Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 24 - I’m Not Sad, I'll Consider It Feeding a Dog

Chapter 24: I’m Not Sad, I'll Consider It Feeding a Dog

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"I don't know if Huo Ci has told you this before, but I have a three-year-old son." Ling Sheng knew the rules of the entertainment circle and would not keep this from her.

"Your son's already three years old?" Mei Xuelin looked at her with sympathy. "Huo Ci doesn't intend to give you a title. He's indeed a beast for doing this to such a young girl like you."

Ling Sheng said, "The child is not Huo Ci's."

Oh dear, the misunderstanding was worsening, but she had already agreed to the three specific conditions proposed by Huo Ci so she could not reveal their actual relationship.

In a meaningful heartfelt tone, Mei Xuelin said, "Then it must have been real love on his side. Cherish it. You're the first woman Best Actor Huo has been so concerned about."

Ling Sheng thought, "Big Sister, I have to say you're impressive. You just ruined a conversation."

Subsequently, Mei Xuelin ran through her working style and gave her a simple training in the car. The duo also chatted to understand more about each other's temperament and character.

Mei Xuelin was a strong woman who had achieved her current status through her immensely strong capabilities. She would, of course, admire someone with capability, courage, wisdom, and great ambition.

Ling Sheng's goal had always been very clear. She wanted to become an actress with real ability and claim an international award. She also wanted to be a top-tier star in China and in the global arena, and reach the pinnacle of the entertainment circle.

"Okay." Mei Xuelin was very satisfied with her clear vision and positioning. "I'll work out your developmental trajectory and persona, and notify you once I've settled on them."

A lot of newbies who had just stepped into the entertainment circle often had high expectations but low executing energy. They wanted to do everything: sing, shoot TV dramas and movies, appear on variety shows… However, they ended up being pennywise and pound-foolish. As a result, they did not excel at anything and wasted their time.

"Thank you, Sister Mei." Ling Sheng gave her a sweet smile. "Please guide me more along the way."

"I hope we have a pleasant cooperation." Mei Xuelin held her hand.

This little girl was quite young (age-wise) but had high aspirations. She was smart and capable and never showed the slightest degree of fear. Her attitude was by no means conceding or inferior in front of her. She was definitely a good seedling who had growth potential. Huo Ci's taste was not bad.

Everyone knew that many newbies who just stepped into the entertainment circle were too timid to talk to her and shook miserably as though she was monstrous.

Ling Sheng watched as Mei Xuelin walked off before she headed in the direction of her house.

In front of her were two figures, one big and one small. The big figure was holding the hand of the small one. Wasn't that her stingy father and dear son? Each of them had a stick of barbequed sausage in their hands.

She suddenly sensed that the scene was full of love and took out her phone to film it silently.

Huo Ci's sausage was dropped to the ground accidentally.

Ling Xiaoqi looked up and said, "Your sausage's on the ground. Are you sad?"

Huo Ci took a look at the sausage on the ground and said, "No, a dog will run by here later and eat it. Just consider it feeding the dog the sausage."

Ling Sheng held her laughter in silently and followed the duo from an appropriate distance. Xiaoqi had lacked fatherly love from a young age, so the sudden appearance of a grandpa had made him like Grandpa a lot.

After all, he was very young.

Ling Xiaoqi gave Huo Ci his own sausage and said, "You can have this."

Huo Ci looked at him. "Will you be sad if I eat your sausage?"

Ling Xiaoqi said, "No, I'll consider it feeding a dog."

Huo Ci nearly puked blood.

Ling Sheng could not hold it in anymore and laugh before letting out a low cough.

"Mummy." Ling Xiaoqi turned around, his eyes big and shiny. Then, he abandoned Huo Ci and dashed over to hug her. "Xiaoqi missed you so much."

Ling Sheng picked up her son, her nose reaching to rub his small nose lovingly. "Were you obedient?"

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