True Martial World

Chapter 9: Peculiar Body Transformation

Chapter 9: Peculiar Body Transformation

As the stiffness grew more intense, Yi Yun’s limbs became immobile, as he felt the numbness spread to his abdomen and head. He was unable to speak, hear or see.

He only felt his face wet with tears, Jiang Xiaorou’s tears.

She was shouting with all her life, but Yi Yun could only vaguely see her mouth move. The voices were stretched and unclear!

Yi Yun couldn’t take that lying down. With all his determination, he managed to move his stiff tongue saying, “Lian…Lian Chengyu…”

Although Yi Yun’s voice was not clear, Jiang Xiaorou was able to decipher it, “Lian Chengyu? Lian Chengyu harmed you?”

Yi Yun was already completely unable to speak. He felt a cold corpse-like stiffness spreading to his heart.

If his heart were to stiffen and stop beating, then his life was over!

Yi Yun felt like a fish left out to dry; neither could he move nor could he breathe. All he could do was wait for death. Unexpectedly, just as the stiffness spread to his heart, he felt a cold feeling starting to develop.

This cold feeling was exquisite and familiar. It was like pure spring water cleansing his body!

Purple Crystal! Yi Yun rejoiced, it was the feeling from the Purple Crystal. In the worst of times, he would always feel the Purple Crystal!

The stiffness had already permeated throughout his body, but met its nemesis when it reached his heart. He had always kept the Purple Crystal close to his heart in his clothes.

Just as the Purple Crystal was activated, Yi Yun felt a small whirlpool in his heart.

The tiny eddies may not amount to anything, but… “Swish!”

A light sound rang. Without struggle or suspense, Yi Yun felt his body go light; the Purple Crystal had absorbed all the energy permeating within his meridians. All the stiffness in his body had disappeared.

Yi Yun knew he had already completely recovered. He moved his four limbs and realized nothing was amiss. He was only covered in sweat due to his nervousness.

Already fine? Yi Yun could not believe it, that once the Purple Crystal activated, he was fine in less than a second!


The Purple Crystal by Yi Yun’s heart made him speechless. What exactly is the Purple Crystal?

“Yun-er, how are you. Don’t scare sis!” Jiang Xiaorou saw the originally stiff and immobile body of Yi Yun moving but there was a silly look on his face. She was extremely worried.

“I’m fine, Sis Xiaorou. I’m…totally fine…” said Yi Yun just as he felt something amiss. Just as he finished his last word, he felt something brew in his stomach.

“Eugh!” Without warning, an extreme nausea overwhelmed Yi Yun before he vomited.

Previously, Yi Yun vomited only gastric juices as his stomach was empty, but this time, it was different. He had vomited out black blood clots, which smelt rancid!

This horrified Jiang Xiaorou. In this strange world, vomiting was equivalent to declaring a death sentence.

Yi Yun kept vomiting without stop. Besides vomiting, he also perspired out smelly sweat that was sticky. It resembled black mud.

Seeing Yi Yun break out into a sweat and vomiting, Jiang Xiaorou was unfazed by the stench that filled the house. She scrambled to wipe Yi Yun’s mouth and pat his back.

“Yun-er, Yun-er, don’t scare sis. What happened to you? What happened?” Jiang Xiaorou’s voice trembled.

Yi Yun did not have a chance to respond till he vomited out all the black blood. But weirdly, he didn’t feel weakened, instead he felt even better. Besides having an empty stomach and being extremely hungry, he felt rejuvenated.

Yi Yun felt like he could eat an entire roasted lamb and pig if they were placed in front of him.

“Sis, I’m fine. I’m just hungry, and… I need a bath.”

The sticky sweat had adhered to his body like a sticky mud shell and was indescribably uncomfortable.

“Yun-er, you’re hungry?” Hearing Yi Yun’s words, Jiang Xiaorou was delighted. In ancient times, a measure of healthiness was the ability to eat.

No matter if it was “Lian Bo is old, is his appetite the same as old?” or Zhuge Liang’s goal to deter the enemy by pretending to eat a lot, both made the point that appetite was a mark of health.

This criterion was worthy of being taken as a reference.

Jiang Xiaorou wiped her tears and rushed to prepare the food. While boiling the grain porridge, she prepared Yi Yun’s bath water, and cleaned up Yi Yun’s vomit.

Yi Yun comfortably took a bath. He never felt any better.

The strange thing was that after his bath, Yi Yun felt his eyesight was even better. He could see clearly the water droplets on the trees about 8 meters away.


Yi Yun was slightly stunned, but before he could think about it, he heard Jiang Xiaorou shout, “the porridge is ready, Yun-er, come have your meal!”

“Alright!” Yi Yun could also smell the aromas of the grain porridge.

Weirdly, the grain porridge Yi Yun had trouble swallowing in the past tasted sweet and delicious.

Yi Yun finished two big bowls of grain porridge, and he felt the porridge digest the moment it entered his stomach. He was still hungry after finishing two bowls of grain porridge, but he felt rejuvenated and energetic.

“Yun-er, are you feeling better?” Next to Yi Yun, Jiang Xiaorou watched him without eating. She had gained hope that maybe Yun-er was really better!

Jiang Xiaorou may not be a doctor, but she knew that treatment was about ventilating the blood vessels.

Thinking carefully, Yi Yun vomiting blood may be a horrible scene, but he didn’t vomit fresh blood but black blood.

That might have been the congested blood in Yi Yun’s stomach. It might be a good that he vomited the congested blood.

Also the layer of sweat from Yi Yun’s body was very dirty. Vomiting congested blood and dirty sweat, was it a blessing in disguise for Yun-er?

“Sis, I’m fine. I’ve never felt anything better…” Before Yi Yun could finish saying his sentence, he felt a soft body embracing him

“It’s great you are fine. You scared sis…” said Jiang Xiaorou softly. In this wilderness rife with killings, abuse and death, this brother sister duo had only each other as kin.

She hugged Yi Yun tightly, afraid that the moment she released him, she would lose him.

After hugging him for a long while, Jiang Xiaorou wiped her tears away and carefully examined Yi Yun. After she was satisfied that he was alright, she said, “You previously mentioned Lian Chengyu’s name. Was Lian Chengyu the one who harmed you?”

Yi Yun hesitated for a while before nodding his head, “Sis Xiaorou, I think Lian Chengyu has the hots for you!”

Yi Yun’s words made Jiang Xiaorou blush. “You are still a child, don’t speak nonsense.”

It was indeed weird for a twelve year to say such words.

“Lian Chengyu, he’s too evil!” Jiang Xiaorou gnashed her teeth saying. She resented that the Lian Chengyu had harmed her brother, but she was powerless against him for he was too strong. He had control over the entire warrior preparation camp.

“Peng!” Suddenly there was a loud sound. Jiang Xiaorou jumped while turning around, and saw the yard door kicked open. A burly man had burst in…

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