ago, his attractiveness only seemed to increase and not diminish. He was a solitary figure possessing a growing charisma in the entire entertainment industry. Which girl that desired to be in love would not want to marry him?

“Sister Mei, we’re not in a relationship. This is a senior-junior relationship.” Ling Sheng knew Huo Ci had not told her anything, which was why she had misunderstood.

In her opinion, she had gotten a clear picture of their relationship. Sister Mei was only a rumored girlfriend who had no relationship with her stingy father. They were only friends.

“I don’t care what kind of relationship you two have.” Mei Xuelin threw her a contract before adding, “These are the rules that my artist must abide by. We shall sign a one-year contract first. Consider it a probation year. If you break any rules during this one year, we will end the contract directly. I don’t care who introduced you or what kind of network you have as a background. There will be no further discussion.”

Ling Sheng took a look. They were merely rules that artists needed to abide by in general. Mei Xuelin was direct. Her contract stated that Ling Sheng could date in whatever manner she wanted as long as she was not caught and exposed by the paparazzi.

The gold-medal celebrity agent, who was indeed impressive, promised to make her the Best (Drama/Movie) Actress within three years. It seemed that only she would dare put this term in a contract in the entire entertainment circle.

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