Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

Chapter 3: Encounter with the First Villager, no this doesn’t count

Here comes the first heroine(lol)! \(^o^)/

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“Sa-Save me!!”

I clearly heard a voice. Somewhere close to that rocky hill.

“Yes with pleasure!!!!” (Makoto)

With a happy reply I dash. My tension had already gone out of the gauge! I felt I could use ultimate skills one after the other.

I see it, I can clearly see it. I really have incredible eyesight. I definitely don’t need glasses. I have already taken out the lens though, it’s only for the looks! (TN: I didn’t know he had glasses. Maybe just a onetime gag he did)

What I saw frightened me but I won’t stop my legs.

There were two things there, one seemed to be a pig and the other was a dog with 2 heads. Oh well, it’s a whole lot better than solitude.

In games there are pigs that can fly in the sky and also a helldog with 3 heads.

Just because they are now in the real world, at this occasion I won’t even care! I am a superhuman over here got a problem with that?!

While I was running I see, the one who wants to be saved is the pig one. Is that what you call an orc?

The one attacking was the 2 headed dog. A fight between mamono(monsters)?

Who I should side with is obvious. The one who raised its voice! Thanks to you I have met living beings after all!!!

That side seems to have already noticed my presence. Both of them are being cautious of the one that is kicking up a cloud of dust(me).

I am thankful. With this the orc-kun(maybe) will be safe. That is if I can beat the dog one though.

“What are you, bastard!! Are you going to get in the way?!” (2 headed dog)

The two headed dog howled. For some reason I could tell the meaning of its howl. I was quite surprised that I could also understand the words of the orc. There is no problem! I don’t mind!

Though it felt weird to hear a howl and the words at same time but.

“Hi! I am a human, Makoto!! Nice to meet you!”

It entered my range of attack.

Being secure of it I used the momentum of my running and plunge, facing the dog I l aimed a flying kick onto him.

“Deryaaaaa!!!” (Makoto)

It was an attack that used my momentum in order to gain the initiative and open the distance.

“Wa, it’s too fast!!” (Dog)

Those became the last words of the dog.

In the middle of the two heads, my kick connects.

It was okay up to that point but…

Just like that, I went through him.


My opponent was a mamono right? No, no matter if it was a mamono.

Even if I ran with all my strength, a hit using all the momentum…

No matter how much, isn’t this way too weird?!

“E, Ehmmmm” (Makoto)

The inside of my heart was in panic but I managed to land.

Timidly I turn to my back.

“Ah, well, I have done it” (Makoto)

It was a gruesome spectacle.

The double headed hounds upper body was scattered around, while the lower half was lying on the ground. It was on a level where you wouldn’t know what in the world it had been done to it.

I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry.

To think such a thing would happen I wouldn’t even be able to imagine it. Its true you know?

It was like if a truck had just ran over it.

I turn my eyes away.

I had been the one that had done it but I couldn’t fathom it.

I met eyes with orc-kun.

Compared to the time where it was with the dog I could see that its eyes had even more fear in it.

Strangely, the appearance that is supposed to feel ugly, that I didn’t feel any disgust in it must be because of that bug, I mean, goddess. There won’t be an experience more befitting on not to judge by appearance after all. Saying that I am not beautiful, that I am useless, don’t screw with me.

In a lot of meanings, have I messed up?

But anyways I am able to communicate. I should talk with it.

Ah~ a conversation. What a wonderful act.

I have done quite an inexcusable thing to that dog. Please rest in peace.

I join both of my hands and pray for its happiness in the next world. The next time we meet, may we be able to talk with each other.

Now then.

A conversation right? Finally I will be able to talk with someone.

Feeling a strange anticipation my heart beats faster.

Quietly I look at the orc as I stand in front of it.


She is totally my type… wait wut?

“Ah~ nice to meet you” (Makoto)

“Hiiii!!! It spooooke!” (Orc)



What? Did I fail right from the get go?!

Nono, it’s my first encounter in three days you know? Like hell I will give up. Impossible.

“I am not a strange person. I am gentle and kind. Do you understand my words?” (Makoto)

The orc-kun(maybe) shakes its head up and down but then soon after shakes it left and right.

I don’t understand what it means. Is that a gesture that only exists in this world?

