Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

Chapter 12: Shen, while regretting, obtains a lifetime partner.

Chapter 12: Shen, while regretting, obtains a lifetime partner.

~Shen POV~

Wow, to think this black spider was such a scary thing.

Without being concerned about getting hit by the gigantic maryoku of my master multiple times and moreover having its legs cut more than a hundred times.

With its perverted level of regeneration it recovers every time and not learning its lesson assaults master.

It definitely never learns.

It would be fine if master runs out of energy but… this really is a fight without beauty.

Just now it was swallowing the 10 lances of fire and trembling in happiness.

Even so, if I fought the present master I honestly don’t think I would be able to beat him.

In that sense, this fellow is pretty good.


It has begun stretching its limbs. As expected of the incarnation of darkness. It means that its body is like a shadow huh.

Master is clearly surprised by it and in one breath it became a defensive fight.

It hasn’t changed its simple-pattern attacks but it seems that because of its excitement, the body doesn’t stop. Umu, it’s really an instinctive beast.

I wanted for him to gain as much experience as possible so I left it alone but it seems this is as far as it goes.

So, should I ask you to leave this world?

It happened just the moment I thought that.

In the blink of an eye master got crucified into a tree and got bitten by that spider.

Blood. It seems I have been a spectator for too long. I am sorry master I will soon treat you…??

“Mu, this is?” (Shen)

It looked like master was trying to do something. Interesting. Are you telling me you still have something up your sleeve? How frightening.

In the space master and the spider were, an explosion occurred.

The distance between both of them opened.

Being released from the claws master was already standing on his two legs.

On his sides were 4 deep crimson balls. They automatically draw to their utmost and turn into arrows and launched in turns. The moment one shot through the spider another one would soon come after.

The result.

Without any pause the red arrows, no they were practically spears already, were piercing the spider one after the other. The fire ball that was in midair in standby and was charging energy was like that but the ones here were what?

It’s most likely a magic that in the middle of activating it he changed the process of its aria. He must have set a second step trigger on it.

In short, as long as the user doesn’t run out of maryoku he is freely able to manipulate it however he wants. In the ranks of supreme dragons there is one who does something similar to this but to see the magic of a human is a first. That fellow’s magic was so complicated that just watching it made my head hurt but…

How was he able to make such a magic out of the elementary magic [brid]?

In the memories of master there was something called game and a window appeared where you could highlight your skills. Does he possess that?

When I tried to ask him to explain it to me he said: “I don’t have such a convenient thing given to me!” and got angry.

However, that thing is unbeatable. That fellow will receive damage but in the end it will swallow it and recover itself.

Well, before its able to grow them again it’s already pierced though.

And the attacks from master also prevent him from moving from his place.

But the next moment, a freezing sensation ran through all of my body. That’s right, this is like the time when I slipped in the mist and had certainly captured master. Its fear.

Master was preparing its bow in the middle of that attack.

No, ‘it looked like that’

In reality he was only moving his body as if he were carrying a bow.

But in that vigor I certainly caught a glimpse of a bow with my eyes.

The red attacks wouldn’t stop. In other words, the magic was still in effect. I don’t know if the five automatic battery became a single collective spell or he is activating them individually but the attack he is about to release was not on equal to those, I could see that it was concentrated to its utmost limits.

Master extended his left hand out and in his right hand he was holding the ceremonial dagger as if it were an arrow.

I could see a blue light. I could faintly see a blue mist lingering around him and it was as beautiful as an illusion.

“So he was holding back” (Shen)

I was sure that he was going serious already.

Right now the maryoku that was being knit and collected could not be compared to just a few moments ago. Its attribute was also different. It’s most likely water. It seems to be the attribute that fits master the most.

I think that maybe it is actually not that. The compatibility of master with water is simply because of his pact with me. I think he originally had another strong point and it is something that naturally shows up.

I see.

