Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

POV Chapter: Meeting with the demi-human, Beren

POV Chapter: Meeting with the demi-human, Beren

“Impossible. For such a thing to come to this place!”

I was running.

At times I would look back, at the dark menace that was mowing down trees as it closes onto me.

It’s not like there is someone who would help me ahead.

The only chance for me is that this bastard gives up on chasing me.

No matter what, I can’t bring that thing to the village.

That’s why I can’t run at the direction of the village.

If I did that, that thing would joyfully devour all of my friends.

Black Calamity Spider

That what that thing is.

I don’t know if it has a name as an individual.

There are rumors that deep in the forest there is a strong monster called Arke that lives in it. Its upper body is human while its lower is a spiders, they say it’s a grotesque looking parent but it’s not a sure thing.

What I know is that, it has existed since long, it suddenly appears and that it is scarily hungry to its utmost limits.

The name Calamity really fits it.

Not only us. In this entire world there is no one who it wouldn’t detest.

Living things as well as objects.

Anyways, it will eat anything.

We can’t communicate so there is no way to negotiate.

If we could gravely injure it we could defeat it, but sadly we don’t have that sort of war potential.

“Why did this thing appear when I was alone?!”

I only curse my bad luck.

When we got out of the forest that was filled with obstructions, the distance between that thing and me reduced in a breath.

It seems my time has come.

I really don’t think I can outrun it, and I can’t feel that thing will give up.

Giving up on running, I straighten my back and wield the giant axe that I was carrying. I turned around my back that was facing the spider.

My chances of winning are practically none.

Anyways, even when I took out my weapon to face it, this spider showed no signs of stopping.

Damn it!

“Don’t underestimate me!”

I divert the large body of the rushing spider by swinging my axe sideways.

Even if I went to the forest with an axe, it didn’t mean that I am a lumberjack.

The handle was long, large and double edged, an axe that shined a marvelous red.

It’s one of my masterpieces.

I thought it was good enough to inscribe it but when comparing it to the true great ones it’s still not comparable. I can’t approve that.

When I get out of this I will do closed training from the very start.

The spider retreated slightly from my attack.

But soon after its fast legs came at me.

It may be a monotone attack but the attacks were many.

Moreover what I had in my hands was a two handed dual headed axe.

Even if I go in the defensive, it was clear it wasn’t apt.

“You bastard, this… will it always be your turn damn it”

In the joints of the legs I can see a multiple textures that didn’t seem hard.

I can see it but, the important attack won’t reach.

Even when I shift to offensive I get repelled by the hard shell and I am unable to do proper damage at all.

Not only as a craftsman. I should have practiced the way to use the weapon a little.

No, I was not mistaken.

If I can’t even make proper weapons and I begin worrying about how to use them, no matter how much time I had, I would never be the best!

Not to slice nor to mow down.

I positioned my axe like a lance, I point it at the spider.

“Take this!!”

I shout the moment I active it.

From the tip of the axe, flames began to swirl and soon it covered the whole body of the spider.

Yes, it’s settled!!

This time for sure I will hit at the aimed spot and…


A scene I couldn’t believe.

Inside the swirling flames.

The spider was eating it.

Making its mouth bigger, to the point of amazement it clearly split open.

The flames of the axe that were still being produced, it ate it like if it were drinking water.

The flames were already not permeating its body.

It was only gathering at its mouth now.

Is this thing really a living being?

Not minding that my plans were crushed, I thought about such a stupid thing while being dumbfounded.

Without even noticing that it was already in front of me.

A high pitched sound resounded through my ears.

A dull and large impact shook both of my hands.

The spider that was closing its mouth full of vigor.

The distance between it and me was super close.

That thing was chewing on something.

I soon discovered the reason of the impact I received and the reverberating sound.

What was on the top of the handle I had in my hands… disappeared.

It was eaten.

That spider ate my axe.

The sound of metal being crushed felt disturbingly loud in my ears.

The inside of my head went blank.

No good.

This thing is no good.

My spirit to resist was broken to the root.

I felt the energy in my legs drain.


I push the waist that felt like it would fall out with my yell.

This is not for the sake of fighting.

Throwing the axe that had only its handle left, I ran at full speed.

It’s not an opponent I can win.

On the contrary, I will without doubt be devoured.

Now that I think of it, it’s the conclusion I imagined.

Seeing my weapon get eaten in front of my eyes, I was pushed to run by my fear.

In this moments, reason will not help in anything.

I already knew what would happen when I turned my back to escape.

Even when I knew all that I still chose to run.

