Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 786 - Send Him to Auntie Yu

Chapter 786: Send Him to Auntie Yu

Huo Ci said, “Call someone you know and get them to watch him.”

Ling Sheng said, “It’s the Lunar New Year, and everyone’s celebrating joyously. Who should I ask to come over? I feel bad.”

Huo Ci said, “Let whoever you want come over.”

Ling Sheng had a feeling that her father was not in the right state of mind today. She probed, “Then, I’ll send Xiaoqi to Auntie Yu.”

Huo Ci knitted his brow. “I don’t care.”

Upon hearing this sentence, Ling Sheng finally realized what was going on. Had her father been causing trouble for so long, arguing with her grandpa and arguing with her, because he wanted to stay and celebrate the Lunar New Year with Auntie Yu?

This idea nearly made her choke on her own saliva. His thoughts were way too secretive. They were so complicated that she felt dizzy.


Ling Sheng took Xiaoqi to Nangong Lengyu. Before she left, she reminded, “Auntie Yu, don’t worry about him. Get him to do anything. He’s quite capable of serving tea and water.”

Xiaoqi nodded vigorously. He was dressed thickly like a panda and looked extremely adorable. He even showed off his small arms. “Yes, Grandma. Xiaoqi can do anything. Just leave it to me.”

Nangong Lengyu smiled and said, “I was just saying that I would be bored alone and you brought Xiaoqi over. Don’t worry and go. Xiaoqi will be fine with me.”

Xiaoqi had already climbed into bed and was looking at Ling Sheng. “Mommy, you should leave. Grandma and I will watch the live-stream to support you.”

When she saw how her son, who had initially been acting a little lazy, regained his energy immediately after coming over here, Ling Sheng leaned over and kissed him. “Xiaoqi, keep Grandma company. Don’t make her worry, understand? Mommy will bring you delicious food when I come back.”

Xiaoqi nodded vigorously. “Okay, Mommy. Xiaoqi will be very obedient.”

Nangong Lengyu smiled lovingly at the mother and son in front of her. “You can’t bear to part with him anymore? Do you want to bring Xiaoqi over?”

If Ling Sheng could take him with her, she would really take him away. Xiao Ye’s house was in the capital, so she would accompany her to the television station. When the time came, she would just keep an eye on him. “It’s too cold outside. I’m afraid he’ll get sick again.”

Nangong Lengyu was very envious. If her Little Star was still around, when would she give her a grandson? Would he be as adorable and sensible as Xiaoqi?

Even though Ling Sheng could not bear to part with her son, she still had to leave. Her father had even called to rush her. After saying goodbye reluctantly, she ran downstairs.

Xiaoqi even ran to the window to look down, but it was snowing heavily outside. He could not see anything from behind the building.

Nangong Lengyu looked at the child with eyes full of pity. She did not know what this child had experienced in the past or if he had suffered some psychological trauma. Every time he could not find his mother with a glance, he would panic.

Xiaoqi was a good, obedient child. His mother had already told him many times that Grandma was injured and needed to rest more. She had told him not to disturb her, so he huddled on the sofa alone to look at the picture book.

“Xiaoqi, come to bed. Grandma will tell you a story.” This was the first time Nangong Lengyu had seen such a sensible child. He was only three years old. Other children would not know anything at three years old!

Xiaoqi shook his head firmly. “Xiaoqi will bump into Grandma. It will hurt.”

“Grandma doesn’t hurt. Don’t listen to your mother. If the two of us share a bed equally, you won’t be able to bump into Grandma,” Nangong Lengyu smiled and waved, “Come over quickly. If Xiaoqi doesn’t come over, does this mean you do not like Grandma anymore?”

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