Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

Chapter 11: What they call true nature

Chapter 11: What they call true nature

“Hey… this, are you serious?” (Makoto)

The tears inside my heart won’t stop.

It’s pretty big, even though it’s not to the level of Shen.

It doesn’t have body hair and has a smooth and solid outer shell.

More like, this living thing…

From what I know it shouldn’t have an outer shell.

The front part has hair growing out and looked pretty soft.

And moreover, it’s big. What would the overall length be? I have no way to measure it accurately but I feel that it’s more than a 4t truck, maybe♫

This pitch-black ‘spider’.

I truly felt the overpowering pressure like being in front of a giant truck. This is no joke.

“Oh? As always, it doesn’t show a single trace of sanity. It looks like its happy there is a lot to eat” (Shen)

Shen lively laughs. She is making fun of it. Really, what a carefree attitude.

“You are composed huh! Can I just leave you to deal with it?!” (Makoto)

“Impossible. I don’t want to fight with this hunger controlled thing. Also I don’t have a katana so I can’t fight!” (Shen)

“Don’t say stupid things!!!” (Makoto)

You don’t even need a katana!! What happened to your specialty, water magic? Your mist? Your illusions?

I haven’t seen it yet but, you certainly told me that you were good with wind as well?!

“This is regrettable” (Shen)

“Don’t use a serious face as if you were surprised!” (Makoto)

All of its legs are swung at blinding speeds. They are tricky movements and sometimes the fangs would come as well.

It’s already decided that I will be the first prey huh!

“Be relieved, I will do my best to protect the land and the orcs. And this dwarf too” (Shen)

And Shen continued.

“So just defeat and send away that spider that only rages around since ancient times, master” (Shen)

As if she doesn’t even doubt my victory Shen said so.

Give me a break.

This giant black spider isn’t giving me chance to rest. Must be because it wants to eat me as fast as possible. The saliva it’s scattering around is really unpleasant.

“A black thread?!” (Makoto)

The thread it was spitting out was jet black. When I evade it the thread became a bunch on the ground. If I step on that I may be out. At least I don’t want to try it.

However, what is this thing?

“Oi, Shen-san!!” (Makoto)

“You are pretty carefree-ja na, as expected of my master” (Shen) (TN:-ja na is a trait word Shen uses, I want to place it sometimes to show character)

“This thing, just what in the world is it?!” (Makoto)

“I don’t know its name. Just that since ancient times it was there and it’s a thing that simply devours-ja” (Shen)

I already knew the name of Shen from the beginning. Though I thought that she was a Hamaguri (TN: common orient clam).

Now that I think about it, this is another world. It may not even be a name I have heard before.

Honestly, a spider god or a demonic beast that has been rampaging since ancient times, I have no clue about it right now.

If it’s from a famous book inside my mind it would be Arachne and Tsuchigumo though. But it doesn’t seem to be the case.

If I know its name I may be able to make counter-measures.

Now, what will be effective against this fellow? I can tell that darkness will do no good. Its black and its thread is pitch black as well.

If it’s a bug-type its fire right? (TN: yes, your years in pokemon tell you so)

Ge!! It’s fast! As expected of a spider!

Using a gap in the time I was thinking, a claw that I was unable to evade closed in. I slid in my dagger in between my body and the claw.


An ear piercing sound rang out.

“Gu… it hurts!” (Makoto)

The attack sent me flying but the pain that I felt was in my head. In short, don’t block a claw with a dagger.

However, even when the claw scraped the dagger the other side seemed to have received no damage.

That means that if I continue doing this it would be strange to find an effective way to handle it.

Then a [brid] or enhancing the Athame to increase its attack strength!

Changing the [brid] aria in the middle of it, a red light envelops the Athame.

On top of that, I ‘finish’ a [brid] and leave it hovering in the air. Leaving it in a standby mode without shooting it I will supply it with maryoku. It felt like a charged shot and could be used at any moment in time.