It also walks in two legs so it is pretty close to a human being though.

No wait. Seeing the piggy-san standing, maybe because it looks close to a human being I unconsciously cornered it too much.

“A person that killed a “Liz” with one attack cantbeagentleandkindperson!” (Orc)

Oh, I see. I can agree to that. That was really unbelievable after all. I think so too.

It seems its murmuring a lot of stuff but its unexpectedly a composed fellow. Saying “That… that kind of way of doing in” or something like that.

“Okay I get it. I am strong. I am stronger than you!” (Makoto)

“Hiiii!!!” (Orc)

The piggy gets scared and curls its body.

What is with this picture? Saying ‘It spoke?!’ and now getting all scared. To calm it down I try a number of gestures.

Ooh, this is surreal.

Well, in this kind of situation I thought it would be saying ‘I took an interest in you’ or something like that but maybe I am playing too many games. (TN: Must be referring to the fact that the beast race in most novels and games like strong people)

I see, that is something that would work properly for a beast type. A thing that would be more fitted for the dog one.

A pig is not a beast?

Something similar to it would be a goblin huh. That is probably a girl? But I feel that an Oni would fit her image too.

Thinking I have been playing too many games, but I still look for information inside those must be because the existence that should only appear in games, mamono, is in front of me.

“Well, just calm down. It’s true that I am strong but it is also true that I came to help you, you know?” (Makoto)

Lifting both of my arms up I appeal the fact that I am not dangerous.

Yeah. Instead of saying ‘I am stronger than you’ it would be better to appeal that I didn’t come here to harm her.

Anyways, intimidation is not part of my character after all.

“You are the one that cried ‘Save me~!’ So I came here and saved you. I am your ally right?”

Orc-kun(maybe) lifted its head up and faced my way. It seems that her trembling calmed down a bit.

Good good, it looks like I have earned good will. With how this is going…

“R-Really?” (Orc)

Still scared she faced me and looked at my eyes, I nodded at her.

The caution in her expression dimmed and then went to fear again.

“What is up with that?!” (Tl:Nande ya nen?!)

In a place with no one I make a tsukkomi. (TN: tsukkomi means a retort but may also mean slapping a person beside you while retorting to him)

No good. To think communication was so complicated.

I have no money nor things in hand so I have nothing to offer.

W-Will this end in a failure? No way, I can’t give up!

“W-Why is a hyumanabletospeakwithme?! Could it be, youareahyumanthatpossessestamer?!” (Orc)


What is that?

If you ask me why I can speak with her that would be because of a bug like god.

I see, a normal human being, no, even if its normal a human shouldn’t be able to talk with a mamono~

What a power have you given me!

People will misunderstand me with this!

“Ah, gezz!! I, tamer? Wrong! I am lost! I saved you! The end!” (Makoto)

For now let’s be direct.

I will tell her the things that are certain.


Mu, she is thinking. She is trembling but compared to before its better. I have already made quite the distance between us so I would like it if you stopped doing that though.

Moreover, I am pretty scared too you know?

In a situation where I am facing a piggy standing in two legs, to have the intention of mutual understanding moves me.

The wandering in this place for 3 days wasn’t for nothing.


I wait silently. What about the reaction on that side? The presence of conversation is zero now.

“I- I get it” (Orc)


I did it! Thanks! Arigatou! ShieShie!

“Thanksforsavingme” (Orc) (TN: she has been speaking like that)

Gureito, this is a conversation that is like a conversation. And moreover, with good will. This is something to be happy about.

“Nono, I am just glad you are okay. Anyways, is your village close to here?” (Makoto)

I will change my way of addressing to ‘kimi’(you). Saying ‘omae omae’ (TL: you in a rude way) is a bit impolite or at least that’s how I think so.

Even if it’s a village a town or even a house.

Whatever is fine, I just want to sleep in a place with a roof.

But sadly she shook her head horizontally.

“C-Could it be you are also lost?” (Makoto)

She once more shook her head horizontally without vigor.

“I… to tell you the truth, have been lost for 3 days already. Do you know where I can find people around here?” (Makoto)

Once more she shook.

Oh god. Is my situation even changing? This is an event right? Is it not?!