In terms of time it may be only a few seconds but the moment I felt shivers run down my body, I was flung forwards by a strong impact from the back.

However, what I can do, what I should do will not change.

If my legs can move I run.

Even if for only a bit I will escape from that.

I didn’t feel like fighting that thing again.

Flung away and falling many number of times, my consciousness was beginning to grow hazy.

If I stop moving I will die.

To think that so much strength was sleeping inside of me. This realization made me try even harder.

But the end came.

I couldn’t move properly now and the spider came rushing at me, showing me its sharp teeth.

No good, this is scary.

I am already a well-aged old man but I resigned to look at it.

Closing my eyes I waited for my end.

But suddenly, my body felt light.

Even so I still stayed there with my eyes closed.

I couldn’t move after all, I had no choice.

My whole life has ended.

There was no way to be saved.

But I couldn’t feel the presence of the spider closing in.

What’s happening?

Slightly opening my eyes I see that someone is carrying me.

Was there a shadow of a person?

Well I didn’t have the time to check my surroundings.

Could it be someone saw and saved me?

Can such a convenient happening occur?

“If I did this with a young lady it would be fine but to do this with a bearded old man like you just makes it feel gross”


Opening my eyes properly, I check out the person that is carrying my body.

It’s a young woman.

A hyuman?

She had a slim body and was dressed in a strange outfit. A blue haired woman.

Though she clearly despised me. She looked at me with cold eyes that seemed to scorn me.

The reason was probably because I had my eyes closed and was simply waiting for whatever it was to come.

She said so a moment ago.

“Hearing that it was noisy outside I checked it out but to think I would meet with such a thing. Black Calamity Spider huh” (Woman)

“Y-You are?” (Old man)

“You? Watch out how you talk to me. Fumu, but a spider huh. For Misumi-samas’ training it might be the perfect opponent. That kind of grotesque and simple is just right to build resistance to” (Woman)

What is it? She was talking about something I don’t understand.

But now, what happened to the spider?

Somehow moving my neck I tilt my head.

From just that my body stung.

The spider was in a somewhat faraway place from where I am and it was struggling violently, trapped by what seemed to be a hazy something.

Is that something she did?

“Did you save me?” (Old man)

“It seems you are a person that doesn’t know etiquette. I can just throw you away you know? Wait, are you… a dwarf?” (Woman)

Does she know about us?

At any rate, is she telling me to mind my words in the state my body is in?

Well it is true she saved me, in this situation I should do just that.

How tiresome.

“I am named Beren. An elder dwarf” (Beren)

“Hoo! As I thought, a dwarf! Fumufumu. Fine. You have good luck. I shall save you” (Woman)

In that thin body, where is she getting all that strength?

A woman with a haughty attitude was easily carrying me.

In a princess carry.

“It hurts!” (Beren)

“Fuu, it’s not a fatal injury. Try to endure a bit. I will heal it later” (Woman)

“It would help me a lot” (Beren)

“It’s fine fine. It’s a reward for bringing an interesting thing. Fufu, spider huh. Hey, if you want to come then come. My master will take you on” (Woman)

That woman declared so to the struggling spider. While carrying me, we entered a hazy something that seemed to be created by her.

This hazy feeling that entered my nose. Is this mist?

Anyways, I am probably saved.

From that totally hopeless situation.


“It looks like you are all fine now” (Woman)

“Thanks to you I have escaped with my life. Once again, my name is Beren. I live in the volcano belt that is somewhat far away from where you saved me. I am an elder dwarf” (Beren)

“I am Shen. I still haven’t received a name yet though. You have already seen him, I am Misumi-samas attendant” (Woman)

“Makoto-sama? So that’s how it is. He overwhelmed that spider”

It’s not like I remember everything.

I lost consciousness in the middle of it. What I remember is that while I was being carried by the woman that called herself Shen, that boy was fighting the black spider.

The spider that I couldn’t even lift a finger to, that boy fought well against with just a dagger.

Cutting away its leg, no matter how many times it regenerated he continued without minding. At the middle of it he used magic and brought it to an advantageous position. That fire arrow must be his specialty.

Until that point I was still conscious but if right now I am being receiving treatment, it must mean that he was able to defeat the spider and send it home.

I see, so his name is Makoto.

Not only does he have the strength to fight against the black spider alone.

Shen even uses –sama to refer to him. I should be calling him Makoto-sama as well.

I better add a –sama on Shen as well.