The flinging claws. Fangs. The scattering about saliva.

As expected, there is no time to indulge in my own thoughts.

That it’s starving to its utmost limit seems to be true. And because of that it is eating everything in the world.

Since the time it was born this fellow’s hunger has never been satisfied. Leaving aside how agonizing that must be.

I won’t let it eat me. That’s the truth of me right now.

Even if I try to talk with it, the only thing I could hear from it are groans.

It must be in a state where it practically has no sanity. That’s heartbreaking. I can’t understand its meaning, it’s just a wail.

Right, right, wipe, diagonal slash, left jab, fang from the front!

And then right!

Just as I predicted!

So that my dagger can reach the inner part of its claws I do a step forward. To target the lining in the sharp claws joint section.

I use the 1 person enhancement [Sakai]. Enhancing my body using the maryoku inside of me! Good, I was able to do both of them successfully.

“Deryaaaaaa!!” (Makoto)

If I can make a counter in this state, no matter what I will be able to wound it, it should!

“Oh?” (Makoto)

A dumbfounded voice came out of my mouth.

Without any resistance. I sliced off the giant spider’s leg from the inside.

It was easier than I thought it would be. Eh, could it be that even though it looks like that, it’s actually pretty soft?


Maybe it was because of the unexpected pain it felt, with its 7 legs left it retreated back.

Of course, I also stepped and arrived behind it.

With how it’s going it will be an easy victory?


When the compound eyes found me it sprung on me at once! A jump! A spider jump, scary!!

The attack just now didn’t restraint it at all!

“te, ueeeeeee?!” (Makoto)

While spitting out thread in midair.

The leg that was supposed to have been cut by me.

That thing grew a new one and began to attack me with it.

What recovery power!

But as ever, it was just fast but its attacks were simple.

“How about this!!” (Makoto)

Evading the whole claw that came at me I at the same time unleash a counter.

Slicing off four of its legs they flew off and in a second they became black dust and disappeared.

Not being able to even jump properly, in a half-baked place the spider just stared at me stupidly.

As usual, in those compound eyes I couldn’t feel the light of its will anywhere. It must be completely controlled by its starvation and driven to madness.

“With this please let it end!!” (Makoto)

With the red light that is still remaining on the Athame I synergize it with the new [brid] I created from my left hand.

I can tell that I can’t control it for a long period of time. I point that unstable dagger and release it. From the dagger a stretching red light spread out and just as aimed, it lobbed right in the inside of its mouth!

After that, I throw in midair the [brid] that has been charging power and smash it onto the stomach of the spider!

Ending up like a cross-fire, both of the arrows seemed to have hit right on the target and had skewered the spider.

And for the sake of not getting caught up in the explosion that was about to occur I stepped aside.

With all this it shouldn’t be able to get out of it unwounded right?

Checking out the results of the attack I stare at the spider that was skewered by the [brid] that had converted into a lance.

“Ho~ it has become even more of a nonsense power. Your reaction speed and strength foundation deviates heavily from the norm so even without technique it still goes up to this level. Well, you have done well. With this it should return home” (Shen)

Shen was talking to me not like her master but more like I am her disciple. I, I wish for some respect. I can’t even feel honorific speech in it.

A crimson red explosion spreads out from the body of the spider.

‘Good, with this…’ it’s an explosion that can make me think that.

The whole body of the spider was convulsing. More like, I am surprised that it still has its shape.

But it does seem that it has ended. I determine my victory after watching my unmoving opponent. Compared to the time with Shen, I finished this one pretty calmly. Is this what they call experience?

No, it was because the enemy was maddened and its attacks had become one-patterned. So it may have been different if it were composed.

As a result, counting Shen, I have now gone through two boss fights. I have most likely leveled up by now.


Eh? What was that just now?


I feel a cold run down my spine. It wasn’t a simple fear or a fear of being unaccustomed to fights. What is it, this feeling?!