“There is no hyuman village here. This is called the ‘end of the world’, a barren wasteland” (Orc)

End of the world?

That… I think have heard it not too long ago.

… Hey!

That bug, could it be she really threw me to the ends of the world?!

It wasn’t just a way of saying?! Would you normally go to such lengths?!

I feel malice. A really precise malice!

Honestly you would doubt this amount of harassment.


It may be called the ends of the world but there may actually be a giant town just in the vicinity?

Too naaiiiiive!!!! Its more naïve than the kindness of Tsuki-sama! (TN: naïve is written amai in jap. That means sweet. He is calling Tsuki-sama sweet not naïve :D)

No way, there is definitely no way.

I have already understood the personality of that bug. She doesn’t admit anything that is not beautiful. First of all the appearance must be an okay.

Most likely the other two were really beautiful. To have been taken a liking by that man-hater bug, to have given them power and protection and blessings t-they must have been r-really beautiful right?!

“I am on my way to Shen-sama’s god mountain to sacrifice myself” (Orc)

While I was running wild with my hate to the goddess that I haven’t seen the form of, she continued her conversation.

Yaay an event flag~. (TN: omg his changes of mood are so crazy)

I haven’t even arrived to a village or a town and I have already encountered an event that smells of mid-boss battle~

I am going to have a nosebleed~

While tears ran down her eyes she told me that shocking reality of hers.

Hearing her out I understood that she was a highland orc that lives in the plateau, it seems to be a high level orc tribe.

Though from the appearance it doesn’t look like that.

Once every half a year, the owner of the mountain called the god mountain requests a young female to be sacrificed.

If they don’t do so, a thick mist covers the village and the crops won’t grow up properly.

That’s incredible highland orc. To not be plundering and do hunting and agriculture. You have a proper livelihood.

They are practically humans. Taking out the appearance.

By the way.

For some reason I feel like flags are standing one after the other. (TN: Flags are like events in games that advance you to a certain point)

From the several lines of explanation and situation, you should already know what kind of flag it is right everyone?

A battle flag? Nono it’s a bit different.

A sense of optimism? Or maybe a sweet poison called hope?

Okay, lets arrange the facts.

I was thrown to another world.

I followed a scream and helped a girl(orc) from a mamono.

And so, the first girl I met in this world tells me that she will soon be sacrificed.

And then I go and destroy this talk about a sacrifice (Not yet)

Do you understand now?

It’s a he.ro.i.ne flaaaaaggggg!!!?!”?!”?!? (Because it’s a horrible spectacle we have decided not to depict the reaction of our main character)

And now try doing the (not yet)!

It would seriously stand up! (TN: the flag you lechers)

Impossible, definitely impossible.

Of course, I am not the type who would judge a girl by her looks. She is normal. And her impression is pretty light.

But,but if I am to go out with someone I would like it to be human(looking)!

Is this a luxury?!

If it’s (looking) then an orc also counts?

Nononono, that’s called sophism.

I also have experience like a normal human. I am not going to stick my head on things like prejudice or preconception.

Certainly from the girl orc, I can’t smell that bad odor that I know of. Rather, I can smell the nice scent of what seemed to be flowers from her.

Like a senpai you admire kind of?


W-Wrong! That’s not how it is!

Listen well, in my ‘experience’ there are ‘obvious’ breech of morals as well.

A glamour to the point of looking unnatural, people who their bodies have stopped growing up at an early stage, the girl that represents the elfs, beast race with animal ears and armor made of flesh.

Spirits that have humanoid form, the demon race that would have blue or black or sometimes green skin. Depending on its looks even a robot is fine!

An orc.

But an orc is impossible.

That is discrimination?!

Shut up!! If the base of its form is not human-like I don’t want! That part I won’t back down! I will not back down!

Playing all of my many experiences in the dream world of men, I regrettably, truly regrettably have not have an orc girl as a conquer target.

Wa, experience? That’s right, it’s in games! Is that bad?!

Anyways, you get it. For her to be a conquer target will never happen!

“So that’s why, I’m sorry” (Makoto)

I apologized to the girl ahead of time. This kind of things is better to settle as soon as you can.

“E, what are you talking about?” (Orc)

Damn. I messed up my heart conflicts with the conversation at hand. This is a blunder.

