Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 785 - Leading the Revolt

Chapter 785: Leading the Revolt

As soon as he finished speaking, he raised his hand first and also raised Xiaoqi’s hand. His eyes gestured at Ling Sheng. Raise your hand!

To be honest, Ling Sheng did not want to go back to the Huo Family too. On the way back just now, she was feeling bad, thinking about leaving Auntie Yu alone on New Year’s Eve. Now that her father had taken the lead in the revolt, she raised her hand without any objection.

Agreed! She agreed with both hands and feet!

Huo Xiao let it go when saw his son raise his hand. He had not treated that scumbag as a human to begin with, but his dear grandchild had raised her hand too. He instantly felt sad. “Sheng Sheng, are you that against going home with grandpa?”

Ling Sheng shook her head. “Grandpa, I think my father’s right. Xiaoqi has been running a fever these past few days. It’s safer and we feel more at ease to be at the hospital. My father and I will be home tomorrow. As long as our family is together, it will always be the Spring Festival.”

Su Xiyin let out a low sigh. In order to get their family to go home, her husband had been so worried that his hair had fallen out. In the end, they still could not go back on New Year’s Eve. She could only chime in, “Hubby, Ci Er and Sheng Sheng are going to the television station to do a live broadcast. If it’s too early, they won’t make it in time for the New Year’s Eve dinner. If it’s too late, everyone will have objections again.”

It was like this every year when Ci Er had come home. As long as others waited a while for him, everyone would start nitpicking and complaining sarcastically.

There were many people at home, and everyone had their own thoughts. It was not easy to manage them. She also wanted to have a good Lunar New Year in peace. She simply wanted to spend the new year with Ci Er, Sheng Sheng, and Xiaoqi.

“Xiaoqi, what about you?” Huo Xiao was heart-broken. He looked at Xiaoqi, his last glimmer of hope. “Your grandpa was the one forcing you to raise your hand, right? Xiaoqi wants to go home with Great-grandpa for the New Year, right?”

Xiaoqi took a look at Grandpa and then at Mommy before shaking his head. “Xiaoqi raised his hand himself.”

Huo Xiao refused to admit defeat. “No. Can Xiaoqi be considered a person?”

Huo Ci said, “Even if he is only one-third of a person, we still won. Father, go home quickly, lest my older brothers and the others badmouth me again.”

Huo Xiao came over to call for them to go home, but did not receive a positive outcome. Instead, he was full of anger. Before he left, he even pointed at them angrily. “If you three don’t go home tomorrow, you will never have to go home.”

Ling Sheng nodded obediently and promised that they would return home. She sent her grandparents off downstairs and watched the car leave before returning.

In the afternoon, Ling Sheng and Huo Ci went to the television station to prepare for the Spring Festival Gala.

Ling Sheng was still a little nervous. She had been there in the past. That year happened to be the year her career had exploded. She had won the Best Actress Award and gotten on the Spring Festival Gala. Now that she thought about it, it really felt like a lifetime had passed.

Anyhow, she was worried about Xiaoqi being alone in the hospital, so she suggested finding a nurse auntie to watch Xiaoqi for a few hours. They should be back after the show ended anyway.

Huo Ci, who was playing a game, frowned when he heard her words. “You aren’t worried about finding a nurse? What if she’s a human trafficker and abducts Xiaoqi?”

Ling Sheng said, “That won’t happen. I’ll look for a proper nurse. The kind who has a record at the police station, all right? It’ll only be for a few hours. The nurses and doctors are also present. I’ll ask them to help keep an eye out. There are real-time surveillance cameras in the ward too. He won’t get lost.”

Huo Ci said, “How can you be a mother? Don’t you know that there are always uncertainties? What if the surveillance cameras break? What if the doctors and nurses leave due to an emergency?”

Ling Sheng frowned. In the past, she had not thought that her father was so contrary. Why was he so picky about everything she said? “Then, what do you think we should do?”

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