The current attack is not only using the maryoku inside his body but it’s also using the maryoku in the surroundings. Before, he had only been using the maryoku inside of him. And even that, he has a lot.

Master must have been considerate on the fights in this world and the use of the maryoku in it.

It seems he has given up on that. He is planning on blowing everything up. He is being controlled by his emotions but his calm face doesn’t seem to change.

Then no matter the result, with this I will call it a close.

Don’t worry, I won’t interrupt.

I will clearly watch your attack, master.

It was released. The dagger that was in his hands become the core of the magic. Separating from master’s hand it became a blue light and accelerated directly to the spider.

That dagger wasn’t just a dagger for etiquette?

In the middle of the tyrannical fire, one string of blue pierced the body of the spider.

And the red lights also stopped.


The blue string in a single breath became big and swallowed everything around it. Even the whole body of the big framed spider.

It was so strong it made the whole world tremble. The air and the earth trembled as if in fear.

Before long the light slowly settled down.

A slightly far away rock mountain had become rubbles and it had signs of a spider there.

It looked as if only its shadow was remaining.

Awawawawawa. This… I could only laugh at it.

That kind of attack.

I confirm it. The attack just now would even slaughter a dragon.

Leaving aside my ‘invincible’ name, there are a number of supreme dragons that boast on their defensive capabilities.

If it is an acquaintance it would be the sand wave, Zanami. But even that fellow if it received such an attack it would become a fatal wound.

Master with a face that looked like it had lost all its vitality, slowly tottered to the shadow of the spider that was remaining there.

Is it to retrieve his dagger?

“Has your stomach filled up you pervert?” (Makoto)

But just saying that must have taken his all because his face turned blue and he toppled over.

Using that much maryoku, well it is the obvious result. His physical strength must be at his limit as well.

No other choice. Let’s carry him.

It was the moment I thought that.


The shadow become solid in a second and had revived. Impossible, it is an attack that not even a supreme dragon would be able to take you know?!

Even if that spider is an incarnation of darkness it shouldn’t be able to endure it!

If I hurry… I wouldn’t make it. The distance is too much.

And without doing a single movement of preparation it jumped onto the body of master who couldn’t move anymore.

No good! This is what they call an error of a lifetime!

This is bad this is bad this is bad!!


That fellow… its rubbing its body on him and not trying to eat or kill him?


It’s happy again! This is truly a pervert!


“Wa?” (Shen)

What did it say? Delicious?

“The best, you are the best! My insides are filled! This is a first for me~~~!!”

W-What is happening?

That spider is saying something. Nono, more than that, this one had reason?

“Wonderful wonderful wonderful! So painful, so delicious, so pleasurable! This is the first time someone has shown me all this!!”

There is no doubt that it is its inborn nature. If it’s possible I don’t want to get close to it in a lifetime but I can’t say that right now. I feel that instead of his life his chastity was more in danger.

“I am sorry to interrupt you while you are happy but, can I have a moment?” (Shen)

“I will never let you go! I have decided to always, always be with youuuuu!

Master, I’m sorry. This Shen has really done an error of a lifetime. I have involved you with an unbelievable fellow-ja.

I have prepared myself to accept even your stylish names.

It didn’t want to stop. Moreover, it is not hearing a single word of me.

“Oi, pervert! Hear me!” (Shen)

I kick the spider off while apologizing to master.

“Ah it hurts! Wait. What are you doing?”

“I am sorry but you see, I want to let master rest. Long timed black spider” (Shen)

“Who are you?”

“Just because I have changed my form you don’t recognize me. It’s Shen. Supreme dragon Shen” (Shen)

“I don’t know you. I haven’t been able to think about anything up until now because my stomach was starving. More like, master? What kind of relationship do you have with this gentleman?”

The issue you are preoccupied is that. Incredible.

Well I don’t know the reason of why it has continued to starve to its utmost for so long.

