Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

Chapter 2: I rely on the scream

As far as I can see is a vast wasteland and rocky hills.

Continuing blindly on this vast wasteland and rocky hills.

A scenario that continues on and on.

When I was falling my eyes were filled with tears and I didn’t have room to look carefully at what was at the bottom.

Seriously? This situation.

This is already the third day you know?

It should be fine to have a change about now.

Since the time I had fallen, I had been walking forward without caring about day or night. Anyhow, a wide barren land. Before I noticed I am in the same place, kind of thing, for the sake of not happening I made signs in a part of the scenery and continued to walk on.

Even with that, the thing that I am already used to seeing in front of me, a conspicuously tall mountain, I felt it hadn’t gotten any closer. It may be an illusion, and many times I felt my heart would crumble.

After all, there was commendably no one here nothing here.

In a sense it was incredible. Not only people, there aren’t even animals you know?

Ah, I had forgotten it.

Things I could eat there were none you see. I in times saw a dry straw like grass, as expected, I don’t think I would be able to eat it. But even that is scarce though!

That I feel hungry but can still walk may be because my body has become superhuman. If it were the usual, I would have already dried up and rendered unable to stand.

Doing what Tsuki-sama told me, I tried using my given ‘power’ so I concentrated to activate it but I failed(?)

I tried to gather the power onto the palm of my hand but.

I don’t understand it a single bit. I could certainly feel the power gathering but, nothing is happening.

I tried placing my hand on the ground but that was in vain.

I tested a lot of things but.

Only, the objects I have in my hand will slightly move depending on how much energy I utilize. This is probably the most easiest to see and understand form.

But it’s not like it actually moves, it just trembles in my hand.

It’s a mystery. And also, I don’t think I can use this to get out of my current situation.

Well, this power is something precious that Tsuki-sama has given me. I believe that great person wouldn’t make a mistake.

I will try to experiment more with it, I have to understand this power as soon as possible.

Anyways, it’s hot.

In the day it’s reasonably hot.

At night it’s reasonably cold.

That’s how I felt it but.

At noon I could clearly see the heat haze with my eyes. Right now is just like that.

At nights the surface of the rocks began to frost.

This seemed like an incredibly harsh environment for a human, yes.

I once more thank my superhuman body.

Well, without caring about my surroundings I advanced forward at a pretty fast pace.

The moment I reach that mountain there should be a change in the situation, probably. Please may there be. I implore.

The only thing I hear is the wind and my own footsteps!

It’s already been 3 days!

At this point in time there should already be an event right?!

“I see, it’s because I am not a hero anymore~ I’m just an ugly duckling after all”

I began to speak to myself. It may be the effect of loneliness but the times I have said what I was thinking have increased. So sad.

My eyes become slightly hollow. I gazed at the far distance. I want to believe there is human population at that side.

What might the two heroes be doing now I wonder? They are surely being received with open arms by the royalty and nobles, and must be eating a nice feast.

Compared to me.

I look at my back. Nothing but reddish-brown wasteland. The path I have travelled.

Every time I saw a mirage I dashed to it so I should have shortened quite a bit of distance. I most likely wouldn’t even recognize the place I was dropped to.

At first I planned to walk mindlessly and then encounter someone or find a settlement or so I thought but.

It seems that is a privilege that is reserved only for main characters.

Also, to be so perfectly without anything at all. There wasn’t a single shadow of a per- ???

“?? ???”


That voice was slight but.

I tried with all my ability to concentrate my changed body, probably this would be the first time in all my life that I have become so sensitive.

My ears didn’t let the sound escape.

I stop my steps.

I perk up my ears with my hands and silently close my eyes.

Where is it, from where did I hear it?

I have to concentrate. Just concentrate.

As if to not miss even the moment a single drop of water falls.

I definitely heard a voice, I have to make sure of it.

“? Sa… Ple…a”

“It’s over there!!!!!!”

I heard it once more, it was definitely a scream.

I open my eyes. Like if wanting to obtain those sound waves!

I am still admirably fasting though!

My stomach is extremely empty but!

Since the time I came here, it’s the most power I have had.

I kicked the ground and ran.

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