“Umu. It was a bit unexpected for me, but in general it was resolved without problems” (Shen)

“You were able to scare away the spider right? That’s great” (Beren)

“Scare away is… a bit different. It’s more proper to say we crushed it and made it submit” (Shen)

“Wa?” (Beren)



“Misumi-sama left that spider completely beat up” (Shen)

“Beat up?” (Beren)

“When I thought it would begin running and was about to chase it, that spider, I don’t know it was thinking but it began to snuggle on Misumi-sama” (Shen)

“Snuggle?!” (Beren)

“Then, when I thought it went crazy from hunger, before I knew it, its stomach was completely filled” (Shen)

“Stomach filled?!” (Beren)

“Releasing a long time curse it became person”



“Geez, even though it’s only been a while since he made a contract with me. For even a pervert like that to be attracted to him. What a troublesome person is Misumi-sama” (Shen)

No No.


“Y-You said it became a person. To be attracted? Um, could you please explain it in a more easy to understand way?” (Beren)

Without enduring it I ask for an explanation.

It’s because I have already given up on thinking of it with my head so I have no choice.

“Its just like how I told you. That spider was released from its hunger and became a person. And then it is, from the bottom of its heart, attracted to Misumi-sama. Therefore, the Black Calamity Spider will not appear anywhere in the world anymore” (Shen)

There is no spider anymore.

That thing that could be counted as a calamity in the world.

That thing has become attached to Makoto-sama?!

“Wait, wait” (Beren)

“Now, you seem to be able to move already so let’s go greet Misumi-sama. Hey, come” (Shen)

“Wawawawawawait!” (Beren)

“What is it? So noisy” (Shen)

“Wait a moment please! It’s the Black Calamity Spider you know?! Even if you defeated it, to exterminate it was impossible. Leaving aside its strength, it is the most wicked calamity you know?! It is impossible, too impossible!” (Beren)

“If you can’t believe it, you can just see the girl that was once a spider, beside Misumi-sama. Lets go” (Shen)

“Nonononono! Before that, I don’t know anything about you guys. I wish you could explain it to me a bit more before meeting Makoto-sama. Anyways, where am I? It must be some kind of teleportation but I haven’t heard there was such plentiful green place in the vicinity!” (Beren) [TN: Omg Beren shut the F* up already]

Anyway I continued to ramble.

It’s because I didn’t understand what is happening at all.

It could be possible that even if I was explained, I wouldn’t be able to understand it.

But, this kind of situation and then suddenly that boy. I know that it is bad to meet Makoto-sama.

Because he may be a ridiculously dangerous company.

“I have been explaining it to you since a while ago. I am Misumi-sama’s servant. Making a Ruling contract I became a servant, Shen. And Misumi-sama is my master. This place is A Sora (TL:Sub-heaven). Me and masters land. That spider is a new servant that has now come to serve Misumi-sama. The end” (Shen)

“Its not ‘The end’! I still don’t understand anything. Moreover, a ruling contract is not something that could be possibly done between two persons!” (Beren)

“Of course. I am not a person. I told you I was Shen. Do you know? The mirage controller Shen. In this wasteland it’s someone that many people should know though. Did I sleep too long that I was forgotten?” (Shen)

Shen-sama seems to be a bit depressed.

A ruling contract, it’s one of the contract magic that is used by the proprietor to make a pact with a demon beast or a mamono or even a low level spirit.

It’s certainly supposed to be a contract that is most beneficial to the magic user.


That’s right, Misumi-sama is called Makoto-sama.

She repeatedly said that he was her master.

In other words, the one who is under control is Shen-sama.

And this woman is not a person.

Maybe because of the contract she became a person.

Based on this.


The mirage controller Shen.

The existence that everyone in this vast wasteland knows.


Wawawa, there is no way.

Is that possible?

“The mirage controller Shen? Sleeping too much? !!!???? Don’t tell me you are the Mirage Mist Dragon, Shen?! A Supreme Dragon, the “invincible” Shen?!” (Beren)

“What? You actually know me. To have temporarily tried to lie to me, you have guts” (Shen)

“T-That’s not it! No way, why is something like a Supreme Dragon making a ruling contract with a person, a RULING?!”

A ruling contract with a Supreme Dragon?!

Eh? Eeeeh?

“Hey, Beren. You!” (Shen)

Im… at my limit.

“This bastard, he lost consciousness” (Shen)

This is a normal reaction, is what I refuted to Shen-sama as my consciousness faded away.


“What I have told you is all true! This is, this is an unprecedented opportunity!” (Beren)

I had returned to the elder dwarf village.

