Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 787 - Suppressed by His Status

Chapter 787: Suppressed by His Status

“Xiaoqi likes Grandma.” Xiaoqi thought for a moment before running over with his short legs and climbing onto the bed nimbly.

Nangong Lengyu told Xiaoqi a story, and the duo read the picture book together. Only when the child nodded off and fell asleep beside her did she close the picture book quietly and place it on the table quietly. Her eyes were gentle as she stared at the child in her embrace.

Jun Shiyan was kept busy till evening before he finally came to the hospital. He wanted to keep Sister Yu company during the Spring Festival, usher in the new year, and have a New Year’s Eve dinner together. He had already asked Xu Xi to book a table of New Year’s Eve reunion dishes and deliver them to the hospital. He had not expected Xiaoqi to be there.

“Sheng Sheng went to the television station so she asked me to watch over Xiaoqi.” Nangong Lengyu’s voice was very soft, as she was afraid of waking the child up. She even told him that Xiaoqi slept very obediently and did not move around.

Jun Shiyan looked at the obedient little fella and smiled. “Didn’t Sheng Sheng say that Xiaoqi can roll from the head of the bed to the end of the bed when he’s sleeping?”

Nangong Lengyu was a little disappointed. “Really? Then, it might be because of an unfamiliar environment so he can’t sleep deeply!”

Jun Shiyan said, “Perhaps he’s concerned about your injury so he’s trying not to bump into you!”

Nangong Lengyu refuted while feeling heartache, “How old is he? Do all of you think he’s a god? Children should behave like children.”

Jun Shiyan nodded in agreement. “Will Sheng Sheng and the others be returning to the Huo Family for New Year’s Eve dinner tonight?”

Nangong Lengyu shook her head. “No, they won’t. She said she was afraid that something would happen to Xiaoqi suddenly again. They’ll stay at the hospital for observation tonight and go back tomorrow.”

Even if they did not return to the Huo Family, given Huo Ci’s nasty temper, he would not let Sheng Sheng have New Year’s Eve dinner together with them.

Naturally, Jun Shiyan knew too, that wanting to have New Year’s Eve dinner together with her this year was akin to a fantasy. He had no idea how to get Huo Ci to agree either, so he could only sigh deeply in his heart.

He had initially planned to visit the Huo Family during the New Year, but Huo Ci had forced Sheng Sheng to break up with him. Thus, his visit to the Huo Family could only be put on hold.

“What exactly do you intend to do with Sheng Sheng?” Even Nangong Lengyu was anxious for him. She had never seen him act so restrained in the past, as though he did not dare do anything. “Why are you afraid of Huo Ci? He’s just Sheng Sheng’s uncle, not her parents. How can he possibly make the decision for her on such an important matter like marriage?”

Jun Shiyan sighed again helplessly. He was not her uncle. If he was really her uncle, why would he be afraid of him? It was precisely because he was the young lady’s biological father that he had no choice but to mediate step by step. “Sheng Sheng listens very well to him. Her parents entrusted her to him, so he’s her guardian. I can’t possibly act unreasonably with a guardian!”

Sheng Sheng had not told Sister Yu about her relationship with Huo Ci, and neither had Lu Yubai and the others. Naturally, he would not say anything.

“What guardian? With that character, is he worthy?” Nangong Lengyu could not help but get angry at the mention of Huo Ci. She got angry whenever she thought of his actions.

Jun Shiyan thought that he was not worthy inwardly. Alas, he was ‘suppressed’ by his identity. “I’ll get Huo Ci and the Old Master of the Huo Family to feel at ease, acknowledge me. Don’t worry, leave Sheng Sheng to me.”

“Sigh!” Nangong Lengyu even felt indignant for him. Why would anyone need the consent of an uncle when wooing a lady they liked? It would have been fine if it had been someone else, but Jun Shiyan just had to come across Huo Ci. This made things even more difficult. “Look at you. It wasn’t easy for you to fall in love with a young lady, yet you ran into Huo Ci.”

If it weren’t for Huo Ci, anyone else would have handed the young lady over and happily married her off. Where else would they be able to meet such an outstanding man like Ah Yan?

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