True Martial World

Chapter 10: The Peculiar Body’s Sensation

Chapter 10: The Peculiar Body’s Sensation

Seeing the unwelcomed guest, Yi Yun frowned. This intruder was the person who they previously got into a conflict with during the ration distribution.

Yi Yun also knew his name, Zhao Tiezhu.

“What do you want?” Seeing Zhao Tiezhu barge in, Jiang Xiaorou tensed up. Her hands surged under the blankets and secretly grabbed the arrow hidden underneath them.

“Hey, little girl, what are you nervous about. I’m here on business today. Young master Lian has already isolated himself for training. He will be isolated for three months, preparing to attain the level of Purple Blood Warrior in preparation for the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s warrior selection. The Patriarch has ordered that the entire tribe has to head to the mountain to pick herbs, which will be used by Young master Lian to soak in! Each person has to hand over up to 8 oz of herbs daily!”

“Pick herbs? Soak?” Yi Yun recalled that his past self had fallen off a cliff, to his “death”, while picking herbs.

So it seems the picked herbs are for the warriors to soak in.

It was pathetic, to pick herbs at an early age for others and fall to his death while doing so, without any compensation. Even their rations were withheld.

“8 oz of herbs per person a day? How is that even possible?” Jiang Xiaorou thought furiously. “Besides, if they were to pick herbs, where would they find the time to make arrows? Without the weapons, how were they going to exchange for rations with the big tribes? Won’t we starve to death then!”

“Hahahaha! You are still thinking about exchanging for rations? When Young master Lian reaches the level of Purple Blood Warrior and gets chosen by the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, you don’t even need to exchange for rations anymore. We will all move into the city, and I guarantee you that you will have enough to eat and drink!”

The man sarcastically said while looking covetously at Jiang Xiaorou. This little chick is a beauty; in time to come, with better nutrition, she will definetively become even prettier.

“My brother hurt himself previously while picking herbs. His feet aren’t nimble yet, yet you insist he has to pick herbs, do you really want his life?” Jiang Xiaorou said with a trembling voice. Yi Yun had originally fallen to his death, but having just come back to life, his body was still weak. Sending him back to pick herbs was the same as sending him to his death!

Furthermore, picking herbs gave them no benefits. All the herbs were given to the tribe without compensation!

The man listened to Jiang Xiaorou’s words and disdainfully laughed, “How can a person’s life compare to the entire clan’s glory!” As long as Young master Lian reaches the level of Purple Blood Warrior and gets chosen by the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, he will benefit generations to come and protect our clan for hundreds of years. The clan’s history books will record all of your meritorious deeds!”

“Such a blessing for generations to come, yet you are haggling, you sure don’t appreciate it!”

“Besides, the Patriarch has ordered it. To strengthen your body and to make you more energetic, all the herbs remnants will be given back to you after they have been brewed. You can then use it to soak in. In the past, these remnants were only reserved for the warrior preparation camp.”

As the man said this, Jiang Xiaorou only gripped the arrow in her hand more tightly, till her fingers went white. “What if we can’t make the quota?”

“Can’t make it?” the man face turned cold. “Humph! The tribe doesn’t rear trash; if you can’t pick herbs, what rights do you have to eat? If you can’t make the quota, your rations will be confiscated. Many others are still waiting for that food!”

The man said and glanced over at Yi Yun who was lying in bed. He recalled Yi Yun causing him trouble in front of the crowd. Lian Chengyu had later reprimanded him for being incompetent during the distribution of rations.

Zhao Tiezhu’s heart immediately burned with rage, “Kid, stop pretending to be dead. I heard that you were injured, let me see exactly where you are injured!”

The man thrust out his hand to grab Yi Yun!

He was deliberately trying to make Yi Yun suffer, so his thrust was extremely strong.

Yi Yun wanted to dodge the man’s sudden attack, but Yi Yun suddenly felt as if the world slowed down in front of his eyes. The fierce look of that man, his actions were all clearly reflected in Yi Yun’s eyes.

Including Jiang Xiaorou’s worried face, Yi Yun saw the arrow in her hand under the blanket.

It felt like time had frozen. Sounds and the air itself seemed to have become a part of his own body, everything was clearly perceived by Yi Yun.

With everything slowed down, a cool and clear feeling was felt coming from the Purple Crystal.

Purple Crystal?

The cool feeling from the Purple Crystal shook Yi Yun’s body!

Yi Yun felt that in that instant, he could dodge the man’s grab, snatch Jiang Xiaorou’s arrow, raise his body and thrust the arrow into the man’s throat, killing him!

The feeling was extremely intense and the images of his body doing the movements perfectly played out in his mind, giving him the urge to give it a try.

But in the end Yi Yun decided against it, it wasn’t yet the time for him to turn the Lian tribal clan against him.

Just stirring the crowd led to the Lian Chengyu’s killing intent. If he were to kill or beat up a tribal warrior, the consequences would be more severe. How could a kid, who originally was weak as a fly, kill a member of the warrior preparation camp? Wouldn’t this gain the attention of the upper levels of the tribe? There was no way he could explain the source of his power!

He looked as Zhao Tiezhu grab approached him, and retreated without a trace. Zhao Tiezhu only managed to scrape his skin and seize his clothes.

Zhao Tiezhu originally wanted to beat Yi Yun up, but he didn’t expect to miss when Yi Yun shrank backwards!

If he were to grab another time, Zhao Tiezhu would lose face, so with a grunt; he lifted Yi Yun up before throwing him back down onto the bed.

“Looks like this monkey isn’t hurt! Tomorrow at sunset, hand over the herbs. For every ounce missing, ten pounds of rations will be confiscated!” Finishing his sentence, Zhao Tiezhu walked out and left.

“Yun’er, are you alright?” Jiang Xiaorou asked worriedly. But Yi Yun did not say a word.

What was that feeling a moment ago?

A well-trained Zhao Tiezhu had moved as slow as a tortoise in front of him, making him vulnerable to Yi Yun’s killing intent.

If it wasn’t because Zhao Tiezhu suddenly got Alzheimer’s… could it be that his own speed had increased?

Could it be… my body?

“Sis Xiaorou, what male tier am I again?” Yi Yun seemed to have realized something and impatiently asked Jiang Xiaorou.

“Why are you asking about this all over sudden? Yun’er, in the past you weren’t even at a tier. Even the weakest tier five male can lift a hundred pounds. Yun’er, you could only lift 30 pounds…”

“30 pounds huh…” Yi Yun was speechless, but in the Lian tribe, they had to lift a rock over their heads. 30 pounds was similar to a bag of rice; a weak kid would have trouble lifting that.

“Where are the tribe’s rock weights stored?” Yi Yun asked.

“Behind the village, at the training grounds. Why do you ask this Yun’er?”

“Nothing,” Yi Yun smiled. “Sis, sleep early tonight. We still have to pick herbs tomorrow.”

In the middle of the night, the dark sky was filled with numerous bright constellations.

This era didn’t have any streetlights and the poor were unwilling to use their oil lamps. So the entire Lian tribe village was pitch black.

The training ground behind the village was a wide field. The members of the warrior preparation camp normally trained here. A dark shadow sneaked into the training grounds, looking around him tonight.

“Found it!” Yi Yun was delighted. As Jiang Xiaorou described, there were rows of rock weights arranged on the training grounds.

From 20 lbs. to 300 lbs. there were even 500 lbs. millstones and a 1000 lbs. stoneroller.

Yi Yun was here today to test his strength! He wanted to know what changes his body had experienced…

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