Tribe: I Become Invincible With My 10,000x Bonus From The Start

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Complete the Quest and Receive a Cheat as Reward

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In the Guild of Dawn, a gigantic lizard fell to the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust. There were a few pieces of equipment dropped around it.

However, the red-haired lady who had killed the Boss did not look happy at all. Her eyes were filled with resentment.


“Who are you? Why are you so strong?

“Very good, I’m looking forward to your next performance.”

Back at Li Cheng’s side, he was cleaning up the remaining members of the Church of Poison around the altar. It had to be said that the combination of level sevens and eights still had a lot of lethalities.

Of course, these lethalities were only for the goblins. At this time, there were already casualties among the goblins. Li Cheng’s ears kept ringing with all kinds of death notifications.

However, Li Cheng did not feel any heartache at all. The number of enemies that had fallen was twice that of his side. He merely paid some goblins for their sacrifice. It was not a big deal.

As for the Frost Marksmen, he did not lack AOE damage. The battle only lasted 10 minutes before it ended.

The entire altar stronghold was littered with corpses. Apart from a few goblin absentees, most of them were enemies. The Poison Church had already lost at least millions of troops.

However, Li Cheng and his troops had already filled up their experience points. The experience points of these dead enemies had been wasted.

After this battle, there were only about 7,000 Goblin Miners left. However, these remaining goblins had reached the maximum level of level 30.

After dealing with the remaining troops, Li Cheng went to the few dead bosses. After all, they were the first bosses to be killed in the entire server. The items that dropped were definitely not bad. Naturally, Li Cheng would not let them go.

“Ding, dong, you’ve triggered the ten thousand times amplification system. You’ve obtained the spoils of war, ten thousand Legendary Toxic Smoke!

“Ding, dong, you’ve triggered the ten thousand times amplification system. You’ve obtained the spoils of war, one Legendary Toxic Staff!”

The sound of notifications kept ringing in his ears. Li Cheng quickly opened his bag and looked at the rewards this time.

[Toxic Smoke (Legendary) X 10,000 bottles]

[Toxic Staff (Legendary)]

[Platinum soldier pack (Legendary)]

[Toxic Potion (Mission Medicine)]

The spoils of war in his backpack were all gift packs, and they were all Legendaries. The harvest was quite abundant, even Li Cheng was a little shocked.

However, Li Cheng did not have time to carefully check the attributes of these spoils of war for the time being. He could not stay here for long. The Goddess of Poison, Doris, was probably busy attacking Trelafany’s headquarters so she had no time to care about this place.

Otherwise, if a God descended, Li Cheng would have nowhere to run. No matter how strong he was now, he had only entered the game for less than a day, so he was no match for a God.

Thinking of this, Li Cheng began to check the quest item he had obtained.

[Toxic Potion]

[Item Description: a tool developed by the Poison Church to spread the plague. It contains a virus that can turn people into zombies!]

[Level: 1]

[Level: Quest Item]

At the same time, a system notification rang.

“Ding, dong, you’ve reached the target of your quest, Investigate the source of the virus!”

As expected of an SSS-class quest! The requirement to complete the quest was to kill a Legendary Boss.

Li Cheng was once again shocked. Then, he quickly led his troops away from the altar. Lillian waved her small hand gently and the mist appeared once again, enveloping the troops.

After a while, Li Cheng successfully arrived at the connecting point on the ground. He did not plan to stay in the underground world any longer. The intense battle earlier must have been sensed by the other underground forces. At this moment, the system notification suddenly rang again.

“Ding, dong, your quest, Save the Saintess in the altar, has been completed!

“Ding, dong, you’ve received the quest reward of twenty thousand gold coins, the beginner level Blessing of the Moon Dance Goddess, and an Epic Moon Dance Cloak!

“Ding, dong, you’ve triggered the ten thousand times amplification system. You’ve received a quest reward of two hundred million gold coins, Pinnacle level Blessing of the Moon Dance Goddess, and Legendary level nine Moon Dance Cloak!”

“Oh my God!!!”

Looking at the reward, Li Cheng could not help but have a big question mark in his heart.

However, before he could think about it carefully, an extremely cool feeling rose in his soul. This feeling soaked his entire body from inside out. At this moment, his entire body was enveloped in a cool, refreshing, and holy light.

Not long after, the light gradually faded away and a new skill appeared in Li Cheng’s skill pane.

[Blessing of the Moon Dance Goddess (Pinnacle)]

[Skill description: the highest level of blessing that Goddess of the Moon Dance can bestow. Only the person closest to the Goddess of the Moon Dance can obtain it.]


[1. With the highest level of authority in the Moon Dance Church, all believers of the Goddess of the Moon Dance will listen to your orders. Loyalty and morale of all the troops under her banner will be maxed out.]

[2. The winner will become the spokesperson of the Moon Dance Goddess in the main plane. Every action of the winner will represent the Moon Dance Goddess (the attitude of the other gods toward you may change).]

[3. Under moonlight, all units of your troops will gain attack power +100%, Defense +100%, movement Speed +100%, and Attack Speed +100%.]

[4. Other than Immortal-grade units, all units will not be able to see all of your personal, troop, hero, and territory information.]

What the f*ck?!!!

Looking at the newly obtained blessing effect lying in his skill pane, the corners of Li Cheng’s mouth began to twitch.

At first glance, the attributes of this blessing were not bad. As long as there was a moon, the army’s abilities would receive an all-around upgrade.

However, with such a powerful attribute boost, it also meant that Li Cheng’s body had been marked with... Trelafany’s imprint.

Was this not a clear indication that he was now a follower of Trelafany?

Once other Gods saw this imprint, they would naturally take a detour. After all, they were all followers of other Gods, so why would they want to join in on the fun?

However, the problem was that Trelafany was a weakling. There were many levels amongst Gods, and Trelafany... Whether it was her own strength or the size of her army’s followers, she was a weakling amongst weaklings.

Of course, Doris, the Goddess of Poison who opposed Trelafany, was not much stronger.

The two of them were like chickens pecking at each other.

“Am I being cheated by the ten thousand times amplification system?” Li Cheng sighed helplessly.

Originally, it was just a basic blessing, but Li Cheng was able to gain some attribute bonuses.

Although it was not that much, he did not need to become Trelafany’s follower, but now...

“Forget it, let nature take its course,” Li Cheng sighed and consoled himself.

He did not have any Gods to rely on anyway, so it did not matter.

After thinking for a while, Li Cheng tried to ask, “Trelafany, can you hear me?”

After a long time, no one answered. Li Cheng shook his head and could only give up.

“I’m really unlucky to have such a thing happen to me.”

Li Cheng looked at the more than 70 believers that he had just saved. At this moment, Li Cheng was emitting a strong aura of Trelafany.

“It’s the Oracle! The one who came to save us is the Oracle. No wonder he’s so powerful!”

The Moon Dance Church’s believers looked at Li Cheng with fanaticism and piety. Li Cheng shook his head helplessly again. He found the Saintess whom he spoke to before and asked, “You are... Luna, right?”

“Yes, Lord Oracle.” Luna nodded immediately, her eyes shining with stars.

“How many people are left in the church now?” Li Cheng asked again.


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