Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

Chapter 18: Adventurer registration in the ‘last’ village

Chapter 18: Adventurer registration in the ‘last’ village

Translator Note:

Makoto is calling it the ‘last village’ but its actually a town. He calls it a village because its the first place he has arrived to. Its like ‘the first village’ you arrive in games or hero stories.

Anyway, enjoy! ^^


“Eh? Uhm, registration, you say?”

They blatantly told me ‘just what is this brat saying?’

As expected. There are no rookies who would register here huh. I understand that but.

“Eh. Even if we say that, the one here is only for reference purposes. The ones who want to genuinely register are us two-desu” (Mio)

Mio complements without a moment of hesitation.

“I see. However, you guys really have a suspicious appearance but, that person there, what is he?”

The woman looks at me and asks for an explanation. Saying ‘eh?’ and then looking at me with dubious eyes, telling me I am suspicious right in front of my face.

She is seriously cute-ssu. It wouldn’t be strange if she were published in a weekly gravure magazine. But it hurts even more because of that though!

Well~ in my left hand I have a pink and white finger ring.

On my body I have a large sized gray robe and the top half of my face is hidden by a mask.

Its suspicious right? And moreover, the person in question doesn’t talk.

“This person here is the upcoming heir of the company but since infancy he has been afflicted by a heavy disease and can’t properly speak. Moreover, in the middle of his journey he was involved in an incident and has received a severe curse” (Mio)

With the word curse, the woman looks at me as if I am dirt. A look that can stab. It has high internal piercing capability…

What is with this brutal setting? Was my life that horrible? I can feel its half-heartedness.

Mio was explaining and looks at me, her face twitching trying to hide her discomfort. More like, you were the ones who thought of this setting. (TN: Aw, Mio feels bad for saying all this :`)

I hear a clattering sound at my side, when I turn to check what is was, Tomoe was trembling while holding her katana!


I hurriedly grab the hand of Tomoe and glare at her. With a reluctant face, a rea~lly reluctant face Tomoe nods and lowers her head.

You guys were the ones who thought it out!

“For the sake of restraining the curse, he has no choice but to wear that mask and ring. But my employer is a person that excels in his maryoku and can communicate with it” (Mio)

Mio signals me with a glance.

In the space a little to the side of my face I use maryoku to write [Hello] in common language.

The woman seemed to be surprised by the situation and was convinced. It looks like I can somehow manage to communicate with writing. That’s a relief.

“As you can see there is no issues so please do pardon us. Both of us have confidence in our abilities, but since we were originally serving master we haven’t been able to register in the guild. But we thought that for future’s sake we should register so” (Mio)

Tomoe also nods lightly at the words of Mio.

“Is there any problem?” (Mio)

In the gentle words of Mio there was a coercing power mixed in. As expected, this girl is angry. Well, since last time I made Tomoe ask for the directions this time I left the explanation job for Mio but, now I am perplexed in who I should leave the job of explaining things. I will just wait-and-see for now.

“Ah, no! If there is such circumstances then there is no problem. As you already know, this place is where a lot of strong people gather so there hasn’t been a single one that has come here to register. Um you see, sorry for my discourtesy”

It seems we will be able to register. More like, nee-san, I am sorry for scaring you, really.

“Well then, for the sake of registering I will have to identify your levels first. In that respect we still have to prepare so, if you are okay with it should I explain the things regarding the guild while we wait?

Most welcome. I tell Mio that I agree with it.

“Please do so” (Mio)

“Yes. The guild is, as you can imagine, a place where the adventurers are able to obtain various kind of jobs. The jobs rank from E to SSS, and the respective adventurers who have the same rank are able to undertake the job”

Rank huh. I see, and that is how they are able to give the jobs to the people with the proper ability. Well, if they were to throw them out randomly it would become a trust problem so it’s a given.

“And about ranks, the guild calculates the success rate of the jobs and the level to elevate your ranks”

“Ara, then, does that mean that even if you are high leveled you still have to begin from the lowest rank-desu no?” (Mio)

Mio, where does your confidence come from? It’s fine to just obediently hear the explanation.