Afterwards I recovered my consciousness and with a calmer mind, I requested to meet Makoto-sama.

Makoto-sama is a person that has an incredible amount of magic power seeping out of his body, a gentle person.

I could feel a sense of immatureness, he seemed like a boy who wasn’t that old.

In that bountiful place they call Asora, I try to request him to let us migrate to it and practically all were positive answers, I felt like he was a person that I could get along well with.

But the one beside Shen-sama and that black haired woman, Black Calamity Spider.

Without doubt he wasn’t a normal existence. He is someone that had made those two serve under him.

And I was shown his ability, if only a bit.

I was able to be sufficiently convinced.

When I regained my composure at the middle of the conversation with Makoto-sama, I began to have an interest in their equipment.

The moment I get interested in something, I become unstoppable.

Those three great existences, even though they were strong, they were clearly not using equipment that was suited of their strength.

Makoto-sama seemed to be using a relatively good dagger but when I asked Shen-sama she said that his specialty was actually in using a bow.

He was able to defeat the spider without using his weapon of specialty.

Just how much…

No, I should stop thinking about this stuff.

Right now that is not important.

Anyways, the specialty of Makoto-sama, the bow, he only carried sorry looking ones at hand.

With repayment also in mind, I proposed that I would be making equipment for them.

They even accepted the migration so, it’s also a thanks for that.

I am not the head of the village or any such thing. I know the circumstances of our village.

We, elder dwarfs, create numerous strong armor.

We just give the equipment to the appropriate people, but since the moment they know of our existence, there will be people who will covet it.

Just like how hyumans and demi-humans do, to live in a bountiful place in the middle of town, it was too big of a risk.

For us there are a number of places that fitted our requirements.

First, a place that we can get good quality materials.

The other is a place that the owner will protect ourselves and the equipment.

Lastly, a place where we are able to live in.

After all, we are not living by making armor. It has to, at the very least, be possible to hunt to an extent where we can live. Those conditions were not that serious.

We are looking for that kind of place that can provide us this in a balanced way. When we stepped into the wasteland, we began living our lives as hermits.

Only staring at armor.

But, the chief sometimes talks about the most appropriate place and the ideal place we should be aiming for.

I remembered those words and somewhere inside my heart, I also agreed to them. In a way, I didn’t have a single doubt in asking Makoto-sama to migrate.

Let’s say.

The equipment we make with all our power finally attracts a strong settlement.

The strongest settlement is the ideal place we should be aiming for.

I could understand his feelings.

But I thought of it as only an ideal.

Because at some point, we had to limit ourselves and make weapons that could fit the person.

Ignoring the user and making a weapon that surpasses the potential of the one who uses it, there were some of those but I just have to question those actions.

But, if it’s those three.

It could be possible that, even weapons that are so strong it ignores the users’ commodity, they may be able to master them.

No, not only that. We would have to enter the hard route of making a weapon that would correspond to them, no, this may be a supreme bliss route.

That’s right.

I can’t mess up this negotiation at any cost.

“But Beren. That you could escape from the spider was luck, that you were saved is a thankful thing. For that to be your compensation is fine but, to believe in your words immediately is a bit pushing it don’t you think? After all, do you really think you can make a weapon that is fitted for them?”

“Wait. For now I will be inviting everyone for the sake of repaying them” (Beren)

“Fumu. It’s no good if it’s only me and you?”


“Its reaaally an incredible place you know?! Moreover those 3 people I spoke about are strong enough to make you laugh. To make equipment for the strong, isnt that the goal we were aiming for?!” (Beren)

“The settlement of the strongest one huh. That is certainly what I said”

“Then please look at this!” (Beren)

Attitude of the chief seemed like it would not cut it. At this rate I wouldn’t be able to reach the conclusion I am expecting.

I take out my trump card.

“T-That is…!!!!!”

“To prove that what I said is true. A Supreme Dragon, The dragon Shen’s scale” (Beren)

“Unbelievable!! Umu, I havent seen a scale of Shen but this is not a scale from any normal dragon that much is something I can understand. It is not something that coincidentally fell in a place nearby, right?”

With dirt filled hands, the chief inspected the given dragon scale. His eyes open, he had the face of a craftsman that was appraising its material.

He has fallen by an 80%.

That’s what I thought while looking at the face of the chief.

“Not only that. They have information of weapons I have never heard of before. To migrate to Asora for us is…” (Beren)

“Mumumumu” (TN: The sounds of thinking strenuously)

Now that it’s come to this, I just have to push it till the end.

Bringing him to Asora, just by presenting him to those three, the answer by a craftsman should be only one.

