Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

Chapter 4: That which I have yearned for

“Then, please try doing it” (Ema)

Like Ema told me to I chant the incantation.

The language that is used for the incantation is different from the orc one but for me it sounded like normal words. More like, if I willed to use it I felt like the words naturally flowed. By the sensation I noticed that I was the one that was saying it.

It seemed like an incantation is a special thing so it wouldn’t become your spoken language no matter what, I was going to show that I could but I stopped from doing so.

They told me it was like accumulating all the power inside your body but I decided to not do it.

The enhancement of physical and magical power that Tsuki-sama taught me, if I seriously used that it might turn into a really troublesome situation.

What I would be using now was the fire bullet magic, brid. It didn’t have to be fire, it seems that the same kind of magic of other elements is also called brid. A basic attack magic or so she told me.

A low ranked magic that could be used for ignition but even though this place was big it was still a cave.

If it becomes a hell fire you could die from oxygen deprivation or from the heat. I didn’t understand the structure of magic so I didn’t feel like trying it.

I was in half doubt if it would come out or not but they say you have to try to know so…


In a second.

From my surroundings something hard to define, a ‘sensation’ was flowing out of my body.

In front of my extended right hand, a flame that looked like a cotton in fire was created.

That fire stopped there for a moment and then while shaking, it disappeared.

“Ooooh~! Is this magic?!” (Makoto)

My voice grew excited.

“Yeah, that is the initial stage of when you activate brid. To think you would be able to activate it at the first try” (Ema)

Ema that was instructing me, was impressed and praised me. A big part of it might be because I could understand the incantation language (temporal name).

I see~ this is what they call magic~♫

For one to do it one has to try, or at least that is what someone told me when I extended my hand. With this it’s proved.

To think the day would come when I can use magic!

In a game it’s the standard but for it to really happen~

Ufuuuu, ufufufufufu

I began laughing spontaneously.

“Imagine that fire as a clear image of a ball and then picture it impacting your objective to shoot it. That would be the finished state of brid” (Ema)

The voice of Ema’s instructions cooled me down from my trip.

I see, if you are talking about a fire ball you would obviously need to throw it for it to be proper. To shape your fire as a ball with the image of it… Does it mean that brid is the summoning of fire?

Well for now let’s leave that aside.

“I see~ then then” (Makoto)

With a good mood I mutter a short aria (incantation) of brid.

The flowing out of something. This is most likely maryoku (magic power). Certainly, I now clearly understand why Ema told me that instead of just understanding, trying it out is a lot faster.

Even with the explanation I was blank. Now I sort of understand this maryoku that is supposed to be all around the world.

The fire appears once more.

By controlling this.

I form it into a ball and…

The fire, without disappearing, it flickers. When I imagine it the size of a baseball ball, the flickering becomes stronger and smoothly comes a spherical shape.

“Impressive, to do it to this point with just what I said” (Ema)

The surprise that Ema gave off is also pleasant.

Then she exchanged looks with the orcs in the cave and they all gathered to a side of the wall. The orcs were pretty big and seem likes they are a race that boast in physical strength.

The distance is 5-6m.

The girl looked at me and nodded so I point the fire ball at a rock.

Then strongly picturing ‘hitting the middle’ (TN: ‘Nakateru’ is supposed to be an archery term) I order it to fly off.

It flew off at the speed of a person throwing it, going straight and then hitting.

Inside the cave, a shock and hot wind occur. Well, it was actually not that much. Calling it hot wind was too much. It was more like a lukewarm wind.

The rock scatters and loses it shape. It seems to have quite the power. That is not just an empty spell reassures me.

“With this I have learned brid right? Ema” (Makoto)

“T-That’s right” (Ema)

Her way of speaking returned to shaky. It seems like I did something pretty impressive.

“I was actually just thinking of teaching you to make a simple light and then go for spell image training or stuff like that but…” (Ema)

It looks like I skipped quite a lot of steps. Then that means I can already use magic my magic as a light?!

Oh? Magic is fun. It looks like it will be fun.

A subject I love has increased by one now.

Moreover, maybe it’s because I am still learning but, this is fun~♫

“Oh? Teach me teach me. I don’t mind if you just tell me the incantation. Teach me a whole lot more” (Makoto)

I was cheery right now.

“Ah, yes. Then, I will put them all together at a later time. Anyways Makoto-sama, your maryoku perception is okay now?” (Ema)

“A, I can slightly feel it. It is that thing that flows out whenever you use a magic right?” (Makoto)

“E~ that’s right. As expected, you’re learning ability is on a genius level” (Ema)

“Well, I am the type that understands when I think it in my head but it is like Ema said. I understood that it is convenient to try it out first” (Makoto)

It was truly like that. Really, Ema would be a nice sensei (teacher).

“Then can you grasp that it is also inside your own body?” (Ema)

“N?” (Makoto)

I try concentrating as she told me.

As always, the way to use the power that Tsuki-sama has given me is still a complete mystery.

But certainly.

It may be because of the effects of using magic, I can sense that a different power is flowing through my body.

It smells just like what is all around.

This is my own maryoku.

It’s a pretty ambiguous feeling. It felt like dipping in water and being soaked.

If it’s like that in my whole body, I don’t really know.

“Yeah, there is. So this is my maryoku” (Makoto)

“Having that much physical strength and to be able to master magic so easily. Makoto-sama might be suited for a magic swordsman job” (Ema)

“Job?” (Makoto)

Heyhey, this world is more game-like than I originally thought.

Does it also have job corrections or unique abilities as well?

“Eh~ then your level must be pretty high” (Ema)

Level she says.


With this I feel I must change my way of seeing this world.

Is this like an RPG? Then that ‘Liz’ something must have given me exp. It didn’t seem like it dropped gold though.

“Uh… who knows? I don’t know myself” (Makoto)

In the time we were coming here I had introduced myself to Ema and had explained about my economic situation and many other things.

Honestly, I said a lot of lies about me.

If I told her the truth, Ema would surely think I am a sad person with brain problems.

When I woke up I was already here.

And for some reason my memories are fuzzy. Well, it is true that I have no memories of this world so it wouldn’t be that much of a lie.

I feel bad for deceiving a nice orc but to think it would help at this moment.

“If it’s just the level we can probably figure it out” (Ema)

She took out a piece of paper.

“What is this?” (Makoto)

“It’s a paper that can tell the strength of someone. Well, it somewhat does. A hyuman dropped it a long time ago” (TN: Did they kill him?! Was it a drop item?!)

Hyuman. Eh, isn’t that a person?!

Now that she says it, it’s not human but hyuman over here.

“Eh~ what do we do with this?” (Makoto)

Well, for now it doesn’t matter. Let’s have my level measured first.

“Grab it please” (Ema)

“Hoi” (Makoto)

I grab it like she told me to. It was white but the moment I grabbed it, it became blue. A light blue to be more precise.

“Ara, it can’t possibly be” (Ema)

Ema was wondered by it. Is it a weird color?

All the other ones that Ema had presented me and told about me defeating the Liz were all here and had a puzzled expression as well.

“What? Is it a strange color?” (Makoto)

“Ummm…” (Ema)

“Umu, tell me” (Makoto)

I am prepared. After all it’s only telling me a number. It’s not like it would change anything~

“Level 1” (Ema)


Right~ I have to ask about the hyumans~♫


Author Note:

With the power of the goddess, Makoto-kun is able to understand the words of incantations.

The words that should sound like ‘askljfahsdklga’ to him they sound like ‘light be born’ and is able to activate it.

It’s an effect that not even the goddess knew would happen.

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