There is no helping it, even when you have the power, if there is no proofs and trust then how are they going to judge you?

“T-That’s right. Even if your level is 80 or more you will still have to partake on rank E jobs. It’s just that, of course in those cases the jobs will be easy to deal with so their ranks will increase faster than their peers”

“Such a hassle-da na” (Tomoe)

Tomoe you are saying such things again!

I don’t need troubles! Just obediently listen! Are you kids?!

When I look at them with a reproving gaze, they both lowered their heads and correct their postures. Really.

“Depending on the rank it is further divided into minus, unbranded and plus depending on difficulty. For example, if you are to finish 3 jobs of plus you will be able to increase one rank. Unbranded is 5 and if it’s minus its 10 times”

Luckily the woman continued explaining without minding about it. She has to deal with rough hoodlum like adventurers so it may be that she is already used to this.

More like, the beauty and the hoodlum huh. I feel like I want to see that and at the same time I don’t.

Hm I see, it has certainly made a bit easier to climb up in ranks.

Then, it’s just a matter of letting these two do plus jobs.

I respond with an Un~ (TN: N=Agree or understand), do I have a question that can be of reference?

Just by thinking about my fight with Mio and Tomoe makes me feel it’s pointless.

Ah, there is one.

I will ask about it later.

“Also, regarding the special rank missions, they are missions that any ranked person can take. However, in those cases we won’t hear any talk about insurance. Also, if we judge that your level is too low to take it, we will have to refuse the acceptance”

Oh? It sounds like a dangerous job.

“This is a case when no matter the rank, the job keeps failing and it becomes free in a sense, and if you are specifically requested it also falls into this rank”

“If you are in the former case and you are able to successfully finish it as a rank lower than S then you will be able to rank up without any discussion. If it’s in the latter then you are able to receive a compensation that exceeds the market price, but as an exception it will not be counted in your ranking”

Oh~. I withdraw my previous remark. I will have both of them take the special missions if they are available.

“Also, by entering the guild you are able to utilize the establishments and receive the assistance of our aiding organization. You will be able to obtain things at a comparatively cheaper price”

O~! That is quite nice!

It’s like getting benefits with no conditions! I had my doubts that the adventurer guild was actually a bad natured organization that overworked their members but it may be a pretty decent place.

“However, the one there…”

Hm? Me?

“In the case of him, I think he is already registered in the merchants’ guild so the service there would take precedence. The rules say that, in the case that you have two or more entries in influential guilds, the merchant guild’s agreement will be taking precedence, so do keep that in mind”

I see. Actually, to think there is a merchant guild for the merchants. This was a blind spot. I thought fantasy= adventurer guild. So there are quite the number of guilds out there huh. In terms of living it should be like this. A functioning union, I have memories of learning that at school.

It must mean that it is okay to enter but it’s not good to do so.

“Do not do something like utilizing the privileges of adventurers to buy out everything, and there is also the issue of the public eye, so I hope that you can please understand”

Well, I don’t have thoughts of doing anything bad so there shouldn’t be any problems.

Fumu, so the general explanation is done huh. For something that she is not used to do, she was able to properly explain it. It’s a thankful thing.

Using my hands to attract her attention, making sure that she is certainly watching, I begin writing words.

[I have two questions. Where can I get the information of famous adventurers? Also, how high is the rank for subjugating Liz?] (Makoto)

After looking like she was confirming something, she faced my way and began explaining.

“First of all, regarding the information of high ranked adventurers, if it’s just the rank and level then they are posted over there. We regularly update those so there is rarely any errors about them. And then, about the subjugation of Liz…”

“The nest extermination, group subjugation, securing area, which case of request would you like the rank to be?”

Otto, it seems kind of complex. But those are all cases that ‘exist’ so… Fumu.

[I would like you to tell me about the ‘securing area’ and ‘group subjugation’ cases] (Makoto)

I continue and request her.

“If its ‘securing area’ then it would be affected depending on the fangs, and eyes obtained but generally it would be a C plus. If it’s ‘group subjugation’ it would be a B”

‘Though…’ the woman continued.

