Tribe: I Become Invincible With My 10,000x Bonus From The Start

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Full Harvest

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This made Luna hesitate for a moment, but she still braced herself and replied, “Reporting to Lord Oracle, ever since the Moon Dance Church was attacked by the Poison Church a month ago, the believers of the Moon Dance Church have all scattered. The only church members that we can still contact now...are these people in front of us.”

Li Cheng held his forehead and the corners of his mouth twitched again. Was this not too weak?

What use were these seventy-plus members in front of him?

Li Cheng could not help but sigh. “Alright, I got it. All of you, temporarily join my territory.”

“Yes, Lord Oracle.” This time, Luna did not hesitate at all and agreed.

The system’s voice also rang in Li Cheng’s ears. “Ding, dong, congratulations on successfully obtaining S-class hero, Luna, Saintess of the Moon Dance, and seventy-two level nine Moon Dance Mages!

“Ding, dong, Congratulations to you for successfully unlocking the new building, Moon Dance Altar!

“Ding, dong, congratulations to you for accepting a new mission, lost believers!

“Ding, dong, congratulations to you for accepting a new mission, Moon Dance Church’s administration!”

This time, Li Cheng was rather satisfied after hearing the system notification in his ears. He did not expect Luna to be an S-class hero.

Although she was only a Gold-grade hero at the moment, since she was an S-class hero, it meant that there was a lot of room for her to grow in the future. In the future, she would be at least an Epic-grade hero.

At the same time, Li Cheng also unlocked a new building and received a new mission. These were the daily missions of the Moon Dance Church.

After all, Li Cheng was already the spokesperson of the Moon Dance Church in the mortal plane, so naturally, everything in the Moon Dance Church had to go according to his arrangements. He opened the mission list.

[Lost believers]

[Mission description: find the lost believers of the Moon Dance Goddess. At the same time, for the safety and development of the church, you need to expand the scale of the church’s believers.]

[Mission nature: Limited Role (Netherworld)]

[Mission difficulty: ???]

[Mission content: Recruit Believers for the Moon Dance Church]

[Mission reward: None]

[Moon Dance Church administration]

[Mission description: You have become the spokesperson of Moon Dance Church. You can manage all the affairs of the church.]

[Mission nature: Limited Role (Netherworld)]

[Mission difficulty: ???]

[Mission details: manage the affairs of Moon Dance Church]

[Mission reward: None]

There were no rewards for these two missions. The reason was simple. Li Cheng was already tied to Trelafany. Naturally, he needed to manage all the affairs of Moon Dance Church.

After all, the Moon Dance Church had grown stronger, so his strength and status would naturally rise.

However, was this not the same as treating him as a worker?

What a joke. Without thinking, Li Cheng closed the mission interface.

After closing the mission interface, Li Cheng immediately commanded the troops to march to the surface. They could not stay underground for long. They had just destroyed an altar stronghold of the Poison Church. Who knew when they would come for revenge?

20 minutes later, after passing through a long narrow passage, Li Cheng finally returned to the surface.

It was already night outside. The sky above them was abnormally clear and full of stars. The believers of the Moon Dance Church raised their heads to look at the sky. When they saw the bright and shining moon, they were somewhat stunned.

They had not seen the moon for a long time. Li Cheng did not have the time to be considerate of their mood, so they continued to march forward in a hurry.

Under the cover of the moonlight, Li Cheng’s speed was very fast. In a short while, he arrived at the stronghold of the Church of Light. As soon as he entered, Ryder came over to welcome him. “Knight Netherworld, you’re back? How’s the situation?”

“The mission has been completed. I need to go to the main city now. You don’t have to guard this stronghold anymore. Hurry up and return to the main city.” Li Cheng cut to the chase and took out the mission item from his backpack.

Ryder’s pupils shrank when he saw this. He nodded solemnly and said, “Okay, it seems like a big war will break out in the future.”

The Church of Poison was extremely vengeful. Now that Li Cheng had destroyed the altar and killed so many of their members, it would definitely attract revenge. The hundreds of Templar Knights in the stronghold of the Church of Light were no match for him at all.

Ryder clearly understood this logic and immediately ordered the Templar Knights to retreat. Meanwhile, a system notification rang in Li Cheng’s ears again.

“Ding, dong, your quest, Investigate the source of the virus. has been completed!

“Ding, dong, you’ve received quest rewards of twenty gold coins, two hundred Church of Light contribution points, one Hero Advancement Stone, and one Epic Sword of Justice!

“Ding, dong, you’ve triggered a ten thousand times amplification. Obtained two hundred million gold coins, two billion Church of Light contribution points, ten thousand Hero Advancement?Stone, and one Mythical-grade level three Justice Verdict!”

After a large wave of system reward notifications, Li Cheng’s attention was completely focused on the Hero Advancement?Stone.

This was an extremely rare item. It could be said to be the best of the best. Although there was only a one-word difference between it and the Hero Breakthrough Stone, the effects of the two were worlds apart.

The effect of the Hero Advancement?Stone was very simple—it allowed the hero to break through one level.

This was an existence that was on par with an Immortal artifact. With this Advancement?Stone, an A-class hero could break through to S-class, and an S-class hero could break through to SS-class.

However, in Li Cheng’s memories, only after a few years since the game opened did two Hero Advancement?Stones appear in the game.

The rarity of these items could be considered average. However, Li Cheng now had a total of 10,000 of these rare items!

This was a little scary. Fortunately, the effect of the condition of these Hero Advancement?Stones was that each hero could only use two at most.

Otherwise, based on Li Cheng’s 10,000, he could mass produce SSS-class heroes.

Apart from the Hero Advancement?Stones, this mission had increased his contribution points of the Church of Light by two billion points.

This number sounded like a lot, but for Li Cheng who wanted to exchange them for a higher rank, it was still a drop in the bucket.

However, he was not in a hurry for now. What surprised him was the other Godly equipment that he had been rewarded with.

Li Cheng could not even remember how many top-tier equipments he had received. Including the unopened gift boxes and mystery boxes, there were probably a lot of them. He had to find an opportunity to count them all.

Li Cheng thought to himself. Then, he began to return to his territory. The mission to the underground world this time was really fruitful. He had earned five to six billion gold coins.

If all these gold coins were discounted, they could probably be converted into 100 billion in real cash. To be honest, this number was a bit shocking to Li Cheng. He could not help but be speechless.

This money-making speed was too fast, but he was not planning on exchanging it for the time being as the construction of his territory still required a lot of gold coins.


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