“Well it was just a few days ago though. I made a pact with this man. So we are connected by the pact we have made…” (Shen)

In the middle of my words I was left dumbfounded.

Killing intent. Suddenly we turn to this huh.

“Huun~, so you have made a pledge huh. I see, I understand. I at least have knowledge of a pact so, then I just need to kill you and make it again right?” (Yandere Spider)

Its common sense is different. Even I wouldn’t think that way.

“Wait, wait for a moment. In a pledge I wouldn’t call him master” (Shen)

What a short circuited spider. It must be because it doesn’t have much brain tissue. Being a relative of bugs and all. Though there have been lots of times that a spider’s brain could be compared to that of a bug.

Well, you know. It only uses it to hunt its prey so no matter how much it had it wouldn’t be important.

“Uaaah. Then a parent-child pact? So you are the child?” (Spider)

A tone of voice that tells me that it finds it unbelievable. Well that’s of course. It is normal that when we make a pact with a hyuman that wouldn’t happen. But master is a ‘human’ after all.

“No, it’s ruling-ja. I am what you would call a slave. 80-20 ruling pact. That’s why I have this form-ja” (Shen)

I show off my human body to it. For this fellow it is surely an enviable thing.

After all, only when you are human-shaped can you wear a kimono and wield a katana. And in reality, my power has increased so I feel excellent. I already have no regrets of abandoning my dragon body.

“Ruling?! You, you are supposed to be a supreme dragon right?” (Spider)

“Don’t repeat it. It hurts me a bit. More like, don’t you understand? What this relationship means” (Shen)

“… it means, that?” (Spider)

With a little time it was able to understand what I was saying huh. For an idiot, no, it isn’t that stupid huh.

“Umu, imagine being followed around by a pervert like you. Master’s heart will break in a second” (Shen)

Well, what it is trying to do right now is not that much different though.

But it is better… better… right?

“But what about his agreement?” (Spider)

“That’s just how it is” (Shen)

“You are really a slave?” (Spider)

“Of course-ja. If he so wants I would even become his attendant you know?” (Shen) (TN: attendant ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

“No. I will be doing that first” (Spider)

“I get it. But the one who will have its name given first will be me. This one I won’t let you have it” (Shen)

Just this one I will not give in. The one who receives the name first has more seniority.

“Then it’s okay right? That I, with this person…” (Spider)

“Yeah it’s okay. Just do it already” (Shen)

“Ufufufu, thanks. Senpai~♫” (Spider) (TN: OMG what are you going to do?!)

A pact ceremony spell that I saw not that long ago was now surrounding the body of the spider and master’s body.

To have a contract with another one is something that has never been seen before but the pact seems to proceed without any problems.

But will it really suffice with ruling? Also there is more freedom on master than when he did with me.

Taking this fellows character it will go for the same rank. But, freedom? The increase in maximum capacity of maryoku normally doesn’t happen though? Does that mean the spider will end up in a lower rank than me?

To think that, is natural. My uneasiness doesn’t disappear though. It is master after all.

I check out once more the color of the pact. Red is the ruling pact. It’s confirmed huh.

The incarnation that has been devouring everything since ancient times, that black spider.

It slowly shrinks its figure and inside the red light, I see the shape of a person.

Now it was my turn to be surprised.

“I will serve you for a lifetime-wa. My master-sama” (Spider?)

“Wa” (Shen)

My admiration didn’t subside.

A truly glossy gloss black hair was flowing.

Her seductive and womanly figure was being shown without a single thread on her body.

In accordance to the ruling pact, it became human shaped and has formed a pact with my master, Misumi Makoto.

Yareyare, he really is a person that will never bore me. My master.

I also wanted black hair.


The nightmare of all, an undying spider has now become harem member +1!!

Will she continue being a nightmare or will she be the best waifu of them all?! Will Shen ever get black hair?! Will Makoto’s chastity be able to survive?! Find out on the next chapter of Drago- Tsuki ga Michibiku!

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