High quality dragon scales that someone would probably never get. I pushed and pushed and pushed to the very end.


“Waka-sama right now is secluding himself and studying the languages, Beren” (???)

“It seems he headed to the settlement of the Hyumans. Since his words didn’t get through he received the attacks of the hyumans”

“He is easily able to speak with us, the lizardmans and Arke. This is really vexing. Even if I say so, the time he returned he didn’t have a single injury though”

“Yeah really. How much of a mystery can that guy be?”

I heard voices from the chiefs’ place, with only my head peeking and hiding with a mask I continued what I was doing.

Waka-sama is most like Misumi-sama.

Shen-sama is now called Tomoe-sama and the spider was given the name Mio-sama by Misumi-sama. (TN: There is so much –sama I can feel the honor)

Those two great existances it seems, were given names by Misumi-sama.

Waka-sama. This seemed to be how Misumi-sama was called now.

That day, I successfully convinced the chief and was safely able to bring everyone to Asora.

Seeing that bountiful world they were deeply moved. Then we met the previous residents, the highland orcs, mist lizards and the Arke whose name I had only heard about.

Just as I thought, when the craftsmen saw Makoto-sama they shivered.

My hands were shaking, kind of reaction. (TN: They were craving to work)

Hearing their requests, everyone began making the various weapons.

Taking into account the Highland orcs and the Mist lizards as well.

That’s right.

As if it were a natural thing, we began living in Asora.

There was barely any reason to object, so it wasn’t strange.

Supreme Dragon, Black Calamity Spider, and the one who rules them both Makoto-sama.

All of the weapons that were supposed to have been made over the limits, they were all unable to compare to them. We were in despair and at the same time extremely blissful.

The various masterpiece bows were given a number of times to Misumi-sama but some of them even broke.

It is supposed to use the power of the user to some point. For the weapon to not be able to handle the user is something that normally doesn’t happen.

This is interesting.

With a trembling voice the bow craftsmen muttered.


“But, for a cursed ring to be made in a hurry and use a mask to go stealth. It is out of my expectations”

“Really. How is it going at the side of the ring?”

“Umu, it is not that complicated. After all, it only has an effect of sucking the magic power of its user”

“Truly a cursed ring. Fufufufufu”

“It’s not a laughing matter. For the beginning at the very least it has to have a good effectiveness. When I got a request on making the performance better and not thinking about the wellbeing of the body, I was surprised that they gave me a darkness filled ring. The good thing is that it can be taken off at any time”

“I heard that at a later time as well. I wanted to be there as well”

“It’s a cursed rings effect that was made using the maximum of its material after all. At the end, we were able to make the foundation. Later we only have to make the effectiveness better”

“Oooh! That is some progress there”

“Increasing the potential of this, it could become from a white to a red ring. To make the darkness filled ring, how about Beren?”

“On my side I only need to do the carvings on the backside. When I finish this creation, to conceal ones identity this would do the job properly. After all this was not for waka-sama, but for the ones who see waka-sama, the demi-humans and the hyumans” (Beren) (TN: Meaning it is easier to fool the eyes of demi-humans and hyumans than to fool Makoto)

“That’s true. Then, let’s do one more push. When this is over, we will be able to properly enter the creation of armor for waka-sama and the others”

“Yeah, I am eager”

Spinning his shoulder, the chief disappears into the workshop with a simple ring.

Waka-sama went out of the wasteland and arrived at one of the bases of the hyumans.

But, he couldn’t communicate with them.

To not be able to use the general language of humans, and moreover to have that fearful amount of magic power seeping out of his body. They began to perceive him as a threat.

Being terribly depressed he came back to Asora.

Having such an amount of fighting power but to be like this… what a misbalance.

He is still young, is that how I should be seeing it?

When I asked, I learned that waka-sama was still 17 years old.

On top of that, in all his life the only time he has fought a proper fight is two times, making him a complete beginner. To have fought the Black spider like that.

It makes me think that not having those inexperienced parts would actually be strange.

Right now he is secluded in his room and learning common language and at the same time helping us a bit in the making of the ring.

Well, eventually their side will be able to handle somehow.

For me there was something I had to think no matter what.

The armor of Misumi-sama.

With these materials.

For that person and the persons around him to be impressed, I want to make that kind of armor.

Even the great veterans standing on the top were like kids with their glittering eyes, in their workshops making trials and errors all day.

On the name of the elder dwarfs.

I will make a fitting equipment for this great one.

That’s why Misumi-sama, please…

Do your best.

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