If it’s just securing the area, the hardships don’t fit its rank so there aren’t many who would take them. And also in the group case, the Liz are especially troublesome ones so they are normally in the special mission ranks.

That I took care of one with a single flying kick, I can’t tell her that.

At any rate, judging by the way the ranks are divided… the chances of the level of these two being cutthroat are really high.

After giving my thanks to the onee-san, ‘I am going to check out the high level list’, I tell the two of them that and leave my place.

It would be fine if there are level 300 or 400 all over the place but if that is not the case I can’t have these two register here.

Thinking that, I head to the place where the list is located.


The first place in the list.

Rank SS, level 444, Milz Ace.

Ace must be his family name. I think Misumi is pretty strange as well but Ace huh.

Furthermore, what an ominous level. I can see a death flag.

The one under is S rank, level 280. A normal name.

Well, both of them must be incredibly beautiful though.

If I think about the difference between the first place and second place’s levels, I can infer that Ace-san is really strong. (TN: Of course he is, he had a fire logia after all) And if they can’t reach the level 500 then, Tomoe and Mio…

It’s decided.

Farewell to registering. With that reason in mind let’s get some leisure. That’s fine.


While I was confirming the list, why is it… that my back is so noisy?

When I got concerned and turned back, what I saw in my eyes was, my two followers with paper in hand.

Hello? You guys, why is it that you couldn’t get the hint of why I went to check the high ranked list?

That, it looks like a paper that can check out something you know?

Wa? Normally in the situations where you are dropped to another world, the problem developments are caused by the master right?!

Why is it that the ones that were originally residents from this world, are the ones that are tying my legs?! Pulling them!

For now, I should hurry. It’s not that much of a distance. I will quickly return to the side of the two.

A paper that was the size of an origami paper. Both of them had a red color.

There seemed to be a complex pattern in it.

Ah~ I get it. I have gotten it. This is the paper for level distinction. There is no doubt.

And the original color is not red. That its red is the problem.

The gazes in the surrounding hurt. A bone chilling pain.

The gazes of the crowd that remind me of game show events, they hurt.

If they paid attention to what we said, they would be able to know immediately that I was related to them.

Without releasing a loud shout, I glare at both of them with all I had.

Finally, they seem to have understood that they have done a mistake. You two bird brained girls!

“Ehm~ so. It seems like the moment I took the paper it turned completely red” (Tomoe)

Tomoe was going ‘a wa wa’ while smiling bitterly.

Mio was nodding in consent.

Both of them seem to have understood that I was seriously glaring at them. You should have learned that a few minutes ago!

I seek an explanation from the onee-san in duty.

Before I knew it, the onee-san’s had increased by one. Cat ears~ there are proper beast races here as well. Umu, Good Job-desu Felicia-san! Well, as expected she is still wearing clothes though. (TN: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Felicia_(Darkstalkers) )

Blue and Pink, I have already gotten used to the wig-like colors.

In the first place, a real beast race, originally I would say a word or two in surprise the first time I meet one but, I have already seen orcs and lizards that are even more shocking so I was able to calmly accept this.

“Uhm, this is a paper that can distinguish level from 400 and up but…”

The onee-san seemed to be incredibly nervous. Well I can’t blame her, two people that are suddenly placed in the ranking of best 3 are in front of her.

The two of them are probably top rankers that leave Ace-san in the dust.

This patterned paper changes its color to distinguish the level of the person. It’s a disposable article, what a waste.

These two, so it’s already certain that they are over 400 huh. More like, if I say we won’t be registering anymore in this situation, it probably won’t work.

No choice, let’s just check it out.

I had already decided not to do it and yet… *sigh*

Ah~ my happiness is flying away~


“U-Uhm, then… with this paper of 625”

I signal Felicia-san who was preparing the next one, to stop.

[These two have the ability to protect me in this wasteland for at least 1 week without me receiving a single injury] (Makoto)

I haven’t told a lie. But it pisses me off that those two are looking like it would be an easy thing to pull off!

[If we are talking about ability it would be Arke-class. They are able to defeat a mamono of that class. So I would want you to prepare something that is even higher than this] (Makoto)

The curious onlookers were making a stir.

