Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Walking The Dog!

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Ling Sheng thought for a while before saying, “He has resources.”

Mei Xuelin went silent for a moment before she said, “Sounds about right.”

Ling Sheng hung up on Mei Xuelin and called Ling Xiao Qi. However, Huo Ci was the one who picked up. “Is Xiao Qi back?”

“Yes,” Huo Ci answered casually.

“I may be a little late tonight. I’ll get home at around eleven or twelve. Don’t wait up for me. What are you guys having for dinner tonight? Has Auntie cooked dinner?”

“If you’re not coming home, why do you care what we’re eating for dinner?” Huo Ci’s attitude was arrogant as he hung up immediately.

Ling Sheng pouted. Couldn’t his attitude be better?

While looking at the black screen of her phone, Ling Sheng bit her lips in anger. What kind of attitude was that?

The moment the call was ended, she received a transaction notification.

Scumbag Father sent you 100,000 dollars.

Upon seeing the notification, Ling Sheng was over the moon.

Huo Ci had been saved as “Scumbag Father” on her phone.

Her father was wearing a loose leisure outfit, a baseball cap, and a pair of sunglasses while lying lazily against the tree trunk and scrolling through Weibo. His brows were furrowed.


That brat had made the Billboard of Hottest Topics by doing that.

She had simply shamed him by shopping at such a low-end outlet.


He could easily garner attention from passers-by with his elegance while walking down the street.

Some people recognized him and pointed at him excitedly as they commented on the fact that they lived in the same neighborhood.

His clique of brothers was all hyped up in the group chat, buzzing about where to go to have fun.

@Huo Ci, where are we going?

Huo Ci did not reply.

Soon, he received a phone call. “Old Six, where do you want to go? Us brothers will be relaxing together at night. Are you coming?”

“Old Four, don’t test my patience. Old Man has no time. I’m not coming.”

“You don’t have to attend any events today, right?”

“This Old Man is very busy. You think I’m like y’all?”


“What are you busy with? It’s been a long time since we last met up.”

Huo Ci looked up and stared at the playing zone opposite him, where Ling Xiao Qi was playing on the slide with other children. He gritted his teeth and forced out an answer. “I’m walking my dog!”

He had to look after the child under the d*mn hot sun!

Annoyed, he kicked the pebbles in front of him. Then, he shouted grumpily at Ling Xiao Qi. “Time to go home!”

Ling Xiao Qi was having fun, perspiring hard as his small tender face flushed from the intense activity. After he said goodbye to the children, he turned and ran after Huo Ci.

Huo Ci was ahead.

Ling Xiao Qi stayed within an appropriate distance, not daring to approach him.

Grandpa had said that if they were seen, the paparazzi would report on nonsensical content that would affect his reputation.

“What are we having for dinner?” Huo Ci suddenly stopped in his tracks. “Your heartless mother is not coming back to make dinner.”

“I shall eat what you eat.” Ling Xiao Qi was very well-behaved, and his face was appeasing.

“I don’t know how to cook.” Huo Ci frowned.

“I know how to cook noodles. Tomato Egg Noodle and Green Onion Noodle,” Ling Xiao Qi said weakly.

“We’re not eating noodles. Let’s go to the pub.” While watching the sweating child, whose face was smiling sweetly, his heart softened and he cursed softly.


Ling Xiao Qi raised his hand to touch his head, wondering where the pub was and if there was tasty food there. When he saw the figure of Grandpa getting further away, his short legs hurried up to catch up with him.

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