“W-Well~ It’s nothing at all~” (Makoto)

The girl was confused. But that was only for a short moment, as she soon smiled again (maybe? I don’t know) to me.

“Anyways, if it’s okay with you, please let me compensate you, Makoto-sama” (Orc)

Wow, to think she remembered my name after that entrance. Yeah, I will forget that after that she said ‘It spoke?!’

What a well-mannered lady. How regrettable. More than a human girl I would have liked her to be a dog girl or a cat girl though~

“Un, I am Makoto. By the way, I am 17 years old. Nice to meet you” (Makoto)

“I am Ema. I am also 17 years old” (Ema)

To think her age was also fitting! It’s really that only her race made it that the flag be only a battle flag.

By the way, the ‘don’t marry’ that the bug told me is not even remaining in my mind.

Tsuki-sama told me I was able to do anything I wanted after all~

“Just ahead of here, there is the last point the ‘Body Purifying Field’ to reach the god mountain. Please rest your body that has been tired by your travels there” (Ema)

Is that like a place to take a break? She is a really good girl.

It is quite cheap but it’s like she is making me her bodyguard until we reach that ‘Body Purifying Field’ place. Well if it’s like before there won’t be problems. If a rock falls I feel I can repel it as well.

“T-Thanks Ema” (Makoto)

I accept her invitation and we begin walking to the direction of that so called God Mountain.

Strangely, the more I talk with her the more clearly I can understand her way of speaking. (TN: Yeah, she has been speaking messily since a while ago, I don’t want you guys to go through that trouble)

That bug must have given me a power that lets me understand the language of another race the more I speak to them. Like tuning to their thoughts.

Well, I don’t have any problems with that.

While speaking with her I continue my travels.

She told me about how her village is slowly losing its young girls. She told me stories about the festivals that her village had done in the times of peace.

If 2 young girls went every year as sacrifice in the future it would perish. It was a simple calculation. Even a kid would know that.

From the start, the Ema that was a sacrifice and was heading to her dead place.

For her way of speaking to get gloomy every now and then was not surprising.

I just responded her and followed her but, I still had a number of questions.

I will later think about them carefully.

When I reach the last resting point what should I do.

If I go and defeat the mid-boss the flag would seriously stand right?

She is a good girl but… she is a really good girl but!

She has a nice personality, her age is close too. She is also the village chief’s daughter so it may look like I’m a gold digger.

Muu~ really, why are you not a human Ema?

It could be that you are actually a beautiful princess that has been cursed.

Human civilization is too far away from here so there is no chance.

“Ah, that is the place” (Ema)

Ema-san points a finger to a cave. It certainly looks like it was made artificially. The state of the entrance as well as the road to it. There is clearly signs of hands having worked on it.

“Um, Makoto-sama. I am sorry but can you wait here for a bit? I have to go explain to the people that are protecting this place about Makoto-sama first” (Ema)

“Understood” (Makoto)

It’s quite plausible. If I suddenly went with her I might get attacked.

I have understood Ema-san’s disposition a little bit.

There is no way she would bring an army corp to attack me.

Even if it does come to that since I can clearly see the entrance from here I would be able to escape.

Confirming that Ema’s figure had disappeared into the cave, I began to think about the future.

At this rate Ema-san will die. She is a sacrifice after all.

That girl is really a good orc. Moreover she is the first person I spoke to.

It may be a little different but she was like a comrade.

If it’s possible I would want to save her but, that flag is harsh. And the strength of my enemy is unknown.

If I think about all that has happened it wouldn’t be strange to encounter a last boss-like existence.

This is totally a maso-game.

Though it’s not a game but reality so it might be obvious that it would be tough.

If I am able to successfully get information in that cave.

Early in the morning I will slip out, defeat that ‘god’ and as a result I will save the girl.

It’s okay if I just disappear after that.

If I promise her that her village will be save she would have to return to the village after all.

The boss that Ema-san called Shen-sama, if it’s me I may be able to speak with it. There should be other ways to resolve things aside from fighting.

I see Ema-san that is waving her hand at the entrance of the cave. She is smiling. She must have succeeded in her negotiation.

Seeing her appearance.

I thought for a little bit, to do a hero sham that the Goddess said I wasn’t needed to do.

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