Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

Chapter 17: Truth, despairing my birth

Chapter 17: Truth, despairing my birth

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I look around.

Without moving my head I check the state of the town with my eyes only.

It felt like a refugee camp.

As expected, it really is pushing it to call this a town. Is this the base where the hyumans gather in this land?

The buildings are properly made of wood (though they are at the level of log-houses). Here and there were buildings that I think are residences and shops and there was also a pretty different building that was made out of stone. It was heavily guarded and was practically telling that there was something important in there. It may be the place that the resources are stored.

From the gatekeepers story it seems that this was mostly a place where people that are training or are looking for resources gather. Leaving aside the ones who are here for training, the ones that come for resources, the attention they pay on that building is just different. They are probably thinking about inhumane thoughts. But isn’t it fine if it’s cheap?

In my case it’s my first time coming to a town but for all the other ones here, it is the ‘last’ town. Kids peacefully frolicking around the plaza, it’s wrong to expect such a pleasant sight huh.

I will explain what happened after that despairing day.

The conclusion, we were able to enter the town from the front entrance.

It looked like they didn’t think I was the same guy of the other day. As expected, a mask is almighty.

My mask is not one that covered my whole face, putting it in an extreme way, it was like I was going around with a blindfold.

I halfheartedly introduced myself as the heir of a company* (TN: not sure this is the fitting word), ‘from buying to selling, we do practically anything’ is how I explained to the gatekeeper.

We also prepared a carriage with random and impromptu luggage so even when they found weird things in there instead of suspecting they even welcomed us.

They seemed to be especially interested in the fruits that weren’t dry. We only hurriedly packed in a box the fruits that we could harvest from Asora, so I feel a bit bad if you are to pay so much attention to it.

It’s a wasteland after all so maybe they feel happy about this kind of things. It may be because there was no verdant trees and shrubs on the way here and they consider this a valuable product?

A part of the elder dwarfs that migrated to Asora had been to a hyuman town so I have a slight knowledge of the prices in products but this kind of unique place is really a soothing reference. The knowledge I have is pretty outdated so I think it’s better to obtain some information.

It may have to do with the establishment in circulation of goods but the gatekeepers just a moment ago, their interest was directed to the raw fruits and vegetables.

In other words, it’s hard for fresh things to enter and its sell rate is high. I do think that it’s hard for people to transport products from other places to here.

Even if I say I won’t be staying for too long I won’t be doing cheap transactions that would mess up the whole economy. I don’t know what the surrounding merchants would do. It is dangerous to affect the prices as that is the way the merchants work.

If it’s like that, I should have just honestly said I was an adventurer. There are a lot of things to think about and honestly it is troublesome to walk as a merchant.

I had once decided to register myself as an adventurer after all. The adventurer guild, the dwarfs told me that there is such a fantasy like existence.

But right now it would be inconvenient to take that as my main occupation.

This is a place where people of high level come to train so.

If I were to register in the guild as a level 1 rookie, I would be considered as nothing in this town.

I will just leave it as registering for future reference so they can consent to it.

Then I will make the other two that are with me as bodyguards register properly. It would be bad if I don’t leave a high impression. It may affect the travels safety after all.

That I am a level 1 is a peculiar bug only I have, the other two have been confirmed to have a high level by the highland orcs.

By the way, in this world there is no limit in levels so it could limitlessly increase. When I asked if 99 is one of the highest, they told me that it’s confirmed some have several hundreds. Then I, who am in 1, just what am I?

It’s vague but it should be no mistake that the level of these two is over hundred.

And it seems that for hyuman standards it’s a pretty high stage. But the information that came from the dwarfs is already 30 years old.

The problem is…

“You guys, please spare me from scaring everyone around with cutthroat high levels okay?” (Makoto)

That is the problem. I know that they are over hundred but the moment they are accurately identified I feel that it will into an incredibly problematic situation. It may work for intimidation but I also feel that attracting unnecessary attention is a great demerit.

“Umu~ however, even we don’t know. More like, for us levels are a mystery, it is something that hyumans and demons keep in mind but it is of no interest for us” (Tomoe)

Well, you do have a point Tomoe-san. But for such a question mark like you to step in this world, please don’t let it be out of bounds okay?

“You are right-desu wa. But now that you mention it, a long time ago a hyuman party of level 250 or 300 was able to defeat one of my children. It seemed to be quite the fight and I heard several of them died” (Mio)

She must have remembered the report of a kin Arke. Mio came out with a vague story that could be used as a standard and at the same time it couldn’t be used as a reference.

Seriously? Wait a moment, maybe we should stop this guild registration. The Arkes are things that have full blast last boss aura after all. And it took several hyumans of level 300 to deal with it so it should be fine to think that Mio and Tomoe are even higher than that.

To stay here for 1 month and inspect the place, learn the market prices and businesses around and if possible I wanted to also know about the way the adventurers acted, but I feel like we would mess up quickly.

At any rate.

Somehow this town…

Is weird.

Well, it is the town at the borders after all. The last point after all. I can comprehend that there will be various races here.

I, to some extent, understand that the hyumans and demons are in bad relations to the point of war but if it’s not such a through thing that would even reach this remote place it would not be strange that they can coexist. There is the word “Bitter enemies”. It may be that it depends on the situation.

Instead of minding about shops, there are more street stalls with their products lined up. Thinking about the number of buildings in this town and the amount of resources, I can comprehend. It’s the foremost line camp that challenges this untrodden lands after all. It’s my first village.

But, why?

In this place.

Why is it that…

There are only beauties here?

