True Martial World

Chapter 11: The Reason for the Change

Chapter 11: The Reason for the Change

The training ground was empty. Due to the moisture at night and the cold weather, a layer of dew covered the rock weights speckling them white.

All these rock weights were made from green steel. They were not worn down even with the elements bearing down on them for centuries.

In this wilderness, people were used pounds, rocks and cauldrons as measurements of a martial artist’s strength.

The measurement level of pounds was similar to Earth. A rock was a hundred pounds. A cauldron weighed ten rocks, so it was a thousand pounds!

Seeing the place empty, he stood in front of the row of rock weights and chose a 50 lbs. rock weight. He wiped the dew off the rock weight and lowered his body. Rise!

The rock was lighter than Yi Yun expected. He could lift it using one hand!

Yi Yun was delighted; it was as he guessed!

Following that, Yi Yun chose a 100 lbs. rock weight.

This time, it was a bit tougher to lift it with one hand. With both hands, it was easy once again.

Taking a deep breath, Yi Yun stood in front of a 200 lbs. rock weight. He squatted and with both hands under the rock weight, tightened his muscles and strength came from his hip to his feet.

“Rise!” Yi Yun gritted his teeth and lifted the 200 lbs. rock weight above his head!

“I’ve raised it!” Yi Yun was delighted. He held it up for about 3 minutes before throwing the rock weight on the floor.

To be able to lift a 200 lbs. rock weight, which was about three times the weight of a twelve-year-old boy, would be something mind-blowing on Earth.

His strength had increased exponentially overnight!

And strength wasn’t the only thing; the increase in his speed was even greater!

As a child, strength was his main weakness, and was much worse than adults. However, his speed was comparable. Previously when he faced Zhao Tiezhu’s attack, Yi Yun was convinced his speed was at least twice his opponent’s!

His body had undergone a tremendous change!

Thinking back about his vomiting of black blood and the dirty sweat, it was probably the legendary Marrow Cleansing.

His body that had a terribly poor foundation had undergone a tremendous increase both in strength and speed after the Marrow Cleansing!

The transformation was without question a result of the Purple Crystal. However, why did the Purple Crystal bring about such a change to his body?

Yi Yun tried touching the Purple Crystal by his chest but touched emptiness.

“Huh!?” Yi Yun was alarmed, and hurriedly unwrapped his clothes.

The Purple Crystal had disappeared…

However, that cool feeling by his chest had never decreased one bit.

What is this?!

Yi Yun lowered his head and lightly touched his chest where his heart would be. He had a strange feeling that the Purple Crystal was there all along, and had never left him.

With every heartbeat, the Purple Crystal vibrated, as if the Purple Crystal had merged with his heart as one.

That faint coolness also spread throughout Yi Yun’s body with every vibration by meandering through his veins.

Yi Yun lifted his head up and saw the tiny dots of starlight in the sky fly towards him, or more accurately, to the Purple Crystal.

The starlight entered his body and disappeared.

Yi Yun had a couple of hypotheses for the various phenomena the Purple Crystal had exhibited.

The Purple Crystal could absorb energy!

In this world, in this Universe, energy was the building blocks of everything!

From the large spinning galaxies, star formation and supernovae to the small ants building nests or the wilting of grass could not escape the need for energy.

From the physics Yi Yun learned on Earth, the entire Universe began from a particular point comprising of infinite energy.

Energy could convert into matter, turning into life, turning into everything.

And in this strange world, the Qi cultivation of experts was also naturally a form of energy.

The Purple Crystal had a natural affinity with energy.

It could absorb starlight and other forms of energy. The two attacks by Lian Chengyu was also a form of energy. That form of energy must be a form of “Qi” that Lian Chengyu had cultivated.

The Qi had hid in his body, causing his whole body to go numb. However, when that energy reached his heart and touched the Purple Crystal, the Purple Crystal absorbed it!

It was also obvious where the energy the Purple Crystal absorbed went.

That coolness that flowed within his veins was a manifestation of energy. The energy the Purple Crystal absorbed had spread through his blood flow and nourished his body. With every heartbeat, Yi Yun felt his body grow a little stronger.

Thinking back of his body’s Marrow Cleansing, it must have been a result of energy entering his veins.

Energy could change the composition of every element; it could give life to people, giving them power and strength!

His own strength had grown from 30 lbs. to 200 lbs. This change could be considered a total metamorphosis.

What energy could have caused this?

Just the tiny bit of starlight, or the energy Lian Chengyu had left in his body couldn’t have been enough to cause such a fate-defying change.

The answer was undoubtedly those desolate bones!

When the rations were being distributed, Lian Chengyu had opened the wooden box holding the desolate bones. Yi Yun had saw many light dots fly from the desolate bones into the Purple Crystal. The Purple Crystal had absorbed them all.

Desolate bones were the most precious part of a desolate beast. All its essence were in the bones, and was worth a lot more than desolate beast meat!

The essence refined from the desolate bones could cause a warrior to make a breakthrough, and allow a genius like Lian Chengyu to breakthrough to the Purple Blood Warrior level.

The value of the desolate bones was unbelievable!

A weak kid like Yi Yun without any foundation and a weak body to boot had no reason not to metamorphosize with the tiny amount of energy from the desolate bones.

After figuring it out, Yi Yun felt enlightened.

He breathed in deeply, and calmed himself down. The Purple Crystal was no doubt a great treasure. It had combined with his body, and with every heartbeat, the Purple Crystal would inject energy through his veins into his body, raising his power!

For his power to increase with every heartbeat and cultivating himself with every heartbeat, the Purple Crystal’s effectiveness was fate defying.

Even with such a treasure, Yi Yun’s expressions did not betray his tremendous joy.

Conversely, Yi Yun’s face grew serious. Having lived through two lives, even though his first life was limited in experience, but with his reincarnation, Yi Yun had already undergone several mental changes.

When he first entered this strange world, Yi Yun was confused. But after acclimatizing, he had turned calm.

With such a treasure, he couldn’t be too greedy or without any desires. He knew that if he got carried away and flaunted his treasure, it would be possible to be seen through, and lead to trouble!

Yi Yun knew that the secret of the Purple Crystal was not to be revealed to anyone.

In this strange world, Yi Yun could only trust in his sister, Jiang Xiaorou. However, with one less person knowing, there was one less danger.

The treasure had no owner. If Jiang Xiaorou, a weak girl who was easily hurt knew too much, it could cause harm to her.

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