Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: What Are You Scheming By Following Huo Ci?

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The store manager was furious. It was unthinkable that the salesgirl would do something so shameless. He gave her a menacing glare and said quietly, “If you want to never be able to find a job again, then carry on!”

The salesgirl was seething with so much hatred that she could cough blood. In the end, she still knelt down in front of Ling Sheng and said, “Ancestor, I was wrong. I’m sorry, it was all my fault!”

Once again, Ling Sheng went viral thanks to the video clip and rose to the top of the search charts.

#Little Miss Diva flares up at Cocky Salesgirl online and lets it all out#


Many netizens had similar experiences with the salesgirl when they shopped at the store. In no time, the topic was pushed up the charts and became the third trendiest search.

[D*amn, Little Miss has an attitude. Well done!]

[What a diva! I suddenly want to be your fan, Little Miss. You’re fierce.]

[It feels like Ling Sheng stood up for my grievances. Salesgirls are often too arrogant! Makes me legit want to puke.]

[Oh, I’ve been keeping this resentment in me for too long! Like if you think that was a good comeback against the salesgirl!]

[Wow. Is it a trend now for salesgirls to frame and accuse customers blatantly in broad daylight? This world is scary. I think I’ll move back to Mars.]


[Am I the only one who thinks Ling Sheng is sensational when she scolds someone?

+1 She’s very cute when she gets angry!


+Identification number]

[She’s just a low-grade, substandard actress creating gossip online, yet you idiots indulge her publicity stunts. Have your brains been eaten up by vampires?

Sour grapes, open your eyes and take a look at this place. This is an imperial luxury goods shopping arcade and a luxury goods retail shop. Each dress in that shop costs as much as your annual wages!

+1 Do that brand’s people have a death wish? They had the guts to act like fools in front of her… They will end up acting out their death. Having a brain is a good thing. I hope you install one in your own heads!

+10,086 Even though the existence of such retards brings out the brilliance of normal people, all little chicks had better go home quickly to educate themselves a little.]

The majority of the comments of the netizens were one-sided. They were in favor of Ling Sheng and spoke up for her.

Only a minority of anti-fans firmly believed she was deliberately creating a hoo-ha and were relentlessly criticizing her.

Ling Sheng got to vent her anger.

She had just parted with Jun Shiyan and was taking out the gown that the shop had shoved in her hands as a form of compensation, when she received a phone call from Mei Xuelin.

“Ling Sheng, have you run out of clothes to wear? You should have told me if you needed new clothes. How can I, Mei Xuelin, have my artists fretting over a torn garment? Do you respect me as your manager?”

Ling Sheng nodded her head. She did respect her.

“Where is Huo Ci? What kind of boyfriend is he? Why, he doesn’t let you spend money and he doesn’t buy clothes and handbags for you? The older they are, the stingier they get!”

Ling Sheng nodded her head furiously. Yes, yes, that was so unbecoming of a father!

“Are you still at the mall? Send me your height, weight, and vital statistics. You don’t have to worry about clothes. Leave it to me. I suppose this incident is a blessing in disguise. The video triggered a huge reaction, and it’s a good opportunity for you to make somebody out of yourself. The company will monitor the public sentiment. As for you, please do watch yourself.”

Ling Sheng was at a loss for words.

“Did you hear what I just said? Why aren’t you saying anything?”

Ling Sheng had been listening to Mei Xuelin fire off like hearing canons at war. She had said so much at one go that Ling Sheng had no opportunity to interrupt at all. “Big sis, you didn’t give me a chance to talk, okay?”

“Alright, alright. You can talk now.”

“You have said everything I wanted to say. I don’t have much to say. I’ll send my height, weight, and vital statistics over to you right away, my dear manager.”

“Do it quickly. I still have to get in touch with the retailer and negotiate with them. I don’t mean to nag you, miss, but why are you with Huo Ci? He’s not even willing to buy a dress or handbag for you.”

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