“Na~, Tomoe, Mio” (Makoto)

“Mu, what is it waka?” (Tomoe)

“What might be your concern waka-sama?” (Mio)

The two that were walking at both of my sides turn their heads to face me. I did think they were incredibly beautiful but those monsters turned like this after the pact so I really want a privilege as well, seriously.

“Why is it that this town has so many handsome men and beautiful women? Is it that in this place only beautiful people can live? Is there such an unreasonable rule here?” (Makoto)

That’s right.

There are a lot of young ones, women and men and also hyumans and others as well.

Everyone is cool. Beautiful. Isn’t that unbelievable?!

I am not into self-masochism but if I were to line up this people with orcs at both ends I feel like I would definitely be an orc?

Eh? This is weird, the sweat in my heart might come out from my eyes.

What in the world is going on?

But now that I think about it, Tomoe and Mio don’t seem to be minding it that much.

Though their heads began to move around wildly.

“Really? I don’t see any especially beautiful person worth of attention though?” (Tomoe)

Tomoe, just what are your eyes looking at? The elf looking girl that just passed by your side, from what carving did she come from? Just plastering her shape can become a business you know?

“Eh~? There isn’t such beautiful girls in the surrounding though?” (Mio)

Mio, those earnest eyes that are looking for beauties, are you serious? From all I can see the people around can be models that can appear in shows.

“Are you seriously saying that?” (Makoto)

The two of them affirmed my statement. And in a really puzzled manner.

Maybe in this world, that level of outward appearance is normal?

A-Are you serious?

??? W-What is that, that is incredibly unaffectionate for me?!

Wait please. Waitwaitwaitwaitwait.

What is with this feeling that I have discovered an important truth and at the same time I feel I haven’t? Calm down me.


My parents seem to be residents of this world.

In reality, they are two cool and cute looking couple. Umu, so in this world that is the average.

And then I also have an elder and younger sister. They are two beautiful sisters that have slightly weaker bodies. Yeah, just exclude me from that *tears*

Ugh… am I…?

Anyways, generally speaking, that both of my parents were hyumans and they gave birth to us in my previous world makes me not a human but a hyuman.

N? N~~~~?

Then, my normal appearance, no, in this place it’s a changeling-like level appearance, just what is up with that? (TN: Changeling wiki)

Did my mom commit infidelity? Or maybe she picked me up below a bridge? No, both of them are unthinkable.

“Waka, why are you making such a complicated face?” (Tomoe)

“Could it be you are feeling bad somewhere? Then should we enter a building?” (Mio)

I can hear voices of concern.

I see, so I’m making a complicated face.


I somehow understand!!

Even if I think about this, it will absolutely not have a decent conclusion!!

I stop, stop, stop.

“Nah, there is nothing wrong. More importantly…” (Makoto)

That’s right. Right now I should be studying about this world that I know nothing about.

“I want to hear your opinions about it at a later time. Especially about the price of the goods and their li-, no, check the gathered goods around” (Makoto)

Even if I say line-up Tomoe might understand but Mio could get confused. I should prepare words that can be understood in this times.

“Mumu, it sounds troublesome-desu na” (Tomoe)

“I understand-wa” (Mio)

If it’s a bodyguard it’s Tomoe. If it’s the chance to be a clerk it would be Mio.

“Then for now let’s go to the adventurers guild… is what its called right? Well, let’s go there. Tomoe, can you check where it is?” (Makoto)

If it’s me, apart from this two I would end up having to communicate by writing after all. Even now I am whispering in a way that they won’t suspect me.

Hn, its okay for me not to be able to speak those ‘a.u.e’ words that make me sound like a groaning senile old man. Because I have the lovely Japanese!

I don’t feel mortified at all.

“As you will” (Tomoe)

When Tomoe says so, she walked over to a middle-aged man that was opening his stall and asked him. This way of using other people to ask is right now the safest method for me. It’s sad though.

In that sense, to have two different type of followers is quite a grateful thing.

“Waka, from that angle we turn to the right and going straight at the end of the road you will find the adventurer guild, is what he said” (Tomoe)

That she was able to safely handle it, is a relief.

Now, let’s go then.


~ Misumi Makoto’s diary. Going to the first village ~

My previous world.

That is a place I will most likely not be able to return to.

But in this new world I can’t help but think with the common sense of my previous world.

I think it’s pointless.

Because there is no worth in a world I can’t return to.

In my previous world I think I had below average looks. In reality, I was even aware that I was out of place in that archery club that was filled with beautiful people.

If I were to graduate like that and then show a photo of my previous club to my new friends, without doubt they would say ‘Eh? Why are you there?’

That peaceful world that approved diverse values.

From what I heard of Tsukuyomi-sama, my previous world seemed to be pretty harsh but at the very least I didn’t feel it that way.

The worth of a world that would even scare you to live your everyday live in. It’s a mysterious thing. Even though it’s harsh it’s also gentle.

The seed called hyuman, looked like a human. But their outward appearance was made beautifully.

I felt like I was watching the casting of top models.

Or maybe a super beautified CG created with the latest technology. That it’s abnormal is definitely not an exaggeration.

Anyways, no matter where you look its handsome men and beautiful women. The girl that I saw outside the town was just like them. If she were to be mixed with them she would be in the ordinary category.

Now I get why I was called a demi-human or ugly.

This beautiful people are not minding their outward appearance and are living desperately to survive. I will repeat it but, in my eyes I felt this was strange.

Will I be able to get used to this scenery?

People that look like they could get scouted to be performers are hugging their knees sitting in an alleyway with eyes that have lost their light.

It may be a difference in views but I still felt vexed by it. Even though they have been raised in a place with a certain advantage. (TN: the goddess blessings)


Everything in this world is a mystery.

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