“Master, could it be…” (Shen)

“Wait, what, Shen-san. What is that unpleasant feeling?” (Makoto)

“It must have liked that you were so excessive♫” (Shen)

What kind of M is that! An inborn nature?!

“wa, wa wa wa, wa wa wa wa wa”


I stare at Shen and the black spider that seemed to have made a complete recovery and was doing strange voices.

“What the hell is this?! I don’t want this!!!” (Makoto)

While I am finishing the aria of [brid] I shake my head and close my eyes to the fight that seemed like it will never end.


“Ha~ Ha~”

The spider was in front of me.

It was going bikunbikun (TN: an SFX) and trembling.

Ah~ but I have already understood the meaning of this trembling.

Even if the eight legs have been skewered and its freedom has been lost.

Its torso, stomach, head, even if I have skewered a number of this places.

It didn’t die and it wasn’t trembling because of fear and pain.

There is probably some damage dealt.

No, I wish there is.

The trembling from this fellow was because of happiness.

“I pray that I am not entering in the world of the S but, aren’t you just way too tough?” (Makoto)

“To think this fellow would be so persistent. Just what is wrong-ja with it?” (Shen)

Shen is also amazed by it.

She had met with it before but they weren’t able to communicate properly and before receiving any damage she retreated.

In short, it was because she recognized her opponent as one of the calamities. That’s why she must have thought it would be a perfect training partner. Super Spartan. I am going to cry.

Naturally, I haven’t heard such laughter before.


This happy opponent (It’s happy, if it’s not then this is severe) just what in the world is it?

The fire lance slowly becomes smaller.

It has been something like this for a while.

It is being absorbed. Slowly.

Receiving the damage and then absorbing it. What a disadvantageous efficacy. I don’t understand it.

But in reality this fellow has been doing that over and over and it’s still living.

In a sense it means that it has something close to absorption. How annoying.

Even if I smash its head it won’t die. It didn’t seem to have a place that looked like a vital point.

“a, aha, ha~…”

It sounded refreshed. It must have finished healing, no, absorbing huh~.


All of the lances that were skewered in its body were being swallowed into its body.

And now? Will it still come jumping at me?

The trembling of happiness as it chewed suddenly stopped.

Yes yes.

It’s fine if I just smash you until you die right? Geez~

I understand it’s an abandonment way of thinking but against this absurd opponent, don’t joke with me.

“Geez, this worlds big guys are always so…” (Makoto)

The last part couldn’t even come into words anymore. The gaze of Shen seemed to be slightly strayed.

I take my stance once more.



Its legs, no, claws?



“You must be kidding me!!!” (Makoto)

This is bad!

It is so sudden it’s just wrong?!

The sense of distance is completely different!

I can’t dodge it!

A continuous attack of claws, claws, claws.

Ge, this fellow, using its leg it is lifting up my arms?! This is unfair, at this point in time you are now doing mind plays!

One of the legs rams onto my abdomen.

“ga, fu!” (Makoto)

I slightly build up [sakai] into the center of my stomach. The building up is defense. Anyways, without thinking about its effects I just made it to protect.

I could feel a slight flexibility and then a feeling of penetrating.

It didn’t perforate me but it stung me a bit. Just like that, the extending claw smashed me into the trees.

Breaking several trees, my body was finally pressed to one of the trees.

“Kaha!!” (Makoto)

Tte hey. Are you telling me you won’t even let me breathe?!

From the black spider an extended claw approached as if being drawn in, this time surely, I will not be able to evade it.

The face or the neck. Any of those places is no joke!

No good I will be eaten!!

I turn away my face in desperation.

“Tsu~u~u~u! Ah!”

A burning sensation comes from the top of my shoulders. It seems I got away from getting my face eaten but it seems my shoulder was done in.

“Fu~u~u! Afu~u~u~u~u~u ♪”


What are you sucking my blood so happily for?

Puchin. (TN: Don’t know what SFX this is for)

Watching myself like that.

Somewhere far away I understood that I could shake off my own emotions.


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