Arke?! Those are the spider monsters considered the incarnations of darkness you know?! Its the kin of the Calamity Spider!

If we are talking about those starving ones its 900?! Hey hey, just where did this two experts come from?!

If it comes to the paper of 1600 then they could even compare to spirits!

Impossible, it must be a malfunction from the paper! That’s right, in the past with Ace it was unnatural as well. For him to increase his level so suddenly!

I can hear a lot of voices. Honestly, I want to close my ears. Aren’t spirits the ones that are related to that bug goddess? I think I heard Tsukuyomi-sama say that.

“900 to 1,600?! A-Are you serious? We have never used that one before, I will go check the inventory!”

Felicia-san rushes out.

“Waka, is it okay?”

‘They are going to make an uproar’, is what they were telling me.

Its already too late!

I ignore them, ignore!

Oh, Felicia-san is back. How fast.

“Uhm, here it is”

Oh~ as expected, it’s big. It’s the type that you have to hold with both hands.

N, she seems to have unfastened what looked to be fixtures on the ends.

I can feel a strange maryoku wafting around the whole paper.


It’s already time. Let’s study this thing that can distinguish levels.

[Tomoe, let’s begin with you]

I order her with writings.

“Understood” (Tomoe)

Tomoe grabs the paper that was left on the counter, with both hands.

From the paper to Tomoe, from Tomoe to the paper. I could tell there was a certain exchange between the two powers.

Its not only maryoku. It feels just like the time when I create [Sakai], its like your power begins to surround your body.

The water colored paper is beginning to dye red from the right hand of Tomoe. Now that I think about it, Tomoe is right handed. Does that have anything to do?

The commotion grows bigger. A third of it has already turned red. With this it’s certain that its over 100.


3/4th. N, the movement is weakening. The staining grew sluggish in a second.

80%, it stopped in a place that it’s not quite clear if it has completely stopped.

A, the maryoku that was surrounding the paper has disappeared.

Is it already okay for another person to touch it?

But Felicia-jo (TN: jo=miss) took out some kind of special glove, puts it on, and timidly places the fixtures once again.

It looks like she is reading something from the fixtures. Humph~, so that is what lets you read the numerical value of your level. I am probably right.

Felicia-jo lifts up her head and sighs once. She seems to have written down something, next, the card shaped metal plate she prepared, I could tell that she was applying maryoku to it.

She must have finished carving the seals in it, when the woman resumes her evaluation once more…

The paper got covered in flames for a second and disappeared. I felt like I was watching a magic show.

Maintaining it secret? Protection of privacy?

Or maybe, the used paper has some kind of danger?

What I clearly understood was that, that paper is a disposable article.

“With this, the registration is completed. T-This is Tomoe-sama’s adventurer guild registration proof”

“Oh~ the mithril plate is reflecting my face. How is it, waka?” (Tomoe)

I will just nod at her. It’s troublesome to communicate with writing after all. Anyways, it appeared pretty nonchalantly, mithril. The appearance of this fantasy metal is just a plain metal huh. It doesn’t glitter.

E rank and level is… yeah, she will definitely stand out in the future.

After all,

“Tomoe-sama’s rank as well as her level is…”

The sound of gulping, was no metaphor, I could clearly hear it.

“E rank, l-level… 1320-desu”

That’s why~

“It’s currently the highest level… in all the adventurer guilds”


What did she say?!

Number one?!

“Oya oya, how generous. To think I would suddenly be number one. Can I ask how high the runner-up is?” (Tomoe)

She seems to be in good mood. Just how much are you trying to stand out?!

But I have interest in it. Just how much was the level of the top adventurer.

“Currently it’s the ‘dragon killer’ Sofia Bull-sama desu. Rank SSS, level 920-desu”

Tomoe you idiot.

Even the adventurer that has such a dangerous looking nickname like ‘dragon killer’, stops in the 3 digits!

“Hoho~ ‘dragon killer’ you say? Just what dragon did that person hunt?” (Tomoe)

Narrowing her eyes, she asks in a merry manner.

That’s right, this girl was also a dragon.

“I heard that the party of Sofia-sama, if I am not mistaken, has subjugated the superior dragon ‘Lancer’ that was haunting the empire” (TN: damn, Lancer is dying even in other stories)

“’Lancer’? ho~ He even haughtily called himself “Mitsurugi” after all. That fool” (Tomoe)

Wow, how dry. Her low voice even had a hint of fun.

I even want to praise me who is famous for having a poker face. If I weren’t like that I would have long burst out after looking at that plate.

However, that Tomoe. There is no mistake that he was an acquaintance of her, is it that the relationship between the dragons at the top is not good?

Anyways, its so cool, a dragon that has the nickname of “Mitsurugi”.

I would have wanted to meet him while he was alive.

“Then, it is fine if I am next, right?” (Mio)

Ah, that’s right. There was still Mio.

I can somehow imagine it but she must be over 4 digits as well.

In the middle of measuring…


Okay, 90% totally red!!

The hands that were giving the metal plate were trembling.

Well of course, if you know that the person in front of you is able to kill a dragon then the onee-san there, obviously has a reason to be trembling.

The pitiful words of the girl that had her face drenched in sweat.

“Mio-sama, E rank, level… o-1500-desu”

Oka~y, You Ar Numbah Uan!

You guys do the Koumon-sama play all by yourselves.

Uwah~ we stand out. From now on we will be stand out incredibly. A newcomer merchant that has bodyguards that are both 4 digit levels. Even if you look all over the world I would be the only one!

“What did you say?! There is no way Mio is 1500 and I am 1320! Hey, attendant. Bring another paper over, we will seriously measure!” (Tomoe)

Ah~ geez. Am I the only one that can stop my party?


I tap the shoulders of Tomoe.

[In the time you were sleeping, Mio was fighting so, in a sense, it’s the obvious conclusion. Next, it’s my turn] (Makoto)

While Shen was sleeping soundly in that mountain, Mio was starving and was going all around the world causing disaster. It’s not strange for her to have more experience.

If you ask me if the word “experience” is the fitting word for it. Even if my confidence of it is zero, I trust my instincts.

‘What is with the ‘it seems like…’-desu zo?! What are you trying to say?!’ is what Tomoe was saying but I left it for Mio to handle, I head over to the counter.

[I am counting on you] (Makoto)

I say so in my writing.

Felicia-jo nervously hands over a paper of 900.

I unintentionally smile wryly.

“It’s okay for me to have the smallest one” (Makoto) (TN: in this part the author wrote that ‘he said’ I think it was an error from his part)

Saying that, I decline the paper that was the size of two hands.

Because it’s probably unnecessary.

When I did that, the one that came out was the nostalgic paper that looked really similar to the one Ema-san took out once.

It’s this one, this one.

I hold it in my left hand.

Oh? There is a change. Oh~ did I level up too?

Then, it tightly stopped.

This paper has no special pattern, how is it that it evaluates the level?

How do I say it? The gazes from my surroundings hurt. They are stabbing at me without mercy.

It would be a lot better if you were to laugh at me.

“Uhm, Raidou-sama… E rank, level 1-desu”

She told me in a clearly dispirited voice.

That’s right~ I already knew it.

It’s okay, I already knew it after all.

By the way, I am going by a fake name in this world.

It wasn’t because of the Goddess and hero stuff but well, most of the reason was because I felt like it.

The gazes in my surrounding seem to not know what to do. The name, level and rank are things that are public information so in the future there is no way to hide the information of both of them.

It’s okay for me to walk the plain route.

It’s also a saving for me. The public information that is shown to others, normally prioritizes the high ranked so as long as we don’t raise our ranks too high the information of both of them won’t be spreading that fast. Probably.

I firmly rejected the detailed examination of the status. I honestly want to cut off anymore information! I don’t know what kind of weird numbers would come jumping out.

Personally I wanted to know my own numbers but… hey hey, let’s look for a way to search for a way to investigate my relatives.

Now then, let’s go to the inn while we are looking at the stalls. The onee-san in duty told me that there were a number of inns that were cooperating with the guild.

Thanks to the adventurers that were avoiding my two slaves, it felt like the place had become wider and we were able to walk leisurely.

We left out to decide on this night’s inn.

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